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Greening the EU, Power practices, resistances and agenda setting
701 Kronsell, Annica, PhD 1997-01-01 DISSERTATION
Acute Otitis Media. Aspects of diagnosis and prophylaxis
702 Foglé-Hansson, Margaretha, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Gene Expression in mESC Deficient in FGFR Signalling and the Identification of the Novel Gene Ened
703 Meszaros, Renata, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Public Procurement of Innovation
704 Rolfstam, Max, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
MRI at 3 T of brain functions and fibre tracts adjacent to intracranial tumors
705 van Westen, Danielle, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Gene expression studies of pregastrulation development: the basement membrane is essential for cell differentiation
706 Åkerlund, Mikael, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Development of adenoviral vectors for monitoring telomerase activity in living cells
707 Edqvist, Anna, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Adolescent sexual offending. Prevalence, risk factors and outcome.
708 Kjellgren, Cecilia, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Designing preparedness – Emergency preparedness in a community context
709 Eriksson, Kerstin 2008-01-01 THESIS
Kompletterande anknytningsperson på förskola
710 Hagström, Birthe, PhD 2010-01-01 DISSERTATION
Immunoregulatory differences between adult onset type 1 diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)
711 Hillman, Magnus, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
I’m a believer - but I’ll be damned if I’m religious. Belief and religion in the Greater Copenhagen Area. A focus group study
712 Rosen, Ina, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Lower Limb Amputation in Patients with Vascular Disease
713 Johannesson, Anton, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
State Estimation for Distributed and Hybrid Systems
714 Alriksson, Peter, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Ballistic Imaging of Transient Phenomena in Turbid Media
715 Sedarsky, David, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Art of Living with a Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in its relation to Resources and Norms in Swedish Society
716 Nordgren, Camilla, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Spectroelectrochemistry of Redox Enzymes
717 Christenson, Andreas, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
One of a kind. The processing of indefinite one-anaphora in spoken Danish
718 Diderichsen, Philip, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Trygghet i skärgårdsmiljö. En studie om rädsla för brott i Åboland.
719 Mallén, Agneta, PhD 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Wnt-5a signaling in breast cancer metastasis
720 Säfholm, Annette, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Managing Urban Disaster Risk: Analysis and Adaptation Frameworks for Integrated Settlement Development Programming for the Urban Poor
721 Wamsler, Christine, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Microwave CMOS Beamforming Transmitters
722 Wernehag, Johan, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Chemical emissions from concrete
723 Hjellström, Kristina 2004-01-01 THESIS
724 Lindgren, David, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Coastal Overwash: Processes and Modelling
725 Donnelly, Chantal, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Learning in Collaboration: Academics’ experiences in collaborative partnerships
726 Karlsson, Jan, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
The role of regeneration in plant niche differentiation and habitat specialization
727 ten Brink, Dirk-Jan, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Studies on the Load Range of an HCCI Engine using In-Cylinder Pressure, Ion Current and Optical Diagnostics
728 Vressner, Andreas, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Interventions in adult children and spouses of alcoholics. Randomized controlled trials of mental health and drinking patterns.
729 Hansson, Helena, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells and potentials for application in fetal cell replacement therapy
730 Liuba, Karina, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
FACE Disabled People, Technology and Internet
731 Anderberg, Peter, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Free Fatty Acid Receptor GPR40 - expression and role in islet hormone secretion
732 Flodgren, Erik, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Long-term treatment response, predictors and biochemical markers in Alzheimer’s disease.
733 Wallin, Åsa, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Metabolic alterations in patients with self-inflicted aggressive behaviour
734 Westling, Sofie, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Critical Thinking in Scholarship: Meanings, Conditions and Development
735 Brodin, Eva, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Exposure, health effects, immunological markers and biomarkers of susceptibility among Swedish rubber workers
736 Jönsson, Lena S, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
On the induction of inflammatory reactions by Streptococcus pyogenes
737 Påhlman, Lisa, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Coherent Interactions in Rare-Earth-Ion-Doped Crystals for Applications in Quantum Information Science
738 Nilsson, Mattias, PhD 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Understanding therapeutic traditions in a multilevel framework - new methodological approaches
739 Ohlsson, Henrik, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Developmental Aspects of Text Production in Writing and Speech
740 Johansson, Victoria, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Labor Markets in Transformation: Case Studies of Latin America
741 Jonasson, Erik, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Cancer and male reproductive function- the effect on sperm DNA integrity and on birth outcomes in the offspring
742 Ståhl, Olof, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Knee function, movement pattern and knee osteoarthritis in males 14-16 years after an anterior cruciate ligament injury
743 von Porat, Anette, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Endocytosis of therapeutic macromolecules in tumor cells - Mechanistic aspects of the proteoglycan receptor function
744 Wittrup, Anders, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Active Distributed Power Systems Functional Structures for Real-Time Operation of Sustainable Energy Systems
745 Svensson, Jörgen, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Novel Immunotherapies and Immunoregulation in a Chronic Inflammatory Disease of the Central Nervous System
746 Lavasani, Shahram, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Role of Hox Transcription Factors in the Regulation of Hematopoiesis
747 Magnusson, Mattias, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Feedback Linux Scheduling and a Simulation Tool for Wireless Control
748 Ohlin, Martin 2006-01-01 THESIS
On Sensor-Controlled Robotized One-off Manufacturing
749 Cederberg, Per, PhD 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
On Modeling and Nonlinear Model Reduction in Automotive Systems
750 Nilsson, Oskar, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION

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