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Multidemensional Goals of Farmers in the Beef Cattle and Dairy Industries
3451 Basarir, Aydin 2002-06-12 THESIS
Systematics of the Western Lyresnake (Trimorphodon biscutatus) Complex: Implications for North and Middle American Aridland Biogeography
3452 Devitt, Thomas James 2003-04-02 THESIS
Adherence to Medical Regimens in Low-Income Adults with Type II Diabetes: The Influence of Perceived Control Constructs
3453 O'Hea, Erin L 2003-07-30 THESIS
Comparative Study of the Physical and Mechanistic Properties of HMA Mixture: Field Vs Laboratory
3454 Zhang, Chenggang 2005-04-21 THESIS
Photobiological and Thermal Effects of UVA Light on Cell Culture
3455 Forman, Julianne 2005-11-16 THESIS
Dosimetry Intercomparison Using a 35-keV X-Ray Synchrotron Beam
3456 Oves, Scott 2008-01-22 THESIS
Family Violence Exposure and Family Relationship Skills in Adolescents Exposed to Community Violence
3457 LeBlanc, Monique M. 2002-07-09 THESIS
The Establishment, Expansion and Ecosystem Effects of Phragmites Australis, an Invasive Species in Coastal Louisiana
3458 Stanton, Lee Ellis 2005-01-26 THESIS
Alu Retrotransposition-Mediated Genomic Variation within the Primate Order
3459 Callinan, Pauline Ann 2005-03-16 THESIS
Bridging the Academic Biotechnology Commercialization Gap: Can the Mission of the Public Research University Be Preserved?
3460 Jarrett, Anne Rossi 2007-11-16 THESIS
Which Green Policy? An Analysis of the Relationship between State Environmental Policy and State Economic Growth
3461 Renegar, Renée L.A. 2007-05-31 THESIS
Experimental Investigation of an Electronically Collimated Radiation Detector for Location of Gamma-Ray Sources
3462 Hill Jr., William H. 2007-11-16 THESIS
On the Geometry and Topology of Moduli Spaces of Multi-Polygonal Linkages
3463 Holcomb, Michael Edward 2003-04-11 THESIS
Analysis of Progressive Lag Reinforcement Schedules and Environmental Cues on Verbal Response Variability
3464 Esteve, Brian 2009-04-17 THESIS
Effects of Clenbuterol on Equine Skeletal and Cardiac Muscle
3465 Thompson, Jessica 2009-07-10 THESIS
Seasonal Abundance and Detection of West Nile Virus in Ceratopogonids (Diptera:Ceratopogonidae) in East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
3466 Sabio, Isidra Joselina 2005-11-07 THESIS
The Effect of Diets Varying in Dietary Cation-Anion Difference Fed in Late Gestation and in Lactation on Sow Productivity
3467 Roux, Melanie Lynn 2005-11-18 THESIS
Reflections on Teaching a Mathematics Education Course
3468 Smitherman, Sarah Elizabeth 2006-04-04 THESIS
Alterinf Sweet Potato Starch Functionality by Amino Acids and pH Treatments
3469 Futch, Jonathan 2009-07-08 THESIS
Local, Regional, and Global Patterns of Woodpecker (Picidae) Diversity: Ecological Explanations and Practical Applications
3470 Styring, Alison Robinson 2002-11-05 THESIS
The Role of Trust in Organizations: Do Foci and Bases Matter?
3471 Yang, Jixia 2005-04-06 THESIS
Ecology of Lesser Scaup and Amphipods in the Upper-Midwest: Scope and Mechanisms of the Spring Condition Hypothesis and Implications for Migration Habitat Conservation
3472 Anteau, Michael Jason 2006-01-24 THESIS
The Effects of Carbonated Marinade on the Shelf Life of Enhanced Pork
3473 Guerra, Maria Ofelia 2006-07-18 THESIS
Assessing Ethnorelative Pedagogical Preparedness in PETE Programs
3474 Burden, Joe W 2007-01-23 THESIS
Hurricane Modeling in GIS: An Investigation of Threshold Storm Events Affecting Special Medical Needs Populations in Coastal Louisiana
3475 Streva, Kathryn Emily 2007-11-12 THESIS
Dialogic Dogs and Phatic Felines: Speaking to and through Our Pets
3476 Dufour, Nicole M 2003-07-07 THESIS
The Effects of Mutations and Viruses on Yield and Quality of Sweetpotato, Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam
3477 Carroll, Heather Wallace 2003-04-01 THESIS
Survivorship, Tunneling and Feeding Behaviors of Formosan Subterranean Termite (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in Response to Trans-caryophyllene
3478 Qi, Qiaoling 2009-06-09 THESIS
Decentralized and Adaptive Sensor Data Routing
3479 Zhu, Mengxia 2002-11-13 THESIS
Evaluation of Helicobacter hepaticus Bacterial Shedding in Fostered and Strategically Housed C57BL/6 Mice
3480 Crisler Roberts, J. Robin 2005-01-25 THESIS
Spatial Ecology of Gray Foxes on a Longleaf Pine Forest and the Surrounding Landscape in Southwestern Georgia
3481 Temple, Danielle Lolene 2007-05-18 THESIS
Water-Drive Gas Reservoir: Sensitivity Analysis and Simplified Prediction
3482 Yue, Junpeng 2002-10-08 THESIS
Mortality of Pen-Raised White-Tailed Deer(Odocoileus virginianus)Released on Three Areas in Louisiana
3483 Fortier, Barret Keith 2004-05-11 THESIS
Effect of Cotton Aphids, Aphis gossypii (Glover), on Cotton Plant Development and Yield Components
3484 Jones, Robert Hankins 2004-05-21 THESIS
Overlap Zones, Growth Faults, and Sedimentation: Using High Resolution Gravity Data, Livingston Parish, LA
3485 Cazes, Carrie Alison 2004-08-17 THESIS
Liquidity and Speculative Trading: Evidence from Stock Price Adjustments to Quarterly Earnings Announcements
3486 Yang, Hsiao-Fen 2007-07-13 THESIS
Evaluation of Three Methods for Teaching Intraverbals to Children with Language Delays
3487 Trosclair-Lasserre, Nicole 2008-11-04 THESIS
Failure-Awareness and Dynamic Adaptation in Data Scheduling
3488 Balman, Mehmet 2008-11-14 THESIS
Pathogenic Mechanisms of Photobacterium Damselae Subspecies Piscicida in Hybrid Striped Bass
3489 Elkamel, Ahmad A. 2002-04-16 THESIS
Treatment of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants in Municipal Wastewater by Agricultural By-Product Based Granular Activated Carbons (GAC)
3490 Bansode, Rishipal Rastrapal 2002-07-12 THESIS
Arterial and Venous Adaptations to Short-Term Handgrip Exercise Training
3491 Alomari, Mahmoud Awad 2003-09-04 THESIS
Effects of Practice Strategies, Metronome Use, Meter, Hand, and Musical Function on Dual-Staved Piano Performance Accuracy and Practice Time Usage of Undergraduate Non-Keyboard Music Majors
3492 Hanberry, Melody A. 2004-04-12 THESIS
3493 Wascom, Daniel Dawson 2007-11-14 THESIS
Ecosystem Effects of Expanding Populations of Avicennia germinans in a Southeastern Louisiana Spartina alterniflora Saltmarsh
3494 Perry, Carey Lynn 2007-11-14 THESIS
Evaluation of Management Practices and Remediation Techniques for Improving Water Quality in Agricultural Systems
3495 Udeigwe, Theophilus Kene 2008-11-13 THESIS
Modeling Longleaf Pine (Pinus Palustris Mill) Wood Properties Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy
3496 Via, Brian Kipling 2004-11-08 THESIS
Comparing Calf Sex Ratio and Semen Sex Ratio Determined By Conventional PCR
3497 Taylor, Tara Marie 2005-07-15 THESIS
Interrelationships Between Demographic, Psychosocial, and Academic Characteristics and GED Attainment Among At-Risk Youth
3498 Rhodes, Judith L. 2007-07-11 THESIS
Vocal Fold Vibratory Characteristics Pre And Post Phonosurgery Investigated By Stroboscopy
3499 Durand, Brittany Anne 2008-04-15 THESIS
Examination of Blueberry Anthocyanins in Prevention of Age-Related Macular Degeneration through Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Culture Study
3500 Sundalius, Naomi Marie 2008-11-13 THESIS

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