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Optimization of fast ionic conducting glasses for lithium batteries /
1 Saienga, Jason Edward. THESIS
Leishmania amazonensis and macrophage interactions : immune factors necessary to kill the parasite /
2 Mukbel, Rami Mahmoud. THESIS
Sampled charge reuse for power reduction in switched capacitor data converters /
3 Malik, Saqib Qayyum. THESIS
New approaches to heterocycles and carbocycles /
4 Yao, Tuanli. THESIS
Repair of endonuclease- and transposon-induced DNA double strand breaks by host factors in Arabidopsis /
5 Li, Zhuying. THESIS
The adsorption of arsenic (V) by iron (Fe?O?) and aluminum (Al?O?) oxides /
6 Jeong, Youngran. THESIS
On the Equipollence of Lx? and Lx?r?
7 Zick, Timothy J. THESIS
Development of aptamer based targeted reversibly attenuated probes /
8 Cong, Xiangyu. THESIS
An interactive design environment for coal piping system /
9 Huang, Gengxun. THESIS
Use of the internet for information organization, distance learning, and specimen presentation /
10 VanDyk, John Kevin. THESIS
A study of effects of aggregate on concrete rheology /
11 Hu, Jiong. THESIS
Influence of geometry on light harvesting in dendrimeric systems /
12 Bentz, Jonathan Lee. THESIS
Rationality and environmental justice : the visual rhetoric of a culture at risk /
13 Bowers, Tom. THESIS
Blurred boundaries of science and advocacy : the discourse of scientists at a conservation organization /
14 Lindeman, Neil. THESIS
Multifunctional mesoporous silica nanospheres for biosensor, stimuli-responsive controlled-release drug delivery carriers and gene transfection vectors /
15 Lai, Cheng-Yu. THESIS
A fixed-point framework for launch vehicle ascent guidance /
16 Zhang, Lijun. THESIS
A new metric for detecting conflict in functional software requirements /
17 Sanni, Adegboyega Oladayo. THESIS
Organic light emitting devices (OLEDs) and structurally integrated photoluminescence based chemical and biological sensors excited by OLEDs /
18 Choudhury, Bhaskar. THESIS
Automatic multi-frequency rotating-probe eddy-current data analysis /
19 Xiang, Ping. THESIS
Osteopathic medical students' knowledge and perceptions of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) /
20 Wohlford-Wessels, Mary Pat. THESIS
Learning ontology aware classifiers /
21 Zhang, Jun THESIS
A new message authentication code based on the non-associativity of quasigroups /
22 Meyer, Kristen Ann. THESIS
In-process pokayoke development in multiple automatic manufacturing processes /
23 Zhang, Zhe. THESIS
Molecular mechanisms of PKC[delta] in neurotoxin-induced apoptotic death of nigral dopaminergic neurons : relevance to the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease /
24 Yang, Yongjie THESIS
The importance of host fish in long range transport of unionids in large rivers /
25 Woolnough, Daelyn Adele. THESIS
Proazaphosphatranes : a highly effective class of triaminophosphine ligands in palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions /
26 Urgaonkar, Sameer. THESIS
Weak representation theory in the calculus of relations /
27 Alm, Jeremy F. THESIS
Methodology for testing high-performance data converters using low-accuracy instruments /
28 Jin, Le. THESIS
A study of the academic performance of Iowa Valley Community College District transfer students /
29 Breja, Lisa Michelle. THESIS
Using counterfactuals to assess eyewitnesses' abilities to estimate the effects of external influences on their lineup identifications /
30 Charman, Steve Douglas. THESIS
ATCOM : automatically tuned collective communication system for SMP clusters /
31 Wu, Meng-Shiou. THESIS
Computational studies with ESTs : assembly, SNP detection, and applications in alternative splicing /
32 Wang, Jianmin. THESIS
Recovery and purification of recombinant protein from transgenic corn by aqueous two-phase partitioning /
33 Gu, Zhengrong. THESIS
The role of proximal and distal influences on relationship termination adjustment in college students /
34 Hensley, Robert Bruce. THESIS
Experiences of children with or without disabilities in early childhood programs /
35 Clawson, Carolyn Luann THESIS
Search for etiology of porcine reproductive and neurologic syndrome : identification and characterization of a novel swine pestivirus /
36 Pogranichniy, Roman M. THESIS
High-resolution fluorescence spectroscopy in immunoanalysis /
37 Grubor, Nenad M. THESIS
Acute Salmonella infection in swine /
38 Loynachan, Alan Thomas. THESIS
The contribution of levels of social capital to community development /
39 Tirmizi, Syed Noor THESIS
The effect of resource adequacy on depression among adolescent mothers in urban and non-urban environments /
40 Eshbaugh, Elaine M. THESIS
Comparison of calf-fed vs. yearling-fed management for the estimation of carcass trait genetic parameters in Simmental cattle /
41 Tait, Richard Gregory. THESIS
Effects of [beta]-conglycinin, soy isoflavones, and group B soyasaponins on plasma lipid concentrations /
42 Lee, Sun-Ok. THESIS
Effects of oxidation, pH, and ionic strength on inhibition of [mu]- and m-calpain by calpastatin /
43 Maddock, Kasey Rae. THESIS
Analysis of the maize (Zea mays L.) genome using molecular, genetic and computational approaches /
44 Fu, Yan. THESIS
Hiking the valleys of quantum chemistry /
45 Aikens, Christine Marie. THESIS
From endomembrane to the plasma membrane : the traffic, signal transduction and micro-localization of H-Ras /
46 Zheng, Hui. THESIS

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