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Do Terraces and Coconut Mats Affect Seeds and Submerged Aquatic Vegetaion at Sabine National Wildlife Refuge?
3551 Caldwell, Aaron Bailey 2003-06-26 THESIS
Red Rice Competition and Control in Cultivated Rice
3552 Leon, Christopher Todd 2005-03-09 THESIS
Quantitative Clay Mineralogy of Several Louisiana Soils
3553 Forsman, Johan 2005-03-23 THESIS
Voluntary Exercise in the C57Bl/6J Mouse: Phenotypic Effects of Varying Dietary Fat Levels and Hippocampal Gene Expression Differences between High-Level and Low-Level Exercisers
3554 McLaughlin, Leslie DeBardeleben 2005-11-08 THESIS
Winter Diet, Seed Preferences and Foraging Behavior of Henslow's Sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) in Southeastern Louisiana
3555 DiMiceli, Jennifer K. 2006-04-04 THESIS
Effective Bootstrapping of Peer-to-Peer Networks over Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
3556 Ding, Wei 2006-07-14 THESIS
Effects of Silvicultural Techniques and Landscape Management on Habitat Quality and Relative Abundance for Northern Bobwhites in a Pine Plantation Forest
3557 Burke, Jason Douglas 2006-11-17 THESIS
Using Group Dynamics and Personality Characteristics to Form Learning Groups in High School Multimedia Courses
3558 LaPrairie, Kimberly Nichols 2007-04-04 THESIS
Three-Dimensional Micromachined On-Chip Inductors for High Frequency Applications
3559 Chomnawang, Nimit 2002-07-30 THESIS
Effect of Phosphorus and Potassium Fertility on Fruit Quality and Growth of Tabasco Pepper (Capsicum frutescens) in Hydroponic Culture
3560 Aldana, Manuel Estuardo 2005-06-24 THESIS
Geostatistical Integration of Geophysical, Well Bore and Outcrop Data for Flow Modeling of a Deltaic Reservoir Analogue
3561 Tang, Hong 2005-07-06 THESIS
Development of High Performance Hybrid Syntactic Foams: Structure and Material Property Characterization
3562 Maharsia, Rahul R 2005-07-15 THESIS
The Use of Stable Isotopes to Determine the Ratio of Resident to Migrant King Rails in Southern Louisiana and Texas
3563 Perkins, Marie 2007-04-09 THESIS
Predicting Water Quality Effects on Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) Growth and Production in Chesapeake Bay: Linking Water Quality and Individual-Based Fish Models
3564 Adamack, Aaron Thomas 2007-07-12 THESIS
Wind Loads for Petrochemical Structures
3565 Amoroso, Samuel 2007-11-09 THESIS
Influence of Short-Term Endurance Exercise Training on Heart Rate Variability
3566 Lee, Clarence Matthew 2001-11-09 THESIS
Sediment Transport in Wind-Exposed Shallow, Vegetated Aquatic Systems
3567 Teeter, Allen Michael 2002-01-29 THESIS
From Gamete Collection to Database Development: Development of a Model Cryopreserved Germplasm Repository for Aquatic Species with Emphasis on Sturgeon
3568 Wayman, William Rittenhouse 2003-07-10 THESIS
The Use of Endocrine Markers to Predict and Monitor Performance in Strength and Power Activities
3569 Winchester, Jason B 2008-08-22 THESIS
A Re-Evaluation of Geopressured-Geothermal Aquifers as an Energy Resource
3570 Griggs, Jeremy Scott 2004-07-08 THESIS
General Strain Theory and Social Support: A Study of African Americans
3571 Lyons, Jason Alan 2002-07-09 THESIS
Bakso (Traditional Indonesian Meatball) Properties with Postmortem Condition and Frozen Storage
3572 Rahardiyan, Dino 2004-03-30 THESIS
African Art Music for Flute: A Study of Selected Works by African Composers
3573 Hymes Onovwerosuoke, Wendy Kristin 2007-01-17 THESIS
Cold Adaption Behaviors of Vibrio Vulnificus and Vibio Parahaemolyticus in Oysters
3574 Wu, Chiung-Ta 2007-11-15 THESIS
News Framing, Pre-existing Schemas and Public Opinion on International Trade and Individual Investment Intentions
3575 Zha, Wei 2008-11-04 THESIS
Physical Activity Behavior of University Students: An Ecological Approach
3576 Johnson, Lisa Gaye 2006-04-04 THESIS
Are Enzymes Accurate Indicators of Postmortem Interval? A Biochemical Analysis
3577 Buras, Karly Laine 2006-04-06 THESIS
Quiescent Current Testing of CMOS Data Converters
3578 Yellampalli, Siva 2008-11-13 THESIS
The Isolation and Characterization of Bovine Adult Derived Adipose Stem Cells for the Use in Nuclear Transfer
3579 Picou, Alicia A 2009-07-17 THESIS
A Phonological Awareness Intervention for at-Risk Preschoolers: The Effects of Supplemental, Intensive, Small-Group Instruction
3580 Guidry, Lisa Oliver 2003-07-10 THESIS
Platform Recruited Reef Fish, Phase I: Do Platforms Provide Habitat That Increase the Survival of Juvenile Reef Fishes?
3581 Nowling, Lauren Kay 2005-11-14 THESIS
Application of Short-Term Sediment Dynamics and Particle-Bound Phosphorus Fractionation Methods (SEDEX) to Estimate the Benthic Nutrient Loading Potential in Upper Newport Estuary, California
3582 Collis, Hilary Amanda 2006-09-05 THESIS
Two Post-Harvest Treatments for the Reduction of Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Eastern Oysters (Crassostrea virginica)
3583 Melody, Kevin Patrick 2008-03-27 THESIS
Impacts of Vertebrate Herbivores and Hurricane Georges on Densities of Belowground Plant Material on Shallow Mudflats in the Active Mississippi River Delta
3584 Talley, Scotland 2002-11-12 THESIS
Optimal Age at Fostering for the Derivation of Helicobacter Hepaticus-Free Mice
3585 Singletary, Kem Boullion 2003-03-31 THESIS
A Comparison of Administrator and Faculty Self-Report and Knowledge of Distance Education, Related Intellectual Property Laws and Policy, and Tenets of Academic Freedom
3586 Pogue, Mary Irene 2004-03-29 THESIS
Measuring Player Perceptions of Advertising in Online Games
3587 Lewis, Ben 2006-11-16 THESIS
(Mis)Translation in the Work of Omer Fast
3588 Bodle, Kelli 2007-07-05 THESIS
An Analysis of the Effects of Contingent Delivery of Tasks with Different Difficulty and Noncontingent Delivery of Tasks with Different Preference
3589 Whitmarsh, Ernest 2002-04-12 THESIS
Salinity Tolerance of Juveniles of Four Varieties of Tilapia
3590 Nugon, Robert Welsh 2003-04-04 THESIS
A Comparison of Finfish Assemblages on Subtidal Oyster Shell (Cultched Oyster Lease) and Mud Bottom in Barataria Bay, Louisiana
3591 Plunket, John 2003-06-30 THESIS
The Design and Fabrication of Pentacene Acoustic Charge Transfer Devices
3592 Shao, Hua 2008-04-02 THESIS
Temperature Impact on Nitrification and Bacterial Growth Kinetics in Acclimating Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Biofilters
3593 Saidu, Milton Maada-Gomoh 2009-07-13 THESIS
Follicular Growth and Development and Gonadotropin Response of Mares Treated with Dihydrotestosterone and Estradiol Benzoate
3594 McMeen, Scarlett Lynn 2002-04-19 THESIS
Post-Breeding Endometritis after Low Dose Insemination in the Mare
3595 Ferrer, Marí­a Soledad 2005-01-11 THESIS
Chondrocyte Death in Canine Osteochondral Explants Exposed to 0.5 Percent Bupivacaine
3596 Hennig, Geoffrey Stuart 2009-04-22 THESIS
Numerical Modeling for Long Term Performance of Soil-Bentonite Cut-Off Walls in Unsaturated Soil Zone
3597 Chakraborty, Sukanta 2009-07-09 THESIS
Use of Urine PH to Predict Incidence of Ketosis in Transition Dairy Cows
3598 Beem, Amy Elizabeth 2003-09-02 THESIS
Chemistry, Testing and Management of Phosphorus and Zinc in Calcareous Louisiana Soils
3599 Harrell, Dustin L. 2005-07-14 THESIS
Use of Terraced Marsh Habitats by Estuarine Nekton in Southwestern Louisiana
3600 Gossman, Bryan Paul 2005-11-22 THESIS

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