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Conformal Thermal Models for Optimal Loading and Elapsed Life Estimation of Power Transformers
201 Pradhan, Manoj Kumar 2004-08-01 THESIS
Organosulfur Reactions In Organic Synthesis With Tetrathiomolybdate
202 Ramesha, A R 1994-04-01 THESIS
Design And Synthesis Of Novel Interacalator Based Chemical Nuclease
203 Ghosh, Sumana 2001-05-01 THESIS
Low Reynolds Number Airfoil Aerodynamics
204 Srinivasa Murthy, P 2000-02-01 THESIS
Improvement Of Piston Ring Quality : A Case Study
205 Nataraja, H S 2000-11-01 THESIS
Hyperplane Partitioning : An Approach To Global Data Partitioning For Distributed Memory Machines
206 Prakash, S R 1998-07-01 THESIS
Pulsed Laser Ablation Deposition of Intermetallic Thin Films: A Study of Evolution of Metastable Phases and Ultra-fine Microstructures
207 Bysakh, Sandip 2001-01-01 THESIS
Rational Supply Planning In Resource Constrained Electricity Systems
208 Balachandra, P 2000-12-01 THESIS
Carrier Mobility And High Field Transport in Modulation Doped p-Type Ge/Si1-xGex And n-Type Si/Si1-xGex Heterostructures
209 Madhavi, S 2000-03-01 THESIS
A Theoretical Model And Empirical Analysis Of Components Of Spread In Over The Counter Exchange Of India
210 Rao, Jyothi G 2001-03-01 THESIS
Experimental And Numerical Studies On Fatigue Crack Growth Of Single And Interacting Multiple Surface Cracks
211 Patel, Surendra Kumar 2000-05-01 THESIS
Algorithms for processing polarization-rich optical imaging data
212 R S, Umesh 2004-05-01 THESIS
Bile Acid Based Molecular Tweezers And Crown Ethers
213 D'Souza, Lawrence Joseph 1995-12-01 THESIS
Studies On The Molecular Mechanism Of Cytokinin Action: Involvement Of Ca2+, Protein Kinase And Concurrent Protein Synthesis In Signaling Of Cytokinin-Induced Expression Of Pathogenesis-Related Enzymes In Cucumber
214 Barwe, Sonali P 2000-11-01 THESIS
Electronic Access Control Systems: A New Approach
215 Janardhana Swamy, V C 1994-09-01 THESIS
Artificial Neural Network Approach For Characterization Of Acoustic Emission Sources From Complex Noisy Data
216 Bhat, Chandrashekhar 2001-06-01 THESIS
Studies on Amorphous Silicon Thin Films Doped with Aluminium
217 Ho, Kang Jin 1995-01-01 THESIS
Nanostructured Assemblies Based On Metal Colloids And Monolayers: Preparation, Characterisation And Studies Towards Novel Applications
218 Devarajan, Supriya 2005-07-01 THESIS
Language Support For Testing CORBA Based Applications
219 Vardhan, K Ananda 2001-11-01 THESIS
A Study of the Performance Benefits of Controlling Parallel Asynochrous Iteractive Applications
220 Joseph, P J 1997-09-01 THESIS
An Implementation of Cross Architecture Procedure Call
221 Laeeq, Khan M 1990-06-01 THESIS
Integrated Scheduling For Clustered VLIW Processors
222 Nagpal, Rahul 2003-12-01 THESIS
ACE-Model: A Conceptual Evolutionary Model For Evolutionary Computation And Artificial Life
223 Dukkipati, Ambedkar 2002-03-01 THESIS
Synthesis of Arbitrary Antenna Arrays
224 Nagesh, S R 1995-04-01 THESIS
Thin Films And Sub-Micron Powders Of Complex Metal Oxides Prepared By Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis And Brillouin Scattering Investigations Of Phase Transitions In Solids
225 Murugavel, P 2000-07-01 THESIS
Methodological Developments In NMR Using Cross-correlations And Spatial Encoding
226 Bhattacharyya, Rangeet 2005-03-01 THESIS
Social Organisation And Cooperation In Genetically Mixed Colonies Of The Primitively Eusocial Wasp, Ropalidia Marginata
227 Arathi, H S 1996-01-01 THESIS
Theoretical Studies Of pie-Facial Selectivity In Organic Reactions
228 Ganguly, Bishwajit 1994-10-01 THESIS
Studies On Phase Inversion
229 Deshpande, Kiran B 2001-01-01 THESIS
Transcriptional Regulation By Nuclear Receptor Homodimers Binding To The Direct Repeat Motif DR1 : Investigations In An in vitro Transcription System Derived From Rat Liver Nuclear Extracts
230 Harish, S 2000-02-01 THESIS
Engineering Behaviour Of Ash-Modified Soils Of Karnataka
231 Muttharam, M 2000-09-01 THESIS
Hormones and Cuscuta Development Abscisic Acid And Its Conjugates-Endogenous Levels And Metabolism During Growth And Haustoria Formation
232 Vasanthi, G. 1994-10-01 THESIS
Biodegradation Of 1-Naphthoic Acid
233 Phale, Prashant S 1994-04-01 THESIS
Semiconductor Photocatalysts For The Detoxification Of Water Pollutants
234 Hanumanth Rao, C 2000-01-01 THESIS
Oxidative Stress In The Brain: Effects Of Hydroperoxides And Nitric Oxide On Glyceraldehyde 3-Phosphate Dehydrogenase And Phosphoinositide Cycle Enzymes
235 Vaidyanathan, V V 1994-04-01 THESIS
Implicit Least Squares Kinetic Upwind Method (LSKUM) And Implicit LSKUM Based On Entropy Variables (q-LSKUM)
236 Swarup, A Sri 2000-07-01 THESIS
Processing And Characterization Of B4C Particle Reinforced Al-5%Mg Alloy Matrix Composites
237 Khan, Kirity Bhusan 2000-12-01 THESIS
Studies On Corrosion Of Some Structural Materials In Deep Sea Environment
238 Venkatesan, R 2000-07-01 THESIS
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte Responses Against Japanese Encephalitis Virus In Mice: Specificity And Immunotherapeutic Value
239 Krishna, Kaja Murali 1994-10-01 THESIS
Developmental And Functional Regulation Of DNA Topoisomerase II in Postnatal Rat Testis
240 Bakshi, Rahul P 2000-07-01 THESIS
Synthetic investigations on terpenoids
241 Selvakumar, N 1994-07-01 THESIS
In-Situ Synthesis Of A12O3_ZrO2_SiCw Ceramic Matrix Composites By Carbothermal Reduction Of Natural Silicates
242 Mariappan, L 2000-05-01 THESIS
Radical cyclisation based approaches to 9-pupukeanone and lignan precursors
243 Danialdoss, S 1996-08-01 THESIS
Synthetic Investigations On Terpenoids
244 Kaliappan, K 1996-12-01 THESIS
Studies On Oxidation Of Benzylidene Derivatives
245 S, Suresh 1994-07-01 THESIS
Kinetics Of Polymerization And Degradation By Non-Conventional Techniques
246 Karmore, Vishal K 2001-02-01 THESIS
Fatty Acid And Triacylglycerol Synthesis In Developing Seeds Of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea) And Pisa (Actinodaphne Hookeri)
247 Sreenivas, Avula 1994-07-01 THESIS
Structure analysis of plant lectin domains
248 Shetty, Kartika, PhD 2012-04-24 DISSERTATION

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