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The Effects of STAT Activators and the Crosstalk of gp130 Cytokines in Adipocytes
3501 White, Ursula Antoinette 2009-07-10 THESIS
Preservation of Sperm Harvested from the Rat, Caprine, Equine and Bovine Epididymis
3502 James, Aida Nioma 2004-01-28 THESIS
Adaptations by the Locomotor Systems of Terrestrial and Amphibious Crabs Walking Freely on Land and Underwater
3503 Schreiner, Jennifer Nuss 2004-06-09 THESIS
Biology and Chemical Ecology of the Sugarcane Beetle and Integrated Pest Management of Sweet Potato Soil Insects in Louisiana
3504 Smith, Tara Parker 2006-04-03 THESIS
Determining the Relative Efficacy of Reciprocal and Non-reciprocal Peer Tutoring for Students Identified as At-Risk for Academic Failure
3505 Menesses, Keri F. 2008-11-06 THESIS
The Effect of Periodic Operation on Biofilters for Removal of Methyl Ketone from Contaminated Air
3506 Norman, Charles William 2002-04-22 THESIS
Social Ape
3507 Harris, Morgan Dione 2006-04-04 THESIS
Credibility and Authority on Internet Message-Boards
3508 Goudelocke, Ryan 2004-07-08 THESIS
Error Estimates for Stabilized Approximation Methods for Semigroups
3509 McAllister, Sarah Campbell 2005-07-14 THESIS
Induction of Tetraploidy in Zebrafish Danio rerio and Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus
3510 Herbst, Eric Christopher 2002-07-11 THESIS
Developing Landscape-Scaled Habitat Selection Functions for Forest Wildlife from Landsat Data: Judging Black Bear Habitat Quality in Louisiana
3511 Wagner, Robert Owen 2003-11-13 THESIS
Are We Honestly Studying Malingering? A Profile and Comparison of Simulated and Suspected Malingerers
3512 Brennan, Adrianne M 2004-10-20 THESIS
Moving towards a Very Long Engagement: The Effects of Interactivity on Prolonging Engagement with Online Movie Advertisements
3513 Hoggard, Jesse T. 2007-07-16 THESIS
Etiology of Traumatic Brain Injury: Impact on Psychological Functioning
3514 Schneider, Jeffrey James 2007-08-22 THESIS
Resistant Starch Is Effective in Lowering Body Fat in a Rat Model of Human Endocrine Obesity
3515 Robert, Julina Ann 2008-11-20 THESIS
Men, Women, and Children
3516 Goodwin, Marie Dufour 2002-04-19 THESIS
Bollworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Production from Alternate Host Crops and Their Contribution to a Non-Bollgard Cotton Refuge
3517 Peters, Edward Ashley 2004-09-10 THESIS
Weight Concern and Smoking in Children
3518 Kendzor, Darla E. 2005-03-24 THESIS
Influence of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha and Minocycline on Microglia and Macrophage Activation during Polytropic Retrovirus Infection
3519 Corbin, Meryll E 2007-01-23 THESIS
The Effects of Trawling and Habitat Use on Red Snapper and the Associated Community
3520 Wells, Robert Joseph 2007-04-04 THESIS
3521 Mackay, Andrew James 2007-11-16 THESIS
The Food Patterns of Southern Louisiana Residents
3522 Eriksen, Chad 2008-08-20 THESIS
The Formation of a Style: Selected Early Works by Hugo Wolf
3523 Rozman, Jure 2007-04-12 THESIS
Factors Affecting the Selection of Business Arrangements by Hog Producers in the United States
3524 Davis, Christopher Gazzara 2002-07-08 THESIS
Consumer Perception and Application of Edible Coatings on Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables
3525 Sonti, Sirisha 2003-01-08 THESIS
Efficacy of Prepartum Intramammary Lactating Cow Treatment in Dairy Heifers
3526 Norman, Christopher B 2004-07-06 THESIS
The Effect of Age and Sex on the Growth Patterns of Bovine Cell Lines
3527 Shin, Jeho 2005-04-12 THESIS
Self-Regulation in Physical Activity: Understanding Decisions That Older Adults Make
3528 Grodesky, Janene Marie 2006-11-13 THESIS
The Impact of the Caernarvon Diversion on Above- and Belowground Marsh Biomass in the Breton Sound Estuary after Hurricane Katrina
3529 Moerschbaecher, Matthew Korbel 2008-06-11 THESIS
Characterizing Spatially Explicit Patterns of Antibiotic Resistance in the Marine Environment Using Top-Level Marine Predators
3530 Blackburn, Jason Kenna 2003-04-11 THESIS
Agronomic and Molecular Characterization of Louisiana Native Spartina Alterniflora Accessions
3531 Ryan, Alicia Beatriz 2003-11-12 THESIS
Physicochemical Properties of Pepper Mash Fermented in Wood and Plastic
3532 Koh, Foong Ming 2005-07-14 THESIS
Dynamics of Globalization in Philippine Scientific Communities
3533 Ynalvez, Marcus Antonius 2006-11-09 THESIS
Lying in Translation
3534 Champagne, Brooke Rachel 2005-04-18 THESIS
Coordination of the Lower Extremity Muscles during Gait Transitions
3535 Ogden, Lorna Louise 2002-04-17 THESIS
The Effects of Growth Hormone or Melatonin on the Reproductive Axis of Stallions
3536 Storer, William Andrew 2002-04-19 THESIS
Studies on Rice Transformation and the Use of Transformed Plants
3537 Shao, Qiming 2003-02-21 THESIS
Systematics and Cophylogenetics of Toucans and Their Associated Chewing Lice
3538 Weckstein, Jason David 2003-09-26 THESIS
Copper(II) Oxide Mediated Formation and Stabilization of Combustion Generated Persistent Free Radicals
3539 Truong, Hieu 2007-06-13 THESIS
Histone-like Protein from Mycobacterium smegmatis Has Two DNA Binding Domains and Is Localized to the Nucleoid In Vivo
3540 Mukherjee, Anirban 2007-11-16 THESIS
Functionally Gradient Syntactic Foams
3541 Chittineni, Kanakaji 2009-07-01 THESIS
Effect of Temperature on Efficiency of in Situ Bioremediation Technology: A Laboratory Microcosm and Field Study
3542 Iqbal, Javed 2003-07-09 THESIS
Belowground Productivity of Mangrove Forests in Southwest Florida
3543 Giraldo Sánchez, Beatriz Eugenia 2005-10-28 THESIS
Gamete and Cell Technologies for Use in Biological Resource Banking
3544 Nel-Themaat, Liesl 2006-04-06 THESIS
Effects of Smoking Cessation and Female Sex Hormones on Food Intake in Postmenopausal Women
3545 Apperson, Megan RaNae 2006-11-03 THESIS
In Vitro Development of Bovine Embryos Cultured in a Frozen-Thawed Commercial Culture Medium
3546 Glaser, Jeanne Lee 2007-07-13 THESIS
Validation of AnnAGNPS at the Field and Farm-Scale Using an Integrated AGNPS/GIS System
3547 Suir, Glenn M. 2002-04-18 THESIS
The Effects of Composition and Processing of Milk on Foam Characteristics as Measured by Steam Frothing
3548 Levy, Michael 2003-04-08 THESIS
Fashion Involvement of Affluent Female Consumers
3549 McFatter, Robin Danielle 2005-01-25 THESIS
Culturally-Constructed Barriers
3550 Lee, Hae-Jung 2008-05-07 THESIS

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