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Spatial Stability of Compressible Swirling Flows
1 Mishra, Abhishek 2014-06-30 THESIS
Synthesis and reaction of spironapthalenones
2 Sattigeri, J A 1994-03-01 THESIS
Cloning and Expression of a Diagnostic Antigen for Invasive Amoebiasis
3 Shenai, Bhaskar R 1994-08-01 THESIS
Three-Layer Electromagnetically Coupled Circular Microstrip Antennas
4 Revankar, U K 1995-05-01 THESIS
Studies on N-Heterocyclic Compounds
5 Armugam, S 1994-03-01 THESIS
Analysis Of Solar Pumped Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser
6 Balaji, A 2000-12-01 THESIS
Metastable Phases In Mg-Based Alloys
7 Subramaniam, Anandh 2000-07-01 THESIS
Synthetic Investigations In Terpenoids And Steroids
8 Bijoy, P 1994-07-01 THESIS
Non-repetitive Structures In Proteins : Effects Of Side-chain And Solvent Interactions With The Backbone
9 Narayanan, Eswar 2000-04-01 THESIS
Efficient usage of Flash memories in high performance scenarios
10 Dhandapani, Srimugunthan 2012-10-26 THESIS
Study Of Pulsed Laser Ablated Barium Strontium Titanate Thin Flims For Dynamic Random Access Memory Applications
11 Saha, Sanjib 2000-08-01 THESIS
Search for Northern Hemisphere Rapidly Oscillating Ap stars
12 V, Girish 2005-04-01 THESIS
Performance Analysis Of A Variation Of The Distributed Queueing Access Protocol
13 Gautam, S Vijay 1995-06-01 THESIS
Turbulent Mixed Convection
14 Ramesh Chandra, D S 2000-04-01 THESIS
Computational Studies On Certain Problems Of Combustion Instability In Solid Propellants
15 Anil Kumar, K R 2001-11-01 THESIS
Role Of Interfacial Phenomena In Bioprocessing Of Minerals Using Bacillus Polymyxa
16 Shashikala, A R 2001-02-01 THESIS
Designed ?-Hairpin, ?-Sheet And Mixed ?-? Structures In Synthetic Peptides
17 Das, Chittaranjan 2000-10-01 THESIS
Genetic Programming Based Multicategory Pattern Classification
18 Kishore, Krishna J 2001-03-01 THESIS
IMAGINE : An Intelligent Electonic Marketplace
19 Rajagopal, A 2001-02-01 THESIS
One-Pot Synthesis Of Chiral Disulfides & Diselenides From ?-Amino Acids Mediated By Ammonium Tetrathiomolybdate In Water
20 Navin, V 2001-05-01 THESIS
Wall Effects In Packed Beds
21 Sita Ram Rao, K V 1994-04-01 THESIS
Modelling Of Precipitation In Reverse Micelles
22 Bandyopadhyaya, Rajdip 1999-12-01 THESIS
Colony Founding And The Evolution Of Eusociality In Primitively Eusocial Wasp, Ropalidia Marginata
23 Shakarad, Mallikarjaun 1995-08-01 THESIS
Betti Numbers, Grobner Basis And Syzygies For Certain Affine Monomial Curves
24 Sengupta, Indranath 2000-09-01 THESIS
Influence of Lot Sizing on Lead Time Error Costs in M.R.P. Systems- a Computer Simulation Study
25 Sridhar, H K 1988-08-01 THESIS
Structures, Thermodynamics and Phase Relations in Selected Oxide Systems
26 Lwin, Kay Thi 2004-10-01 THESIS
Optimal Control Problems In Communication Networks With Information Delays And Quality Of Service Constraints
27 Kuri, Joy 1995-02-01 THESIS
Compressed Domain Processing of MPEG Audio
28 Anantharaman, B 2001-03-01 THESIS
Structural Characteristics Of Randomly Packed Beds Of Spheres
29 Rao, Ammavajjala V 1994-07-01 THESIS
Influence Of Joint Compliance On The Behaviour Of Space Structures
30 Pradyumna, M 2000-11-01 THESIS
Processing And High Temperature Deformation Of Pure And Magnesia Doped Alumina
31 Swaroop, N R 2000-01-01 THESIS
Layered Oxides And Phosphates Of Bismuth: New Structural Types And Related Properties
32 Bharathy, Muktha 2006-04-01 THESIS
Characterisation Of DNA Llgase And Pairing Activities From A Partially Purified Fraction From Rat Testis
33 Acharya, Samir 1994-07-01 THESIS
Study of Ca2+-Mediated Signal Transduction During Embryogenesis In Sandalwood (Santalurm Album L.) And Characterization Of An Early Development-Specific CDPK
34 Anil, Veena S 2000-10-01 THESIS
Kernel Methods Fast Algorithms and real life applications
35 Vishwanathan, S V 2003-06-01 THESIS
Evaluation Of The Efficacy Of DNA Vaccines For Japanese Encephalitis In A Murine Intracerebral Japanese Encephalitis Virus Challenge Model
36 Ashok, M S 2000-10-01 THESIS
Application Of High Frequency Natural Resonances Extracted From Electromagnetic Scattering Response For Discrimination Of Radar Targets With Minor Variations
37 Menon, K Rajalakshmi 2001-04-01 THESIS
38 Anilkumar, A K 2004-02-01 THESIS
Energetics Of Protein-Carbohydrate Recognition
39 Swaminathan, C P 2000-01-01 THESIS
Turbulent Near Wake Behind An Infinitely Yawed Flat Plate
40 Subaschandar, N 1995-02-01 THESIS
Symmetry-Breaking Transitions In Equilibrium Shapes Of Coherent Precipitates
41 Sankarasubramanian, R 2000-04-01 THESIS
Amylases From A Thermophilic Fungus Thermomyces Lanuginosus Iisc 91 :Their Purification And Properties
42 Mishra, Ravi Shankar 1994-10-01 THESIS
Studies On Bio-Oxidation A Refractory Gold Containing Sulphidic Concentrate With Respect To Optimization And Modeling
43 Chandraprabha, M N 2000-11-01 THESIS
Kinetic Flux Vector Splitting Method On Moving Grids (KFMG) For Unsteady Aerodynamics And Aeroelasticity
44 Krinshnamurthy, R 2001-08-01 THESIS
Implementation Of Database Security Features Using Bit Matrices
45 Gopal, K 1984-04-01 THESIS
Studies On The Combustion And Gasification Of Concentrated Distillery Effluent
46 Patel, Nikhil 2000-10-01 THESIS
Synthesis And Investigation Of Transition Metal Oxides Towards Realization Of Novel Materials Properties
47 Ramesha, K 2000-07-01 THESIS
Dynamics, order and fluctuations in active nematics: numerical and theoretical studies
48 Mishra, Shradha , PhD 2008-10-14 DISSERTATION
Investigations On High Rayleigh Number Turbulent Free Convection
49 Puthenveettil, Baburaj A 2004-06-01 THESIS
Impact of Orography on the Simulation of Monsoon Climate in a General Circulation Model
50 Chakraborty, Arindam 2004-06-01 THESIS

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