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Spatial Econometric Analysis of Louisiana Rural Real Estate Values
3401 Soto, Patricia 2004-04-14 THESIS
The Discipline and Disciplining of Margaret Sanger: US Birth Control Rhetoric in the Early Twentieth Century
3402 Buerkle, C. Wesley 2004-10-28 THESIS
An Investigation of Selected Academic and Nonacademic Predictor Variables of Academic Performance of Student-Athletes at Louisiana State University
3403 Morgan, Derek Jerone 2005-01-19 THESIS
Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging Using Wafer Bonder
3404 Upadhyaya, Kailash 2005-07-18 THESIS
Cryopreservation of Reproductive Cells and Tissues
3405 Li, Guanglei 2005-11-17 THESIS
An Investigation of Decision-Making Style of Chinese College Student Online Apparel Shoppers
3406 Zeng, Yao 2008-11-06 THESIS
Dose Titration of Sericea Lespedeza Leaf Meal on Haemonchus contortus Infection in Crossbred Lambs
3407 Pollard, Dana Alicia 2009-07-14 THESIS
Nursing Students' Knowledge, Observation of Environmental Risk Factors, and Compliance with Recommended Precautions for the Prevention of Transmission of Infectious Diseases by Needlestick Injury
3408 Logan, Cynthia Ann 2002-06-13 THESIS
Cognitive Adaptation's Implication on Diabetic Adherence
3409 Ancona, Martin 2005-03-23 THESIS
Effect of Back Belt on Inter-Joint Coordination and Postural Index Value under Self Selected Manual Lifting Technique
3410 Nimbarte, Ashish Dashrathrao 2005-06-14 THESIS
Factors Influencing Regeneration of Plantlets from Leaf Strips of Strawberry (Fragaria X Ananassa Duch.)
3411 Whitley, Kristi Lee 2004-11-08 THESIS
Image Processing Techniques to Identify Predatory Birds in Aquacultural Settings
3412 Nadimpalli, Uma Devi 2005-03-23 THESIS
Contact Effects in Thermally Evaporated Pentacene Thin Films and Aspects of Microsystem Hybrid Integration
3413 Yernagula, Jagadish 2005-04-21 THESIS
Verb Aquisition in Students of English as a Second Language: Language Learning Background and Attitudes
3414 Rogers, Erin Kyles 2006-05-25 THESIS
Pathology and Seedling Nutrition of Spartina alterniflora (Smooth Cordgrass)
3415 Robertson, Clark Lane 2007-04-10 THESIS
"I Will Learn You Something if You Listen to This Song": Southern Women Writers' Representations of Music in Fiction
3416 George, Courtney 2008-03-05 THESIS
Rice Straw Fiber Polymer Composites: Thermal and Mechanical Performance
3417 Yao, Fei 2008-11-14 THESIS
Effects of Three Early Literacy Interventions in the Preschool Classroom: Comparing Phonological Awareness Training, Dialogic Reading, and a Combination Condition in Small Groups
3418 Longwell, Jennifer Koenig 2009-01-07 THESIS
The Assessment of and Differences among Intellectually Disabled Adults with Comorbid Autism Spectrum Disorders and Epilepsy
3419 Smith, Kimberly Robin 2009-06-29 THESIS
Spectroscopic and Synthetic Studies Relating to a Dirhodium Hydroformylation Catalyst
3420 Gueorguieva, Petia Gueorguieva 2004-11-11 THESIS
Elementary Reactions Involved in Pollutant-Forming Mechanisms
3421 McFerrin, Cheri Ann 2007-06-11 THESIS
Disturbance Effects on Nekton Communities of Seagrasses and Bare Substrates in Biloxi Marsh, Louisiana
3422 Maiaro, Jamie Lynn 2007-07-09 THESIS
On the Stabilization and Regularization of Rational Approximation Schemes for Semigroups
3423 Flory, Simone 2002-04-08 THESIS
An Examination of Individual and Organizational Factors Related to Emotional Labor
3424 Gosserand, Robin Hughes 2002-12-19 THESIS
Integrating Natural Coping and Survival Strategies of African American Women into Social Work Practice: Lessons Learned from the Works of Nannie Helen Burruoghs
3425 Boykin, Lolita Cecelia 2003-07-09 THESIS
Cytokines and Aeroallergens in the Pathogenesis of Summer Pasture-Associated Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Effects on Endothelin Production, Neutrophil Activation and Chemotaxis
3426 Costa, Lais Rosa 2005-04-18 THESIS
Self-Determination of Students with Disabilities in Post-Secondary Education
3427 Brackin, Laura Schexnayder 2005-04-21 THESIS
Identifying Asphalt Construction as a Point Source Emitter of Volatile Organic Compounds near the Louisiana State University Ozone Monitoring Station
3428 Kice, Sean Jason 2005-07-14 THESIS
Assessment of Water Conservation Technique in Rice Culture to Develop Water Use Policies
3429 Kongchum, Manoch 2005-07-19 THESIS
Monolithic Integration of High-Aspect-Ratio Microstructures with CMOS Circuitry
3430 Xin, Tinghui 2007-06-25 THESIS
A Decision Making Framework for Hurricane Evacuation and Sheltering
3431 Fennell, Jason 2009-04-15 THESIS
Muscovite Pseudomorphs after Staurolite as a Record of Fluid Infiltration during Prograde Metamorphism
3432 Whittington, Jennifer Kaye 2006-05-04 THESIS
Bacterial Characterization of Louisiana Groundwater Contaminated by DNAPL-Containing Chloroethanes and Other Solvents
3433 Bowman, Kimberly 2009-04-13 THESIS
Characterization of the Common Eland (Taurotragus oryx) Estrous Cycle
3434 Pennington, Parker M 2009-07-09 THESIS
Investigation into the Dirhodium-Catalyzed Hydroformylation of 1-Alkenes and Preparation of a Novel Tetraphosphine Ligand
3435 Monteil, Alexandre R 2006-11-02 THESIS
A Comparison of Louisiana Secondary Career and Technical Teachers and Academic Teachers on Learning Type and Perception of School Climate
3436 Beard, Tracy Andries 2002-11-15 THESIS
Riding Out the Risks: An Ethnographic Study of Risk Perceptions in a South Louisiana Bayou Community
3437 Manning, Susan Camille 2005-07-14 THESIS
Liquid Feeding in the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis Invicta Buren (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)
3438 O'Brien, Kathryn Shea 2005-10-26 THESIS
"But Seriously, Folks...": Understanding the Political Effects of Late Night Television Comedy
3439 Sarver, Danielle Lynn 2007-11-05 THESIS
Superfetation in Beef Cattle
3440 Carter, Joel Andrew 2002-07-31 THESIS
Market Timing and Cost of Capital of the Firm
3441 Song, Kyojik 2003-08-05 THESIS
?Oocyte Production in the Early Postpartum Cow
3442 Perez, Oscar 2003-09-03 THESIS
Cercospora Leaf Blight of Soybean: Pathogen Vegetative Compatibility Groups, Population Structure, and Host Resistance
3443 Cai, Guohong 2003-12-11 THESIS
Estimation of the Effect of Misclassifications on Diagnostic Test Performance in Two Persistent Bovine Viral Infections
3444 Orr, Kimberly 2004-04-14 THESIS
Identification of Soybean Cultivar's Tolerance to Waterlogging Through Analyses of Leaf Nitrogen Concentration
3445 Riche, Curt Jude 2004-04-15 THESIS
Modeling the Effects of Rainfall Intensity and Deep Chiseling on Infiltration and Runoff within DRAINMOD for Alluvial Soils
3446 Moriasi, Daniel Nyabiba 2004-11-11 THESIS
Reproductive and Metabolic Effects of Recombinant Equine Leptin on Seasonally Anovulatory Mares
3447 Mitcham, Pamela Boliew 2007-04-13 THESIS
A Home-Based Intervention to Promote Physical Activity in Low Income African American Adults
3448 Whitehead, Dorothy Fauntleroy 2007-07-12 THESIS
Moderating Effects of Knowledge, Gender, and Education on the Relationship between Environmental Value Orientation and Support for Louisiana Coastal Restoration
3449 Holloway, Meya Voorhies 2009-01-22 THESIS
Molecular, Statistical, and Genetic Analyses of Complex Agronomic Traits in Rice
3450 Ordonez Jr., Samuel Agbayani 2009-07-03 THESIS

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