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Effects of Predator Activity on the Nesting of American Black Ducks and Other Birds on Barrier Islands in the Mid-Atlantic Coast
3751 Arquilla, Brian Joseph 2007-04-12 THESIS
Evaluation of Selected Immune Response to Haemonchus contortus in Gulf Coast Native Compared to Suffolk Lambs
3752 Shakya, Krishna P 2007-07-11 THESIS
Effects of Protein Sources on Growth and Hormonal Status of Weaned Dairy Calves
3753 Sissell, Christopher Aaron 2007-07-13 THESIS
Wax Extraction and Characterization from Full-Fat and Defatted Rice Bran
3754 Kim, Junghong 2008-06-12 THESIS
Foreland Basins: Lithospheric Flexure, Plate Strength and Regional Stratigraphy
3755 Londono, John 2004-05-26 THESIS
The Division of Domestic Labor in Taiwanese Households
3756 Hu, Chiung-Yin 2002-11-13 THESIS
Development and Characterization of Antimicrobial Edible Films from Crawfish Chitosan
3757 Nadarajah, Kandasamy 2005-04-18 THESIS
The Southern Predicament
3758 Hines, Todd 2005-09-08 THESIS
The Roles of Scientist, Narrator, Mother, Pandora, Nursemaid, Therapist, and Baucis in Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses: A Production Thesis in Acting
3759 Richardson, Anna Loft 2007-04-12 THESIS
Organizational Perceptions and Their Relationships to Job Attitudes, Effort, Performance, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
3760 McCook, Keith Douglas 2002-11-07 THESIS
Screening and Characterization of Pathogenic Fungi for Possible Control of Coptotermes Formosanus
3761 Sun, Jianzhong 2002-04-18 THESIS
Children's Perception of Racial Urban Boundaries: A Case Study in Baton Rouge
3762 Xypolia, Aspasia 2003-07-09 THESIS
Euskera as a Defining Feature of Euskadi
3763 Dennis, Whitney Blake 2008-04-09 THESIS
Evaluation of Growth, Production and Cold Tolerance of Four Varieties of Tilapia
3764 Paz, Patricio Enrique 2004-01-15 THESIS
The Sociomoral Atmosphere Rating Template (SMART): An Investigation of Reliability and Validity
3765 Durham, Richard Sean 2007-11-14 THESIS
Eve's Prisoners
3766 Ratliff, Tara Rene 2008-11-14 THESIS
Cox Regression Model
3767 Smith, Lindsay Sarah 2004-04-15 THESIS
Restoration, Religion, and Revenge
3768 Thornton, Heather 2005-11-17 THESIS
Comparison of KP and BBM-KP Models
3769 Daspan, Gideon Pyelshak 2007-06-25 THESIS
State-Level Environmental Risk Perception: An Analysis of 20 Comparative Risk Reports
3770 Green, Mandy 2004-11-10 THESIS
The Louisiana Calf-to-Carcass Program: Growth and Carcass Traits
3771 Devillier, James E. 2003-04-14 THESIS
A Comparative Study of Geometry Curricula
3772 Carlin, Robyn Williams 2009-07-09 THESIS
Spaced-Retrieval Effects on Memory for Scenes in Older Adults with Probable Alzheimer's Disease
3773 Olinde, Emily 2006-07-17 THESIS
Class Groups and Norms of Units
3774 Ionita, Costel 2004-07-01 THESIS
Characterization and Comparison of Cell Frequency, Growth, and Multipotential Differentiation of Adult Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Derived from Equine Bone Marrow and Adipose Tissue
3775 Vidal, Martin Andreas 2008-04-07 THESIS
Adjustable Speed Drives Laboratory Based on dSPACE Controller
3776 Gunda, Kiran Kumar 2008-06-30 THESIS
Castle to Condo, Country to Corporation: What Becomes of Hamlet in Almereyda's Modern World
3777 Daigle, Melissa Trosclair 2005-06-13 THESIS
Synthesis and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Molecular Architectures
3778 Beck, Patricia 2001-11-09 THESIS
The Myth of Charismatic Leadership and Rhetoric of Crypto-Charismatic Membership
3779 Treat, Shaun Robert 2004-01-27 THESIS
3780 Coke, Joanna Norcross 2005-06-10 THESIS
Models for Ancient Maya Coastal Site Development and Economy: Examination of Pork and Doughboy Point, Port Honduras, Belize
3781 Pemberton, Kevin Michael 2005-06-14 THESIS
The Intersection of News Frames: Examining the Top Two Health Problems in the United States
3782 Hatley, Lesa D'Anne 2006-09-06 THESIS
Influence of Tick Transmission on the Host Response to Rickettsial Infection
3783 Chowdhury, Soma 2009-01-08 THESIS
Lock'em Up and Throw Away the Key: Racial Attitudes and the Structural Determinants of Support for Crime Policy among White Americans
3784 Abraham, Amanda J. 2006-04-03 THESIS
Relationships among Performance on Simulated Tasks of Decision-Making, Positive Outcome Expectancies for MDMA, and Age of First MDMA Use
3785 Patterson, Scott Michael 2005-03-29 THESIS
Apolipoprotein Status and Cognitive Functioning in Adulthood: Role of Physical Health and Social Network Characteristics
3786 Silva, Jennifer Lee 2009-07-08 THESIS
Forensic Dentistry: Dental Indicators for Identification
3787 McClanahan, Jennifer Gail 2003-03-31 THESIS
The Influence of Presidential Operational Code Beliefs on U.S. Foreign Policy Actions in the Middle East
3788 Robison, Samuel 2005-10-28 THESIS
Freeway Crash and Lane Compliance Under Truck Lane Restriction and Differential Speed Limit
3789 Korkut, Murat 2009-07-13 THESIS
Effects of Spinning-Wing Decoys on Flock Behavior and Hunting Vulnerability of Local and Migrant Mallards and Other Ducks in Minnesota
3790 Szymanski, Michael L 2004-01-27 THESIS
Audience and the African American Playwright: An Analysis of the Importance of Audience Selection and Audience Response on the Dramaturgies of August Wilson and Ed Bullins
3791 Menson-Furr, Ladrica C. 2002-01-31 THESIS
Resistant Rice Starch Development
3792 Tan, Siow Ying 2003-07-07 THESIS
Four Dimensional Presentations as a New Representation Method: A Proposal for the Use of Interactive Multimedia Presentation in Landscape Architecture
3793 Miyakoda, Kinoto 2005-01-26 THESIS
Risk Reporting and Source Credibility: Trying to Make the Readers Interested
3794 Cozma, Raluca 2005-04-21 THESIS
Wealth and Deprivation in the Delta: A Landscape of Subsidization
3795 Mills, Jacqueline Warren 2005-06-14 THESIS
Predicting Electron Insert Output Factors at Nominal and Extended Source to Surface Distance
3796 Bulut, Ahmet 2002-09-04 THESIS
Sport, and the Changing Definition of Whiteness
3797 Buras, Bradburn Virgil 2002-11-15 THESIS
Target Audiences and Communication Channels of Lighten Up Programs in the United States
3798 Borden, Nancy Leah 2006-07-10 THESIS
Explicit Multiplicative Relations between Gauss Sums
3799 Murray, Brian J. 2002-07-09 THESIS
Multivariate Hydrological Frequency Analysis and Risk Mapping
3800 Zhang, Lan 2005-04-18 THESIS

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