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Mixed Feelings
3601 McMahan, Hillary 2002-06-12 THESIS
Commitment to Displaying Positive Emotions at Work: An Examination of Individual and Situational Antecedents
3602 Croyle, Meredith H. 2004-01-12 THESIS
Comparing Kin and Non-Kin Foster Parents' Emotional Investment in Their Young Children.
3603 Norwood, Rhonda 2007-07-18 THESIS
Exploring Implicit Versus Explicit Methods of Teaching Phonemic Awareness Instruction to Kindergarten Students
3604 Abshire, Sue Antoinette 2006-02-01 THESIS
Hurricane Katrina: A Content Analysis of Media Framing, Attribute Agenda Setting and Tone of Government Response
3605 Brunken, Brigette Lynn 2006-07-11 THESIS
Optimal Robust Fault Detection
3606 Liu, Nike 2008-04-03 THESIS
Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Cotton Following Corn in Rotation and Foliar Fertilization of Cotton Using Leaf Blade Analysis
3607 Craig, Charles Chism 2002-01-28 THESIS
Leg-Extensor Strength and Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance in Independent-Living Older Adults
3608 Wilson, Kathryn O'Bryan 2002-08-13 THESIS
Characterization of Chitinase Activities, and Cloning, Analysis, and Expression of Genes Encoding Pathogenesis-Related Proteins in Strawberry
3609 Khan, Anwar Ahmad 2002-10-29 THESIS
Understanding Americans' Attitudes toward Latino and Asian Immigration
3610 Wilkinson, Betina Cutaia 2007-04-11 THESIS
Reduced Tillage and Residue Management Programs in Sugarcane (Saccharum Spp. Hybrids)
3611 Judice, Wilson Elie 2005-05-31 THESIS
Fabrication of DNA Microarrays on Poly(methylmethacrylate) Substrates for Biomolecular Reporting
3612 Situma, Catherine N 2007-04-16 THESIS
Floral Traits, Pollinator Behavior, and Plant Reproduction: Tests of Natural and Sexual Selection in the Hummingbird-Pollinated Herb Chrysothemis friedrichsthaliana
3613 Carlson, Jane Elizabeth 2007-07-02 THESIS
Population Ecology of Pseudacteon tricuspis Borgmeier (Diptera: Phoridae), an Introduced Parasitoid of the Red Imported Fire Ant Solenopsis invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Louisiana
3614 Henne, Donald Charles 2007-11-12 THESIS
Replication of Viruses Responsible for Sweet Potato Virus Disease in Resistant and Susceptible Sweetpotato Genotypes and Identification of Molecular Markers Linked to Resistance
3615 Miano, Douglas Watuku 2008-02-12 THESIS
A Multi-proxy Approach to Investigating the Latest Holocene (~4,500 Yrs. BP) Vegetational History of Catahoula Lake, Louisiana
3616 Tedford, Rebecca Ann 2009-03-24 THESIS
Reservoir Characterization Using Seismic Inversion Data
3617 Kalla, Subhash 2008-11-13 THESIS
Meso-Scale Heating Predictions for Weak Impact of Granular Energetic Solids
3618 Panchadhara, Rohan 2009-07-04 THESIS
Characteristics of Four Highly-Regarded Literacy Teachers in Rural and Urban Elementary Schools
3619 Ortlieb, Evan Thomas 2007-03-20 THESIS
Agroeconomic Effect of Soil Solarization on Fall-Planted Lettuce
3620 Hasing, Julio Eduardo 2002-09-03 THESIS
Analyses of High School Band Students' and Directors' Perceptions of Verbal and Nonverbal Teaching Behaviors
3621 Whitaker, Jennifer A. 2008-04-02 THESIS
Swimming Versus Voluntary Running Exercise on Bone Health in Ovariectomized Retired Breeder Rats
3622 Duhe, Shelly Ann 2003-07-07 THESIS
Determining Epigenetic Instability in Normal and Diseased Human Vulva
3623 Hutchinson, Kirk 2004-07-01 THESIS
Food Purchasing Behaviors, Dietary Energy Density, Perceived Health Status, and Perceived Nutrition Knowledge of Female Food Stamp Recipients Living in Southeast Louisiana
3624 Elks, Carrie Marie 2006-03-29 THESIS
Media Use, HIV/AIDS Knowledge, and Sexual Beliefs: An Exploration of Differences between Races
3625 Hammond, Tarana 2006-11-17 THESIS
Effect of Group Aphasia Treatment on Word Retrieval Skills
3626 Zimmerman, Claire Renee 2009-04-15 THESIS
Tryptophan Requirements and the Effects of Supplemental Tryptophan on Growth Performance, Plasma Metabolites, and Meat Quality in Nursery, Growing, and Finishing Pigs
3627 Guzik, Amy Christina 2002-07-12 THESIS
Effects of Fire Intensity on Groundcover Shrubs in a Frequently Burned Longleaf Pine Savanna
3628 Thaxton, Jarrod Matthew 2003-08-27 THESIS
A Basic Interpretative Analysis of Instrumental Music Education Majors Approaches to Score Study in Varying Musical Contexts
3629 Lane, Jeremy S. 2004-07-09 THESIS
Denitrification and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Cultivated and Wetland Alluvial Soils
3630 Ullah, Sami 2005-01-14 THESIS
Dactyls Reveal Evolutionary Patterns in Decapod Crustaceans
3631 Agnew, Jeffrey Guy 2008-04-09 THESIS
The Impact of Parents' Implementation of a Structured Parent Reading Program on Their Children's Reading Fluency
3632 Resetar, Jennifer Luella 2003-10-09 THESIS
Investigations into DNA Vaccination against Channel Catfish Virus
3633 Harbottle, Heather C. 2003-12-16 THESIS
Effect of Nursery Media Particle Size Distribution on Container-Grown Woody Ornamental Production
3634 Richard, Michael Paul 2006-04-04 THESIS
Effects of Fire on Habitat Associations, Abundance, and Survival of Wintering Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana Longleaf Pine Savannas
3635 Johnson, Erik Ivan 2006-04-10 THESIS
Free Women of Color and Slaveholding in New Orleans, 1810-1830
3636 Ulentin, Anne 2007-04-03 THESIS
Vagal Modulation of the Heart and Central Hemodynamics during Dynamic Handgrip Exercise and Forearm Occlusion Following Forearm Exercise Training
3637 Kluess, Heidi A 2002-04-18 THESIS
The Role of Perturbation on Biochemical Systems: Salt, PH, and Microgravity Effects on Protein-Ligand and Small Molecule Interactions
3638 Thompson, Gregory S. 2005-04-12 THESIS
Micropropagation through Somatic Embryogenesis and Cotyledonary Nodal Culture in Sea Oats (Uniola paniculata L.)
3639 Sahoo, Diptimayee 2008-01-23 THESIS
Pulsed River Flooding Effects on Sediment Deposition in Breton Sound Estuary, Louisiana
3640 Wheelock, Katherine 2003-04-10 THESIS
The Effects of Various Feed Additives on Growth Performance of Nursery Pigs
3641 Tucker, Jennifer 2007-04-11 THESIS
Strategies for Establishing Spartina alterniflora on Newly Constructed Marsh Terraces in Coastal Louisiana
3642 Mullens, Ashley Wilson 2007-06-12 THESIS
The Ecology of Blacktail Redhorse Moxostoma poecilurum in West Fork Thompson Creek, Louisiana
3643 Bahm, Jesse Adam 2007-11-15 THESIS
Individual and Landscape-Level Effects of Selective Herbicides, Mowing, and Prescribed Fire on Habitat Quality for Northern Bobwhite (Colinus Virginianus)
3644 Kitts, Charles Lynn 2004-04-16 THESIS
Effects of Terraces on Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Shallow Marsh Ponds in Coastal Southwest Louisiana
3645 Cannaday, Christopher Dean 2006-06-14 THESIS
Reducing Homework Problems in ADHD Adolescents: A Comparison of Two Self-Management Interventions
3646 Paasch, Valerie 2007-04-13 THESIS
Interaction of Fire and Insects in the Restoration and Management of Longleaf Pine
3647 Bauman, Tessa Annette 2003-01-30 THESIS
Hemodynamic Responses Following Dynamic Resistance Exercise in Young and Older Adult Women
3648 Reyes, Rafael Antonio 2004-04-08 THESIS
Abiotic and Biotic Factors Affecting the Distribution of Solenopsis Invicta Buren, Brachymyrmex sp., and Linepithema Humile (Mayr)in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
3649 Rosson, Jessica Lynn 2004-04-15 THESIS
Induction of Acquired Stress Tolerance for Improving Landscape Survivability of Petunia x hybrida
3650 Mader, Jennifer Margaret 2009-07-15 THESIS

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