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The Effects of Semantic and Thematic Clustering on Learning English Vocabulary by Saudi Students
51 Al-Jabri, Sameer 2007-09-19 THESIS
An Evaluation Study of First-Year College Students Persistence:Effectiveness of Peer Leaders Within a First-Year Seminar
52 Montero, Jessamine M. 2009-05-05 THESIS
An Investigation of Faculty Knowledge and Perceptions Toward College Students with Reading and Writing Difficulties
53 Quick, Robin L. 2008-10-29 THESIS
The Effects of Two-way Mirrors, Video Cameras, and Observation Teams on Clients’ Judgments of the Therapeutic Relationship
54 Ford, Amy E 2008-05-12 THESIS
What’s Sex Gotta Do With It?: The Study of Gender in Criminology and the Social Sciences
55 Cohen, Jeffrey W. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Intimate Partner Violence on Campus: A Test of Social Learning Theory
56 Bell, Keith J 2008-08-07 THESIS
“The Melting Pot Where Nothing Melted”: The Politics of Subjectivity in the Plays of Suzan-Lori Parks, Wendy Wasserstein, and Tony Kushner
57 Park, Yong-Nam 2008-08-07 THESIS
"A New Lease on Life": A Narrative Case Study of an Older Adult, Participant Design Writing Group
58 Nora, Krystia 2008-05-12 THESIS
Elementary Teachers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Toward Technology Education: Effects of the I³ Project
59 Cavanaugh, Sandra E. 2009-07-21 THESIS
Effects of the Utilization of a Reading Coach for Professional Development on Pennsylvania Elementary Students’ Reading Achievement
60 Carter, Marilyn 2007-12-20 THESIS
Effective Graduation Proficiency Assessment: Parents’ Perception of High-Stakes vs. Multiple Assessment as a Predictor of Future Success
61 Crumrine, David 2008-12-23 THESIS
Gender and Justice: An Examination of Policy and Practice Regarding Judicial Waiver
62 Burke, Alison S. 2008-09-15 THESIS
ESL College Students’ Beliefs and Attitudes about Reading-to-Write in an Introductory Composition Course: A Qualitative Study
63 Al-Ghonaim, Ali S. 2005-08-15 THESIS
Possible Predictive Factors for the Greater Johnstown School District’s Pennsylvania System of School Assessment Reading Results
64 Rauch, Mary E. 2008-05-12 THESIS
In Search of One's Pack: A Narrative Study of a Working-Class Woman in the Academy
65 Kelly, Elaine 2008-03-14 THESIS
A Study of the Response to Accountability and Standardized Testing in a State University System: Predictive Models, Gatekeeping Strategies, and Intervention in Teacher Education
66 Barton, Mary Lynn 2008-08-07 THESIS
The Impact of Reading Self-Efficacy and the Regulation of Cognition on the Reading Achievement of an Intermediate Elementary Sample
67 Nevill, Mark Allen 2008-05-12 THESIS
Improved Critical Thinking Skills as a Result of Direct Instruction and Their Relationship to Academic Achievement
68 Bessick, Sherlynn C. 2008-05-08 THESIS
Analysis of Motivation and Demographic Factors that Influence Physical Therapists’ Decisions to Attain the Doctorate of Physical Therapy
69 Ruby, Craig E. 2008-08-07 THESIS
Walking through the Shadows: Ruins, Reflections, and Resistance in the Postcolonial Gothic Novel
70 Denison, Sheri Ann 2009-05-06 THESIS
Academic Aspirations and Expectations: High School Guidance Counselor Perceptions of the Benefits Students Receive by Participating in Dual Enrollment Programs
71 Mattis, Marjorie A. 2008-05-12 THESIS
Counseling Homosexual Students in the Secondary School Setting: Perceptions of Guidance Counselors
72 Hines, Nancy J. 2008-09-05 THESIS
Casting for Leadership Talent: The Voices of Six Successful Women in the Banking Industry
73 Galbraith, Diane D. 2008-08-07 THESIS
Anticipating the Audience: An Ethnographic Study of a French-as-a-Foreign-Language Class Creative Writing Project Compared with Case Studies in Native Language Composition
74 Stiles, Laura 2007-12-20 THESIS
Assessing the Performance of Community Policing: The Effect of Community Policing Practices on Crime Rates
75 Sozer, Mehmet Alper 2008-09-05 THESIS
Virtue Under Fire: Leadership Attributes Required in 21st Century Combat
76 Gibson, Robert D. 2008-08-07 THESIS
An Analysis of Training Effects on School Personnel’s Knowledge, Attitudes, Comfort, and Confidence Levels Toward Educating Students about HIV/AIDS in Pennsylvania
77 Deutschlander, Sharon 2009-05-06 THESIS
78 Laverick, DeAnna 2005-09-08 THESIS
Parenting Education for Low-Income Parents of Preschoolers: What is the Most Effective Approach?
79 Clayton, Darla 2007-08-08 THESIS
Siblings of those with Developmental Disabilities: Career Exploration and Likelihood of Choosing a Helping Profession
80 Eget, Leslie A. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Engendered Edens: Postmodern Landscapes in Novels by John Fowles and Julian Barnes
81 Wagner, Jill Elizabeth 2009-05-06 THESIS
A Qualitative Study of Omani Muslim Women’s Perceived Experiences as Writers in English as a Second Language
82 Jabur, Zainab Mohamed 2008-12-09 THESIS
A Study of the Prereferral Intervention Process in Pennsylvania Following the Rescinding of the Instructional Support Team Mandate
83 Laverty, Joanne 2007-12-20 THESIS
An Observational Study of Social Skills Learning Within Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade
84 Nelson, Laureen E. 2009-05-06 THESIS
Palm Form Recognition Task on the Quick Neurological Screening Test-II: Revisiting Issues of Clinical Sensitivity
85 Harmon, Shannon L. 2008-12-09 THESIS
The Utilization of NCLEX Predictor Assessments and the Effect on NCLEX Success Rates in Nursing Programs Within the State of Pennsylvania
86 Hedderick, Victoria Marie 2009-05-05 THESIS
University Faculty Expressions of Computer Self-Efficacy and Personal Attitudes Regarding the Viability of Distance Learning
87 Tinnerman, Larry 2007-12-20 THESIS
Family Influence on Children’s Second Language Literacy Building: A Case Study of Korean Families
88 Han, Hak-Sun 2007-07-10 THESIS
Composition and Identity: A Theoretical Approach to First-Year Composition
89 Swartz, Stephen M. 2008-05-12 THESIS
Judging the Hate Crime Victim: Law School Student Perceptions and the Effects of Individual and law School Factors
90 Lee, Jenifer 2006-03-01 THESIS
Sexual Politics in the Works of Chinese American Women Writers: Sui Sin Far, Maxine Hong Kingston, and Amy Tan
91 Wang, Jianhui 2007-09-14 THESIS
Structural Equation Modeling Assessment of Key Causal Factors in Computer Crime Victimization
92 Choi, Kyung-Shick 2008-05-08 THESIS
The Collaboration of Teacher/Artist Teams: A Qualitative Analysis of Selected Interpersonal Components Influencing a Partnership-Model Artist Residency
93 Purnell, Paula G. 2008-05-12 THESIS
The Relationship Between the Five-Factor Model of Personality and Leadership Preferences for Initiating Structure and Consideration
94 Francoeur, Keith Alan 2008-08-07 THESIS
Assessing Students’ Views Towards Punishment: A Comparison of Punitiveness Among Criminology and Non-Criminology Students
95 Falco, Diana L. 2008-10-13 THESIS
Empowering Female Inmates: An Exploratory Study of a Prison Therapeutic Community and Its Impact on the Coping Skills of Substance Abusing Women
96 McDonald, Danielle 2006-05-17 THESIS
97 Serotkin, Patricia 2006-12-01 THESIS
Thai English as Discourse of Exclusion and Resistance: Perspectives of Thai Professional Writers on the Notion of Thai English
98 Buripakdi, Adcharawan 2008-12-09 THESIS
Reducing the Premature Termination of Children from Psychotherapy through Research Based Program Evaluation
99 Dunn, Candice J. 2008-05-12 THESIS
The Pennsylvania Achievement Gap Effort (PAGE1): A Multi-Year Quantitative Study of Student Achievement
100 Toth, George Brian 2009-05-06 THESIS

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