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The Effects of Inorganic and Organic Selenium Sources on Growth Performance, Carcass Traits, Tissue Mineral Concentrations, and Enzyme Activity in Poultry
3651 Payne, Robert L 2004-07-07 THESIS
Impacts of Red Imported Fire Ants (Solenopsis Invicta Buren) on Native Faunal Communities in Two Pine-Dominated Forests
3652 Womack, Lee A. 2006-03-23 THESIS
Historic Sediment Accretion Rates in a Louisiana Coastal Marsh and Implications for Sustainability
3653 Smith, Rebekah Perkins 2009-01-22 THESIS
Genetic (Co) Variance for Growth and Tenderness Related Traits in Purebred Brahman Steers
3654 Domingue, Joshua Dean 2005-04-14 THESIS
Integrated Management of Creeping Rivergrass in Rice
3655 Bottoms, Sunny Lynn 2009-07-10 THESIS
The Effects of Intra-Articular Silicone Polymer on Synovial Fluid, Synovial Tissue, and Articular Cartilage in the Equine Middle Carpal Joint
3656 Rumbaugh, Marilyn 2003-04-15 THESIS
Remembrances of Things Past and Future: Memory and Its Significance for Politics in Nietzsche, Sophocles, and Isaiah
3657 Henderson, Michael 2003-11-11 THESIS
Ecology and Conservation of Louisiana Black Bears in the Tensas River Basin and Reintroduced Populations
3658 Benson, John Farnum 2005-04-11 THESIS
Spatial Ecology, Habitat Selection, and Survival of Wild Turkey Gobblers in a Managed Bottomland Hardwood Forest
3659 Grisham, Blake Anthony 2007-10-23 THESIS
Syntheses of Trimethylamine- and Phosphonate-Substituted Carboranylporphyrins for Application in Boron Neutron Cancer Therapy
3660 Easson, Michael William 2008-04-09 THESIS
Effect of Rotational or Continuous Stocking Method of Winter Pasture on Beef Heifer Performance
3661 Skeans, David G 2009-04-13 THESIS
Biofiltration for Treatment of Gas-Phase VOC Mixtures
3662 Qi, Bing 2005-04-08 THESIS
Risk Assessment of the Transfer of Imazethapyr Herbicide Resistance from Clearfield Rice to Red Rice
3663 Zhang, Weiqiang 2005-07-12 THESIS
Fabrication, Bonding, Assembly, and Testing of Metal-Based Microchannel Devices
3664 Mei, Fanghua 2009-06-08 THESIS
Cryopreservation of Bovine and Caprine Oocytes by Vitrification
3665 Luster, Sabrina Marie 2004-11-18 THESIS
Forest Fragmentation Effects on Seed Dispersal, Seed Fate, and Fruit Production of Duckeodendron cestroides and Bocageopsis multiflora in the Brazilian Amazon
3666 Cramer, Jennifer Mei 2007-04-10 THESIS
Distribution and Habitat Associations of Breeding Secretive Marsh Birds in the Mississippi Alluvial Valley of Northeast Louisiana
3667 Valente, Jonathon Joseph 2009-04-15 THESIS
Design Exploration: Totem as Alternative for Efficient and Socially Responsive Burial
3668 Bazzell, Mark Evan 2004-01-28 THESIS
A Correlational Study Examining the Relationship between Invented Spelling and Beginning Reading
3669 Grove, Jane McDaniel 2005-07-12 THESIS
Effects of Aversive Conditioning on Behavior of Nuisance Louisiana Black Bears
3670 Leigh, Jennifer 2007-07-05 THESIS
Performing Photographs: Memory, History, and Display
3671 Kitchens, Melanie A. 2008-11-13 THESIS
Black Women Writing Black Mother Figures: Reading Black Motherhood in Their Eyes Were Watching God and Meridian
3672 Powe, Alexis Durell 2004-04-07 THESIS
Quantification of Marine Sediment Properties from Planar and Volumetric Pore Geometries
3673 Reed, Allen Hagerman 2004-04-16 THESIS
Hatchability of Post-Peak Egg Production Broiler Breeder Eggs as Influenced by Pre-Incubation Warming.
3674 Wiggins II, Cameron Benjamin 2008-01-22 THESIS
Development and Application of Dissociable Antibody MicroArray (DAMA) Staining Technique
3675 Fu, Guanyuan 2009-04-15 THESIS
Polyurethane Foam Based Packing Media for Biofilters Removing Volatile Organic Compounds from Contaminated Air
3676 Martinez, Felipe A. 2001-11-30 THESIS
Effects of Insectivorous Birds on Tree Growth in the Maurepas Swamp
3677 Fox, David M. 2006-04-05 THESIS
State-Specific Effects of Withdrawal in Smokers
3678 Rash, Carla J. 2004-04-14 THESIS
Northern Pintail Nest Site Selection, Nest Success, Renesting Ecology, and Survival in the Intensively Farmed Prairies of Southern Saskatchewan: An Evaluation of the Ecological Trap Hypothesis
3679 Richkus, Kenneth Daniel 2002-04-08 THESIS
Effects of Hurricanes and Fires on Southeastern Savanna-Forest Landscapes
3680 Passmore, Heather Alicia 2005-11-17 THESIS
Determination of the Bloodmeal Origin of Mosquitoes Collected at Alligator Farms, and West Nile Virus Activity in Mosquitoes Collected from Alligator Farms, Sentinel Chicken Surveillance Sites, and Larval Habitats
3681 Unlu, Isik 2007-10-19 THESIS
Sediment Flux and Fate in the Mississippi River Diversion at West Bay: Observation Study
3682 Andrus, Thomas Mitchell 2007-11-16 THESIS
Public Opinion and Policy Liberalism in Louisiana: Does Political Trust Have an Effect?
3683 Lemieux, Susan Quinn 2009-04-16 THESIS
Effects of Feeding Strategies on Growth of Florida Pompano (Trachinotus carolinus) in Closed Recirculating Systems
3684 Groat, Derek R. 2002-04-23 THESIS
Nekton Use and Growth in Three Brackish Marsh Pond Microhabitats
3685 Kanouse, Sarai C. 2003-11-05 THESIS
Role of Heparanase and Heparanase-Degraded Heparan Sulfate in Brain-metastatic Melanoma
3686 Roy, Madhuchhanda 2007-04-02 THESIS
Fast Scalable Visualization Techniques for Interactive Billion-Particle Walkthrough
3687 Liu, Xinlian 2002-07-03 THESIS
Reproductive Biology of Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora)
3688 Fang, Xiaobing 2002-02-27 THESIS
Do Overweight Inactive Parents Raise Overweight Inactive Children? Examination of the Influence of the Home Environment on Weight Status of Children Over Time
3689 York-Crowe, Emily 2006-06-23 THESIS
The Competitiveness of Roundup Ready Soybean and Roundup Ready Cotton as Weeds
3690 Lee, Donna R 2008-04-16 THESIS
Do Speculative Short Sellers Detect Earnings Management?
3691 Zhang, Yan 2004-04-05 THESIS
Grade Retention in High Stakes and Low Stakes Testing Years
3692 Ball, Anna Elizabeth 2007-06-04 THESIS
Coarse Woody Debris Characteristics of Managed and Unmanaged Bottomland Hardwood Forests
3693 Cochran, John Wesley 2008-06-12 THESIS
Markov Models to Estimate and Describe Survival Time and Experience in Cohorts with High Euthanasia Frequency
3694 Hosgood, Giselle Louise 2002-12-03 THESIS
Role of Endothelin-1 in the Gastrointestinal Tract of Horses in Health and Disease
3695 Chidambaram, Ramaswamy Monickarasi 2003-04-15 THESIS
Effects of Dietary Protein Level and Fish Meal on Growth and Hormonal Status of Weaned Dairy Calves
3696 Richardel, Patricia Terrell 2004-07-06 THESIS
Leaf Litter Processing by Macrodetritivores in Natural and Restored Neotropical Mangrove Forests
3697 Raulerson, Gary Eugene 2004-10-01 THESIS
Geography, Coloration and Speciation in a Genus of Neotropical Reef Fishes (Gobiidae: Elacatinus)
3698 Taylor, Michael S. 2004-11-02 THESIS
Nekton Utilization of Black Mangrove (Avicennia germinans) and Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) Sites in Southwestern Caminada Bay, Louisiana
3699 Caudill, Melanie Christine 2005-11-15 THESIS
Evaluation of Anuran Richness in Restored Wetlands of Central Louisiana
3700 Barlow, Sarah Jane 2007-01-09 THESIS

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