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Structural framework of the Sunda Shelf and vicinity /
1 Ben-Araham, Zvi THESIS
Big Data , Big What & Official Statistics
2 Chionis, Angelos, PhD 2014-02-10 OTHER
Is Quantum Modeling for the Financial Market the Next Big Thing?
3 Lim, Sidney, MS 2014-05-13 OTHER
Data Mining in Health Sector – Breast Cancer Research
4 Chionis, Angelos, PhD 2008-06-01 OTHER
Evaluation of alternative fuel cycle strategies for nuclear power generation in the 21st century /
5 Boscher, Thomas.; of Technology., Massachusetts Institute; of Technology., Massachusetts Institute THESIS
Integrating response surface methods and uncertainty analysis into ship concept exploration /
6 Price, Shelly L.; of Technology., Massachusetts Institute THESIS
Heat loss and hydrothermal ciruculation due to sea-floor spreading.
7 Williams, David Lee. THESIS
Decision support tools for environmentally conscious chemical process design /
8 Cano Ruiz, Jose? Alejandro THESIS
The Viscous Display : a transient interface for collective play in public space /
9 Shirvanee, Lily.; of Technology., Massachusetts Institute THESIS
The Applications of Autonomous Systems to Forestry Management
10 Przybylko, Joshua, MS 2013-05-10 THESIS
Co-ordinating flows across supply chains in the low volume gas turbine industry /
11 1971- Park, Miriam THESIS
Esternal kanban systems in automotive assembly /
12 (Roger William), 1965- Zaenglein THESIS
Product development process assessment /
13 1972- Morrison, Christopher Albert THESIS
Redefining manufacturing quality control in the electronics industry /
14 1970- Simington, Maureen Fresquez THESIS
Implementation issues of a supplier-managed inventory program /
15 (Kevin Martin), 1971- Smith THESIS
Analysis of a high-end memory suply chain : dram vendors to final assembly /
16 1969- Malone, Mitchell Abbott THESIS
Outsourcing in high volume electronics manufacturing /
17 1971- Ryden, Carl Ashley THESIS
Optimizing the assembly sequence of an aerospace manufacturing process /
18 1966- Wolters, James Aaron THESIS
Equipment protective capacity optimization using discrete event simulation /
19 Newlin, Anthony W. THESIS
Optimizing product testing in the electronics manufacturing industry /
20 1964- Nelson, Erik Tighe THESIS
The analysis and optimization of the Alcoa Mill Products supply chain for European customers /
21 (Brian Alexander), 1971- Urkiel THESIS
Achieving mass customization in the Boeing Wire Responsibility Center /
22 1968- Napier, Matthew Kirk THESIS
Pulling a job shop into supply chain management /
23 (Daniel Howard), 1956- Wheeler THESIS

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