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Structure based mechanistic studies on 2-ketopropyl coenzyme M oxidoreductase / carboxylase from Xanthobacter autotrophicus and [FeFe] hydrogenase from Clostridium pasteurianum
51 Pandey, Arti Sharma. THESIS
Missing text reconstruction
52 Glassy, Louis Zoe. THESIS
An examination of the integration of graphing calculators in formal assessments that accompany high school mathematics textbooks
53 Graham, Kimberly Joy. THESIS
Size dependence of the magnetic properties of cobalt oxide nanoparticles mineralized in protein cages
54 Resnick, Damon Aaron. THESIS
The moral integrity of nursing students in two-year colleges [electronic resource] /
55 Wirtz, Ellen Frances. THESIS
Extended cluster weighted modeling methods for transient recognition control
56 Zhu, Tao. THESIS
Building a partnership between nature and human culture in natural history film
57 Hillman, Paul Bishop. THESIS
Progress and challenges in non-linear constitutive modeling for composite materials
58 Booth, Eric Jason. THESIS
Nucleotide dependent conformational changes in the nitrogenase Fe protein
59 Sen, Sanchayita. THESIS
Mode-locked Raman laser in H2 pumped by a mode-locked external cavity diode laser
60 Xiong, Yihan. THESIS
The role of conservation films within the environmental debate
61 Duke, Tyler Norman. THESIS
Sleeping with the enemy integrating big-box retail with existing communities /
62 Nash, Ronald James. THESIS
Crow language teachers' views of the incorporation of the written form of Crow in language classes
63 Watts, John Graham. THESIS
Spatial heterogeneity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms and how it affects antibiotic tolerance
64 Richards, Lee Alexander. THESIS
Robust methods for multivariate linear models with spectral models for scatter matrices
65 Hyde, Scott Kohler. THESIS
A study of demographics and job-related categories that influence the quality of teacher work life in Montana schools with indigenous populations
66 Terhune, Michael Neil. THESIS
Nature/culture and fly fishing in the New West [electronic resource] /
67 Hostetler, Jeffrey William. THESIS
Theoretical investigation of biofilm detachment and protection from killing using a bacterium level automata model
68 Hunt, Stephen Michael. THESIS
Stolen identity
69 Shober, Kacie Ann. THESIS
Full sky imaging polarimetry for initial polarized modtran validation
70 Pust, Nathaniel Joel. THESIS
Magnetohydrodynamic shocks near rotating black holes
71 Rilett, Darrell Jon. THESIS
A non-autonomous bursting model for neurons
72 Latulippe, Joe Jean-Marc. THESIS
Virus dynamics, archaeal populations, and water chemistry of three acidic hot springs in Yellowstone National Park
73 Snyder, Jamie Christine. THESIS
Mechanism and inhibition of the phenylethylamine oxidase from Arthrobacter globiformis
74 Juda, Gregory Alexander. THESIS
Clarkia genetic basis of sister species divergence Clarkia concinna x Clarkia breweri /
75 Henry, Amanda Ann THESIS
A critique of the portrayal of grizzly bears in contemporary natural history films
76 Shier, John Walter. THESIS
Exercising influence, hoping for change Sara Orne Jewett, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Zitkala-*Sa negotiate feminism at the turn of the century /
77 Feusahrens, Ellen Teresa. THESIS
Surveying the community of Crow Agency, MT for interest in a community radio station [electronic resource] /
78 Doyle, Shane Michael. THESIS
Controller design for PSS and FACTS devices to enhance damping of low-frequency power oscillations in power systems [electronic resource] /
79 You, Ruhua. THESIS
Data analysis for space-based gravitational wave detectors
80 Crowder, Jefferson Osborn. THESIS
Mems 3-D scan mirror for an endoscopic confocal microscope
81 Shao, Yuhe. THESIS
School superintendent evaluation in Montana public school districts
82 Sullivan, Douglas Wayne. THESIS
Coloring science outside the lines the poetry and passion of Jean Painleve?
83 Frostic, Maria Tucker. THESIS
Oral pathology of the Archosauria bony abnormalities and phylogenetic inference /
84 Wolff, Ewan Douglas THESIS
Studies of peptide mimicry of the group B Streptococcus type III capsular polysaccharide antigen
85 Pomwised, Rattanaruji. THESIS
Application of the modeling role-modeling theory to mentoring in nursing
86 Lamb, Patricia Darlene. THESIS
A continuation of place and time
87 Moorshead, Elizabeth. THESIS
Campus climate and diversity issues listening to students /
88 Skelly, Mary Elizabeth THESIS
Spectrophotometric, mass spectrometeric and structural studies of the prototypical G protein coupled receptor rhodopsin
89 Angel, Thomas Emil. THESIS
Molecular beam studies of hyperthermal atomic oxygen and argon interactions with polymer surfaces and gas-phase molecules
90 Brunsvold, Amy Leigh. THESIS
Characterization of the neural codebook in an invertebrate sensory system
91 Aldworth, Zane Nathan. THESIS
Descriptive analysis of the implementation of the quad council public health nursing competencies in a rural state
92 Nelson, Christy Lynn THESIS
Relativistic accretion flows onto supermassive black holes shock formation and iron fluorescent emission lines in active galactic nuclei /
93 Fukumura, Keigo. THESIS
Nuclear radiation awareness for residents of Cascade County-Montana
94 Strand, Aven Lynn. THESIS
Satisfaction determinants parents with children admitted to an adult inpatient surgical unit /
95 Dosier, Sharla June. THESIS
Design of model reactor systems for evaluating disinfectants against biofilm bacteria
96 Goeres, Darla Marie. THESIS
Effects of emotional intelligence on principals' leadership performance
97 Cook, Charles Roy. THESIS
Quantitative studies of terrestrial plasmaspheric dynamics enabled by the IMAGE spacecraft
98 Larsen, Brian Arthur. THESIS
Sympathetic ganglia formation in the chick peripheral nervous system
99 Kasemeier-Kulesa, Jennifer Caroline. THESIS
Chemical interaction of nitric oxide and human hemoglobin
100 Luchsinger, Benjamin Peter. THESIS

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