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Ferroelectric domain engineering and characterization for photonic applications
101 Grilli, Simonetta 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Suspended solids and metals in highway runoff : implications for treatment systems
102 Hallberg, Magnus 2006-01-01 THESIS
Nanoparticles for multifunctional drug delivery systems
103 Qin, Jian 2007-01-01 THESIS
Ring-opening polymerization from cellulose for biocomposite applications
104 Lönnberg, Hanna 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Adaptive Algorithms for Deterministic and Stochastic Differential Equations
105 Moon, Kyoung-Sook 2003-01-01 DISSERTATION
Analysis of the impact of anthropogenic pollution on shallow groundwater in peri-urban Kampala
106 Kulabako, Robinah 2005-01-01 THESIS
Compounds with Non-Buttressed Metal-Metal Bond between Platinum and Thallium. Model Systems for Photoinduced Two-Electron-Transfer.
107 Maliarik, Mikhail 2001-01-01 DISSERTATION
Barrier Plastics, Processing of Wheat Gluten and A New Method to Measure Permeability
108 Ullsten, Henrik 2004-01-01 THESIS
Micromachined epitaxial colossal mognetoresistors for uncooled infrared bolometer
109 Kim, Joo-Hyung 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Single-Step Covalent Functionalization of Polylactide Surfaces
110 Källrot, Martina 2005-01-01 THESIS
Synthesis and Properties of Branched Semi-Crystalline Thermoset Resins
111 Claesson, Hans 2003-01-01 DISSERTATION
Enhanced boiling heat transfer from a novel nanodendritic micro-porous copper structure
112 Furberg, Richard 2006-01-01 THESIS
Numerical Modelling of Self-Compacting Concrete Flow : Discrete and Continuous Approach
113 Gram, Annika 2009-01-01 THESIS
Spectral control of lasers and optical parametric oscillators with volume Bragg gratings
114 Jacobsson, Björn 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
On Thallium (III) and binuclear platinum-thallium complexes with N-donor ligands in solution and in solid
115 Ma, Guibin 2001-01-01 DISSERTATION
Treatment conditions for the removal of contaminants from road runoff
116 Hallberg, Magnus 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
SBR-technology - use and potential applications for treatment of cold wastewater
117 Morling, Stig 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Control and Analysis of Pulse-Modulated Systems
118 Almér, Stefan 2008-04-29 THESIS
Conformal Maps, Bergman Spaces, and Random Growth Models
119 Sola, Alan, PhD 2010-01-01 DISSERTATION
Analysis of Genes and Proteins Involved in Wood Formation
120 Winzell, Anders 2007-01-01 THESIS
Isolation, Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationships of Antifeedants against the Pine Weevil, Hylobius Abietis
121 Eriksson, Carina 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
On the evaluation of print mottle
122 Fahlcrantz, Carl-Magnus 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Relaxation and nanomechanical studies of the vickers residual stress field in glass
123 Kese, Kwadwo O. 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Adatoms, Quasiparticles & Photons : The Multifaceted World of Photoelectron Spectroscopy
124 Månsson, Martin 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Adatoms, Quasiparticles & Photons :The Multifaceted World of Photoelectron Spectroscopy
125 Månsson, Martin, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
New biodegradable polymers from renewable resources
126 Liu, Yan 2000-01-01 DISSERTATION
Theoretical Studies on Electronic and Vibrationally Resolved Multi-Photon Absorption and Dichroism
127 Lin, Na 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Business Value Assessment of IT Investments : An Evaluation Method Applied to the Electric Power
128 Gammelgård, Magnus 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Numerical modeling of electron beam-plasma interactions
129 Löfgren, Torbjörn 1999-01-01 DISSERTATION
Development and Assessment of Regeneration Methods for Commercial Automotive Three-Way Catalysts
130 Birgersson, Henrik 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Fibre suspension flocculation under simulated forming conditions
131 Yan, Huawei 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Studies on the barrier properties of exterior wood coatings.
132 Ekstedt, Jan 2002-01-01 DISSERTATION
Chiral building blocks for synthesis of pine sawfly sex pheromones Enantioselective Lipase Catalysed Acylations and Esterifications of Primary Alcohols and Acids and Synthesis of the Sex Pheromone of the Pine Sawfly Microdiprion pallipes
133 Nguyen, Ba-Vu 2000-01-01 DISSERTATION
Stereoselective synthesis of semiochemicals related to pine sawflies
134 Nordin, Ove 1999-01-01 DISSERTATION
Arsenic in Alluvial Aquifers in the Meghna Basin, Southeastern Bangladesh :Hydrogeological and Geochemical Characterisation
135 Hasan, Md. Aziz, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Stålbalkars bärförmåga vid intryckning - orsakad av lokal momentbelastning
136 Hedmark, Per 2008-01-28 THESIS
Molecular Signatures of Cancer
137 Edlundh-Rose, Esther 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Environment-Sensitive Multifunctional Drug Delivery Systems
138 Qin, Jian, PhD 2010-01-01 DISSERTATION
Development of a protein-free fed-batch process for NS0 cells: studies on regulation of proliferation
139 Spens, Erika 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Dynamical Properties of Quasi-periodic Schrödinger Equations
140 Bjerklöv, Kristian 2003-01-01 DISSERTATION
Growth rate control of periplasmic product retention in Escherichia coli
141 Bäcklund, Emma 2008-01-01 THESIS
Fracture toughness properties of duplex stainless steels
142 Sieurin, Henrik 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
On wear in rolling/sliding contacts
143 Nilsson, Rickard 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
Analytical techniques for quality assessment of separated and commingled recycled polymer fractions
144 Camacho, Walker 2002-01-01 DISSERTATION
Modeling of planing craft in waves
145 Garme, Karl 2004-01-01 DISSERTATION
Object-plasma interaction in the vicinity of Enceladus
146 Olson, Jonas 2010-01-01 THESIS
Precipitation of Kraft Lignin under Alkaline Conditions
147 Sundin, Jonas 2000-01-01 DISSERTATION
Photonic Devices and Applications based on Intersubband Transitions and Electromagnetically Induced Transparency
148 Jänes, Peter 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Interfacing spectrophotometry to process liquors applications to kraft pulping
149 Yang, Xiaotian 2002-01-01 DISSERTATION
Convex configurations in free boundary problems
150 Petrosyan, Arsak 2000-01-01 DISSERTATION

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