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Off-Line MALDI Mass Spectrometry of Bioaerosols
101 Kim, Jae-Kuk 2008-06-11 THESIS
Use of Atomic Force Microscopy to Study a Molecular Micelle as an Anionic Polymer for Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Deposition on Polymeric Substrates
102 Douglas, Angela Nakeeta 2006-09-05 THESIS
Characterizaiton of a Modified Poly(Propylene Imine) Dendrimer Host System
103 Morara, Amy D 2005-06-08 THESIS
Illinois Legislators Revisited: A Comparison of Legislators' Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Constituent E-mail
104 Sheffer, Mary Louise 2005-04-04 THESIS
Iron and Zinc Physiology in Sweetpotato
105 Singleton, Mary Catherine 2008-11-13 THESIS
Predicting Progeny Performance and Genome Analysis in Sugarcane (Saccharum spp)
106 Alwala, Sreedhar 2007-07-13 THESIS
Heterogeneous Catalyzed Macromolecular Hydrogenations in Oscillating Systems
107 Bussard, Alan 2008-03-05 THESIS
Tonality and Drama in Verdi's "La Traviata"
108 Easley, David Bradley 2005-07-12 THESIS
Modeling of Solute Transport and Retention in Upper Amite River
109 Jung, Hoonshin 2008-10-01 THESIS
Microhabitat Distribution and Demography of Two Florida Scrub Endemic Plants with Comparisons to Their Habitat-Generalist Congeners
110 Maliakal Witt, Satya 2004-11-05 THESIS
Seasonal Occurrence of Phyllophaga Species and Biological Studies of Phyllophaga ephilida (Say)on Sweet Potato, Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam, in Louisiana
111 Diagne, Aboubacar 2004-11-15 THESIS
Crystal Growth and the Search for Highly Correlated Ternary Intermetallic Antimonides and Stannides
112 Thomas, Evan Lyle 2006-11-14 THESIS
Aerobic Degradation Assessment for the Fungicide BAS 505 Using Batch and Intact Soil Core Methodologies
113 McDonald, Jason Allan 2006-03-23 THESIS
An Original Composition, Vestiges of Kubla and an Analysis of George Crumb's Quest for Guitar, Soprano Saxophone, Harp, Contrabass, and Percussion
114 Crabtree, John Manuel 2007-11-07 THESIS
Fundamental Characterization of Louisiana HMA Mixtures for the 2002 Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide
115 Obulareddy, Sandeep 2006-07-18 THESIS
Interrelationships between Mitochondrial Function, Maximal Oxygen Consumption, Running Economy, and Diet in Elite Male and Female Runners
116 McMillan, Ryan Peyton 2006-03-31 THESIS
Salt Marsh Restoration with Sediment-Slurry Amendments Following a Drought-Induced, Large-Scale Disturbance
117 Schrift, Angela Marie 2006-06-02 THESIS
Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Containing High Concentrations of Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate (LAS)
118 Espinoza, Luis Alberto 2004-02-10 THESIS
The Role of Hurricane Exposure and Life Disruption as Predictors of Child Post-Traumatic Stress Symptomatology Following Hurricane Katrina
119 Pellegrin, Angie Lynn 2009-07-09 THESIS
Fecal Coliform Decay and Regrowth Kinetics in an Anaerobic Dairy Wastewater Environment
120 Liu, Shufang 2002-04-18 THESIS
Effect of Hole Configurations on Film Cooling from Cylindrical Inclined Holes for the Application to Gas Turbine Blades
121 Lu, Yiping 2007-08-30 THESIS
Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Analysis of Plant Oils
122 Du, Tianchuan 2009-07-13 THESIS
Angle-Resolved Photoemission Study and Neutron Diffraction Measurements on LaSb2
123 Acatrinei, Alice 2003-09-04 THESIS
The Spectral and Photophysical Characterization of Water Solubilizing Metal Phthalocyanines for Highly Sensitive Detection in Biological Studies
124 Verdree, Vera Tamisha 2007-07-12 THESIS
Juvenile Crawfish (Procambarus clarkii) LC50 Mortality from South Louisiana Crude, Peanut and Mineral Oil
125 Umejuru, Okey 2007-08-30 THESIS
Post Monitoring of a Cyclodextrin Remediated Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Aquifer
126 Hinrichs, Rebecca Mary 2004-08-27 THESIS
Intrinsic Biodegradation Potential of Crude Oil in Salt Marshes
127 Enock, Julius 2002-07-12 THESIS
Capillary and Microchip Gel Electrophoresis Using Multiplexed Fluorescence Detection with Both Time-Resolved and Spectral-Discrimination Capabilities: Applications in DNA Sequencing Using Near-Infrared Fluorescence
128 Zhu, Li 2005-09-19 THESIS
Infrared Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals and Applications
129 Little, Mark 2006-11-09 THESIS
Characterization of a Virulence Related Hypothetical Protein in Edwardsiella ictaluri
130 Polyak, Ildiko Katalin 2007-09-06 THESIS
Investigation of Insect-Weed Interactions in the Rice Agroecosystem
131 Tindall, Kelly V. 2004-11-03 THESIS
The Relationship of Selected Personal Characteristics of E-Faculty to Their Perceived Technological Knowledge
132 Clark, Myriah Christin 2007-07-13 THESIS
Attachment of Oligonucleotide Probes to Polymer Biochips and Its Application for the Detection of Point Mutations
133 Wang, Yun 2004-01-16 THESIS
Evaluation of Static Low Density Media Filters for Use in Domestic Wastewater Treatment
134 Wagener, Cynthia 2003-11-14 THESIS
Effect of Ohmic Heating on Color, Rehydration and Textural Characteristics of Fresh Carrot Cubes
135 Bhale, Sandeep Dattatraya 2004-03-04 THESIS
Viral Stress Activation of Retrotransposons in Sweetpotato [Ipomoea Batatas (L.) Lam.]
136 Kokkinos, Charalambos Demetriou 2002-07-10 THESIS
Chiral Analyses Using Molecular Micelles and Multiple Regression Modeling in Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Methods
137 Snearl, Alicia Williams 2007-10-19 THESIS
Turbine Blade Tip Cooling and Heat Transfer
138 Nasir, Hasan 2004-10-04 THESIS
Synthesis and Properties of Isoporphyrins and Related Derivatives for Application in Photodynamic Therapy
139 Mwakwari, Sandra Celinah 2007-04-13 THESIS
Synchrotron Radiation as a Probe of Chemical Information Using Novel Experimental Configurations
140 Farquar, George 2003-11-12 THESIS
Utilization of Rice Bran by Pythium Irregulare for Lipid Production
141 Zhu, Hui 2002-11-14 THESIS
An Original Composition, la Cosecha for Orchestra, and la Clave: A Cultural Identity
142 Gonzalez Bothwell, Rafael Enrique 2005-07-19 THESIS
Analytical Separations Using Polymetric Surfactants
143 Kamande, Mary Waithira 2005-11-09 THESIS
Integral Cohomology of the Siegel Modular Variety of Degree Two and Level Three
144 Arslan, Mustafa 2006-03-15 THESIS
The Body Politic: Burial and Post-War Reconciliation in Baton Rouge
145 Jewett, Leah Wood 2003-11-05 THESIS
Phytoremediation of a High Phosphorus Soil by Summer and Winter Hay Harvest
146 Ryan, Veronica A. 2006-07-13 THESIS
Low Salinity Waters in Deep Sedimentary Basins
147 Szalkowski, David Scott 2003-04-10 THESIS
Effects of Mid-Season Avermectin Treatments of Cattle on Pyrethroid Resistance in Three Populations of Horn Flies, Haematobia Irritans Irritans (L.) (Diptera: Muscidae)
148 Oremus, Glenn R. 2003-09-04 THESIS
The Catalytic Partial Oxidation of N-Tetradecane on Rh and Sr Substituted Pyrochlores
149 Haynes, Daniel 2007-04-16 THESIS
Alzheimer's Caregiving Appraisal
150 Fortier, Andre' 2008-07-11 THESIS

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