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An Exploration of Culturally-based Assumptions Guiding ELT Practice in Thailand, a Non-colonized Nation
1 Methitham, Phongsakorn 2009-05-05 THESIS
A Study of the Relationship of Teachers’ Self-Efficacy and the Impact of Leadership and Professional Development
2 Lewandowski, Karen Heidi 2005-08-15 THESIS
The Classification of Reading Disability Subtypes and the Efficacy of Hemisphere Specific Stimulation
3 Buchan, Brian Douglas 2009-05-05 THESIS
Brain-Based Learning: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Practices of College of Education Faculty in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education
4 Klinek, Shelly R. 2009-05-05 THESIS
The Emergence of a Pioneer: The Manipulation of Hagar in Nineteenth-century American Women's Novels
5 Jefferson, Lynne T. 2008-12-09 THESIS
Beyond Response: Transcending Peer Feedback Through Critical Collaborative Assessment
6 Pearlman, Steven 2007-08-08 THESIS
A Study of the Relationship Between School Climate and Adequate Yearly Progress
7 Lansberry, Luke J 2009-05-06 THESIS
Current Practices in Functional Behavioral Assessment: A National Survey of School Psychologists
8 Nusz, Tara Egan 2008-12-09 THESIS
Autobiographical Narratives of Haitian Adolescents Separated from their Parents by Immigration: Resilience in the Face of Difficulty
9 Stewart, Mark R. 2008-12-09 THESIS
University Faculty's Response to Student Loss by Death or Romantic Break-up
10 Dietz, Sarah E. 2008-08-07 THESIS
An Observational Study Of Pre-Service Teachers’ Classroom Management Strategies
11 Rockey, Rebecca D. 2008-05-12 THESIS
The Changing Role of Arabic in Religious Discourse: A Sociolinguistic Study of Egyptian Arabic
12 Soliman, Abdelmeneim 2008-08-07 THESIS
A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of Income Dynamics on the Hazard of Divorce
13 Sanz, Santiago 2007-07-10 THESIS
Crossing Over to the Multimodal Side: A Study of the Consensus Building Strategies Employed by Miami University in Support of a Multimodal First-year Writing Curriculum
14 Ninacs, Michele 2009-05-06 THESIS
Effect of Parent Involvement on Math and Reading Achievement of Young Children: Evidence from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study
15 Begum, Nurun 2007-08-08 THESIS
Organizational Change, Restructuring, and Downsizing: The Experience of Employees in the Electric Utility Industry
16 Korns, Michael T. 2009-05-05 THESIS
A Case Study of Faculty Perceptions of Information Literacy and Its Integration into the Curriculum
17 McAdoo, Monty L. 2008-09-05 THESIS
Towards a Grammar of Leadership
18 Clark, Daniel H. 2008-08-07 THESIS
Historical Case Study of ESL Staff Development for Mainstream Content Area Teachers in a Pennsylvania School District
19 Hudspath-Niemi, Holly Sue 2008-08-07 THESIS
Stress and Burnout Among Cross-Trained Public Safety Personnel
20 Starr, Peter N. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Film in Composition: Developing Critical Thinking Skills Through the Study of Film in First-Year Composition
21 Amaya-Anderson, Beatriz 2008-08-07 THESIS
An Examination of the Anxiolytic Effects of Interaction with a Therapy Dog
22 Morgan, Tiffani Dawn 2008-08-07 THESIS
The United States Postal Service: A Case Study of Large Scale Government Transformation
23 Ferguson, Dale L. 2008-05-12 THESIS
Journalism, Letters, and Nation: The Newspaper Letters of Samuel Bowles’s Across the Continent (1865)
24 Quinn, Katrina 2007-12-20 THESIS
A Case Study: The Influence of the Pennsylvania High School Coaching Initiative on the Change of Teachers’ Instructional Practices and Student Achievement
25 Otto, Thomas B. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Use of Cattell-Horn-Carroll Specific Cognitive Abilities to Enhance Prediction of Reading on the Third Grade Pennsylvania System of State Assessment
26 Nicholson, Kathleen J. 2009-05-06 THESIS
The Effects of Supplemental Instruction in Phonological Awareness on the Skills Of Kindergarten Students
27 Shanahan, Sally King 2008-12-09 THESIS
Exploring the Meaning of Power and Voice through a Participatory Action Research Project Conducted by a Doctoral Student
28 Feroz, Barbara A. 2009-05-05 THESIS
Parent Stress Reduction Through a Psychosocial Intervention For Children Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
29 Dubbs, Jenna Lynn 2008-05-08 THESIS
University / K – 12 Partnerships: How One University Impacted High School Career Decision-making Programs
30 Troutman, Rodney R. 2008-05-12 THESIS
Sequencing and Prediction of Adolescent Soft Drug Initiation: Systematic Review, Quantitative Investigation, and Dual Cross-Validation
31 Howell, Rebecca J. 2008-10-13 THESIS
Discursive Constructions of Korean Identity: University EIL Learners in an Online Community
32 Concilus, Frank W. 2008-12-09 THESIS
A Case Study of Implementing an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme: Teachers' Motivation and Perceptions Towards Change
33 Walters, Wayne 2007-08-08 THESIS
Transformational Leadership: Is It a Factor for Improving Student Achievement in High Poverty Secondary Schools in Pennsylvania?
34 Gulbin, Kathleen M. 2008-05-12 THESIS
Child Caregiver Interaction Scale
35 Carl, Barbara 2007-12-20 THESIS
Rural Voices Winding through the Andes Mountains: A Collective Creative Literacy Research Project
36 Contreras, Gerardo 2007-08-08 THESIS
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test - Revised: Standardization Data of Percentage Retention and Comparison of Retention Rates with Logical Memory Subtests of the Wechsler Memory Scales – Revised
37 Fink, Stephen 2008-09-05 THESIS
Minority Recruitment at School Psychology Graduate Programs
38 Johnson, Audene Harvey 2008-12-09 THESIS
In Their Own Words: Korean Perspectives on Becoming English Interpreter/Translators
39 Bahk-Halberg, Jon 2007-08-08 THESIS
Writing to Learn Mathematics: A Mixed Method Study
40 Reilly, Edel 2007-12-20 THESIS
Meeting the Challenge of No Child Left Behind: Implementation of a Statewide Collaborative Intervention Plan in Two Urban Schools
41 Sipp, Lillie 2008-12-09 THESIS
Trinity of Consciousness: Body, Mind, Soul and Female Identity in the Novels of Gail Godwin
42 Applegate House, Renae Ruth 2008-08-07 THESIS
Expatriate Spaces, Ex-Soviet Places: Narratives of Americans Abroad in Turn-of-the-Millennium Post-Communist Europe
43 Hobbs, Burgsbee Lee 2008-05-12 THESIS
Advisors’ Perceptions of Barriers to a Smooth Transition from a Community College to a Four-year University
44 Geleski, Edith M. 2008-12-09 THESIS
Tracing the Evolution of Gottfredson and Hirschi’s Concept of Self-Control: A Conceptual and Empirical Analysis
45 Dodson, Kimberly D. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Randy Wayne White: An American Social Philosopher and Practitioner of Ecological Noir
46 Hicks, John 2007-12-20 THESIS
The Academic Environment of One Junior High School In Northeastern Pennsylvania as Perceived by the Administration and the English, Mathematics, and Music Faculty: An Ethnography
47 Buzzelli-Clarke, Elizabeth 2008-05-08 THESIS
Black and White College Men’s Preferred Body Types for Black and White Female Figures
48 Schippers, Kristi Marie 2009-07-21 THESIS
The Impact of the Internet on Saudi Arabian EFL Females' Self-image and Social Attitudes
49 Al-Salem, Salem Ali 2005-08-15 THESIS
The Role of the Elementary Principal in Promoting Parent Involvement: Evidence from Rural, Blue Ribbon Elementary Schools in Pennsylvania
50 Angelucci, Alfonso 2008-05-08 THESIS

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