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Titian, the Pesaro, and the Frari: Different Strokes for Different Folks
601 Blyskal, Carl Edward 2008-02-12 THESIS
Petite Women: Fit and Body Shape Analysis
602 McRoberts, Lisa Barona 2005-08-19 THESIS
An Exploration of the Roles of Pleribo, Adraste, and Prince Florilame in Tony Kushners Adaptation of The Illusion: A Production Thesis in Acting
603 Tullos, Chaney K. 2005-04-11 THESIS
Semiotic Modeling: Relevance to Trumpet Performance and Musical Interpretation Using Paul Hindemith's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano
604 Heinzen, Craig David 2006-04-07 THESIS
An Investigation into the Implementation of the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum Reading/English Language Arts in Selected First Grade Classrooms
605 Ainsworth, Mary "Kitty" 2008-08-21 THESIS
The Imaginary Sculpture of Matthew Barney
606 Benitez, Rosalie Claire 2002-04-17 THESIS
The Chemistry of Change: A Production Thesis in Directing
607 Winkler, Anthony Greenleaf 2002-04-18 THESIS
Evidence of Postmortem Cultural Modification of the Femora of the Poole-Rose Ossuary as Part of the Feast of the Dead Ceremony
608 Schiess, Lori Kay 2002-06-11 THESIS
Modeling Adsorption of Cane Sugar Colorant in Packed-Bed Ion Exchangers
609 Broadhurst, Hugh Anthony 2002-07-09 THESIS
Influence of Surface Chemistry on the Aggregation of Beta Amyloid Peptide
610 McMasters, Mariah Joan 2006-07-17 THESIS
The Antikythera Youth in Its Context
611 Myers, Elisabeth 2006-04-03 THESIS
On the Stability of Rotor Bearing Systems Based on Hopf Bifurcation Theory
612 Wang, Jianke 2005-10-25 THESIS
The Art of Perception: Robert Irwin's Central Garden at the J. Paul Getty Center
613 Zell, Jennifer Kay 2007-11-14 THESIS
When Everybody's a Critic: Effects of a Newspaper's Self-Improvement Program
614 LaPlante, John M. 2001-10-31 THESIS
Defining Modernity: Mentality and Ideology under the French Second Empire
615 Murray-Miller, Gavin 2005-04-15 THESIS
Topics in Quantum Topology
616 Qazaqzeh, Khaled Moham 2006-06-23 THESIS
Mass Media Ethics Vs. Ethnicity: The Cuban American National Foundation's Battle with the Miami Herald
617 Cobas, Michelle M 2001-11-19 THESIS
Analysis of Consumer Perceptions toward Biotechnology and Their Preferences for Biotech Food Labels
618 Mclennon, St. Everald 2002-11-15 THESIS
Environment, Labor, and Race: An Historical Geography of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, 1878-1956
619 Sumpter, Amy Rhiannon 2008-06-10 THESIS
Query by Image Content Using Wavelets and Gibbs-Markov Random Fields
620 Hossain, Imtiaz 2004-07-09 THESIS
Sex Estimation of Fetal and Infant Remains Based on Metric and Morphognostic Analyses
621 Ridley, Jason Thomas 2002-04-16 THESIS
Perceptions of Active Graduate Faculty at a Research Extensive University Regarding Electronic Submission of Theses and Dissertations (ETDS)
622 Goldsmith, Ursula Irene 2002-07-11 THESIS
Minimization of Power Losses in Active Magnetic Bearing Control
623 Motee, Nader 2003-04-07 THESIS
Circuitry for a Remotely Powered Bio-Implantable Gastric Electrical Stimulation System
624 Kona, Satish 2003-11-14 THESIS
Stability of Stochastic Pricing Models under Volatility Fluctuations
625 Nikolov, Krassimir Zhivkov 2005-04-19 THESIS
The Changing Face of the U.S. Military: A Textual Analysis of U.S. Army and U.S. Navy Recruiting Advertisements from Pre-9-11 to Six Years into the Iraq War
626 Rowland, Maryann M 2009-04-14 THESIS
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Adhesion and Nanoindentation of Gallium Arsenide
627 Neal, Jr. 2002-05-28 THESIS
Performing Louisiana: The History of Cajun Dialect Humor and its Impact on the Cajun Cultural Identity
628 Richardson, Debrah Royer 2007-07-12 THESIS
Exploring the Hot-Carrier Effect on the Wireless Transceivers
629 Herlekar, Sameer R. 2006-06-14 THESIS
"Never Could Read No Road Map": Geographic Perspectives on the Grateful Dead
630 Culli, Daniel R. 2004-06-03 THESIS
Informed Decision Making
631 Tall, Jonathan D. 2006-03-31 THESIS
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Parent Training Program on Adolescent Mothers and Their Communicative Interactions with Their Children
632 Pruitt, Sonja Lee 2002-04-29 THESIS
Tapered LIGA Mold Insert
633 Turner, Ryan Anthony 2002-11-05 THESIS
First Order Sigma-Delta Modulator of an Oversampling ADC Design in CMOS Using Floating Gate MOSFETS
634 Kommana, Syam Prasad 2004-08-30 THESIS
Electrodeposition of AuCo Alloys and Multilayers
635 Guan, Maoshi 2005-04-12 THESIS
Erik Satie's Ballet Parade: An Arrangement for Woodwind Quintet and Percussion with Historical Summary
636 Doyle, Tracy A. 2005-07-13 THESIS
Full Circle
637 Cowhig, Elizabeth 2005-09-08 THESIS
Brazilian Nationalistic Elements in the Brasilianas of Osvaldo Lacerda
638 Di Cavalcanti, Maria Jose 2006-08-11 THESIS
Data-Driven Fault Detection Using Trending Analysis
639 Luo, Min 2006-10-11 THESIS
Visual Language Representation for Use Case Evolution and Traceability
640 Douglas, Coretta Willis 2008-03-11 THESIS
Three Functions for the FaƧade of Wells Cathedral: Competition for the Bishopric, Liturgy and Processions, and Heavenly Jerusalem
641 Pearson, Alexandra Leigh 2009-04-07 THESIS
A Regularization Technique in Dynamic Optimization
642 Guevara, Alvaro 2009-07-05 THESIS
Quantification of the Spatial Gradient of Local Volume Fraction from Tomography Images
643 Wang, Yongping 2002-04-19 THESIS
Assessing Linkages between Petroleum Platforms and Pelagic Fishes Using Telemetry, with Emphasis on Blue Runner (Caranx crysos)
644 Brown, Harmon 2009-07-15 THESIS
Isleno Decima Singers of Louisiana: An Interpretation of Performance and Event
645 Sears, Danielle Elise 2002-11-08 THESIS
Towards Automated Capture of 3D Foot Geometry for Custom Orthoses
646 Madazhy, Rajeev 2004-11-15 THESIS
Characterization of the Dependency across Foreign Exchange Markets Using Copulas
647 Coelho, Ryan 2006-11-20 THESIS
Passive Alignment of Micro Fluidic Chips Using the Principle of Elastic Averaging
648 Gurung, Sitanshu 2007-11-16 THESIS
Modeling Gag Grouper (Mycteroperca microlepis) in the Gulf of Mexico: Exploring the Impact of Marine Reserves on the Population Dynamics of a Protogynous Grouper
649 Ellis, Robert D 2009-07-08 THESIS
The Orthographic Characters (in No Particular Order)
650 Frank, Alison Christina 2004-06-09 THESIS

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