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A Performer's Guide to the Songs for Soprano by the Austro-American Composer Eric Zeisl (1905 - 1959)
1 Roessner, Katharina 2007-11-08 THESIS
Bacterial Plume Dynamics in the Marshland Upwelling System Employed in the Near Freshwater Conditions
2 Addo, Benjamin Kojo 2004-10-04 THESIS
Musical Time and Revealed Timelessness
3 Blandino, Michael Vincent 2006-04-07 THESIS
Investigation of Structure-Property Relationships of Heavy-Fermion Materials
4 Macaluso, Robin 2004-09-23 THESIS
Uncovering Strata: An Investigation into the Graphic Innovations of Geologist Henry T. De la Beche
5 Clary, Renee M. 2003-03-21 THESIS
Antimicrobial Effects of Copper and Brass Ions on the Growth of Listeria Monocytogenes at Different Temperatures, PH and Nutrients
6 Abushelaibi, Aisha 2005-07-13 THESIS
Convolution Semigroups
7 Zito, Kevin W 2009-06-10 THESIS
Georges de La Tour's Flea-Catcher and the Iconography of the Flea-Hunt in Seventeenth-Century Baroque Art
8 Bergeron, Crissy 2007-04-12 THESIS
De la Page d'Écriture et du Mythe de l'Ancêtre Rebelle: La Problématique de l'Écrit et de la Parole dans le Roman Francophone Ouest Africain
9 Diakite, Boubakary 2003-09-09 THESIS
Establishment of a Callus Culture and Measurement of Seasonal Changes in Secondary Compound Production in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver
10 Gray, Erica Deshay 2003-07-11 THESIS
Evaluation of Media Influence and Practical Applications for the Use of Static Low Density Media Filters in Domestic Wastewate Treatment
11 Bellelo, Steven Marty 2006-01-23 THESIS
The Mise en Scène of Rossinis Le Siège de Corinthe and the Conventions of Staging at the Paris Opéra in the 1820s
12 Huettenrauch, Tina 2008-04-04 THESIS
Assia Djebar. Le Corps Invisible: Voir Sans Etre Vue.
13 Rocca, Anna 2003-05-27 THESIS
Text and Structure in Schoenberg's Op. 50, and an Original Composition, Symphony #1
14 Couvillon, Thomas 2002-11-08 THESIS
Liminality in Gender, Race, and Nation in les Quarteronnes de la Nouvelle-Orléans by Sidonie de la Houssaye
15 Harris, Christine Koch 2006-04-07 THESIS
19th and 20th Century French Exoticism: Pierre Loti, Louis-Ferdinand Celine, Michel Leiris, and Simone Schwarz-Bart
16 White, Robin Anita 2004-06-16 THESIS
The Extinction Properties of Reddened Galactic OB Sightlines
17 Valencic, Lynne Angela 2003-11-07 THESIS
Synthesis, Crystal Growth, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Ln-M-X (Ln=lanthanide, M=transition metal, X=In, Ga) Compounds
18 Williams, Willa Maria 2006-07-17 THESIS
Function of IscA in Biogenesis of Iron-Sulfur Clusters and Repair of NO-Modified Iron-Sulfur Proteins
19 Yang, Juanjuan 2009-07-07 THESIS
Didacticism and Reconciliation: Instructive Discourse in the Novels of Ignacio Manuel Altamirano
20 Ray, Christopher M 2009-04-07 THESIS
Seasonal Growth and Shading Potential of Sugarcane (Saccharum Spp. Hybrids) and Shade Response of Perennial Weeds
21 Bittencourt, Mariana Ferreira 2009-03-25 THESIS
Early Flotant Establishment and Growth Dynamics in a Nutrient Amended Wetland in the Lower Missisippi River Delta
22 Izdepski, Caleb W. 2007-11-12 THESIS
Exotic Integral Witt Equivalence of Algebraic Number Fields
23 Kang, Changheon 2002-07-11 THESIS
Synthesis and Functionalizations of Tetrapyrrole Derivatives
24 Jiao, Lijuan 2007-10-26 THESIS
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Transport Processes in Biological Systems
25 He, Yimeng 2004-04-20 THESIS
Classifying Quadratic Number Fields up to Arf Equivalence
26 Kim, Jeonghun 2006-07-10 THESIS
The Fate of Nitrogen in the Marshland Upwelling System
27 Fontenot, Jeremy 2003-06-10 THESIS
Does Eutrophication Enhance Cd Bioavailability by Trophic Transfer to the Marine Amphipod Leptocheirus Plumulosus from Microalgae?
28 Yu, Riqing 2004-11-04 THESIS
Management of Imidazolinone-Tolerant (IT) Rice in Drill- and Water-Seeded Rice
29 Pellerin, Kristie J. 2002-11-14 THESIS
Evaluation of in Situ Bioremediation Approaches in Meeting International Standards for Organic and Residual Metals Toxicity in Soils
30 McDonald, Jason Allan 2002-08-06 THESIS
Solving a Locational Distribution Problem of Non-Toxic Solid Waste on the Island of Puerto Rico
31 Soto, Sandra A. 2004-08-30 THESIS
La Réécriture des Mythes et le Combat des Femmes Pour leur Libération: Étude de Maïéto Pour Zékia de Bohui Dali, de la Guerre des Femmes de Zadi Zaourou, de la Révolte d'Affiba de Régina Yaou et de Assémien Déhylé, roi du Sanwi de Bernard Dadié
32 Fofana, Souleymane 2006-03-27 THESIS
Do Laminated Sediment-Gravity-Flow Deposits on the Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf Record Ice Sheet Grounding Events?
33 Adams, Vincent Clyde 2009-04-14 THESIS
Sensory Characteristics of Salt Substitute Containing L-Arginine
34 Waimaleongora-Ek, Pamarin 2006-11-16 THESIS
The Segal-Bargmann Transform on Inductive Limits of Compact Symmetric Spaces
35 Wiboonton, Keng 2009-07-06 THESIS
The Effects of Aluminum Concentration on Growth Responses in Six Spartina alterniflora Genotypes
36 Becker, Daniel Farrell 2004-12-20 THESIS
Les Inplications de la Litterature dans L'avenement de la Democratie dans les pays du Golfe de Guinee entre 1988 et 1998
37 Ningbinnin, Bani Gouda 2005-11-15 THESIS
Mitigation Strategies for the Removal of Rinsate Organics and Lithium-Based Dyes from Textile Effluents
38 Huddle, Kathryn W. 2002-10-28 THESIS
Low Crude Protein, Amino Acid-Supplemented Diets, and the Glycine Requirement in Low Crude Protein Diets for Broilers
39 Waguespack, April Marie 2007-11-15 THESIS
Laguerre Functions Associated to Euclidean Jordan Algebras
40 Aristidou, Michael 2005-07-14 THESIS
41 Espinoza Contreras, Telba 2009-04-15 THESIS
The Utilization of Red Blood Cells in Diets for Swine and Poultry
42 Frugé, Emily Dawn 2008-06-30 THESIS
Isolation and Characterization of Carbonic Anhydrase from Ostertagia ostertagi
43 DeRosa, Andrew Allan 2004-05-26 THESIS
A Slope-Dependent Disjoining Pressure for Lennard-Jones Liquid Films
44 Yi, Taeil 2005-11-15 THESIS
Orbit Structure on the Silov Boundary of a Tube Domain and the Plancherel Decomposition of a Causally Compact Symmetric Space, with Emphasis on the Rank One Case
45 Johansen, Troels Roussau 2004-07-08 THESIS
The Importance of Size and Shape in Imprinted Polymers
46 Campbell, Jason 2005-09-07 THESIS
Solid-Phase DNA Sequencing Reactions Performed in Micro-Capillary Reactors and Solid-Phase Reversible Immobilization in Microfluidic Chips for Purification of Dye-Labeled DNA Sequencing Fragments
47 Xu, Yichuan 2003-02-25 THESIS
Displacement and the Text: Exploring Otherness in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea, Maryse Cond's La Migration des Curs, Rosario Ferr's The House on the Lagoon, and Tina De Rosa's Paper Fish
48 Carriere, Melody Boyd 2007-07-05 THESIS
Tyranny, Natural Law, and Secession
49 Plauche, Geoffrey 2004-07-07 THESIS
A Disjoining Pressure for Small Contact Angles and Its Applications
50 Wu, Qingfang 2003-04-15 THESIS

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