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Resource, Use, Culture And Ecological Change: A Case Study Of The Nilgiri Hills Of Southern India
151 Prabhakar, R 1994-01-01 THESIS
Architecture, Performance and Applications of a Hierarchial Network of Hypercubes
152 Kumar, Mohan J 1992-02-01 THESIS
Theoretical Studies Of Fullerenes And Fullerene Derivatives
153 Rathna, A 1994-11-01 THESIS
Analysis Of Solute Transport In Porous Media For Nonreactive And Sorbing Solutes Using Hybrid FCT Model
154 Srinivasan, C 2000-01-01 THESIS
2D Compressible Viscous Flow Computations Using Acoustic Flux Vector Splitting (AFVS) Scheme
155 Ravikumar, Devaki 2001-09-01 THESIS
Studies On The Application Of Liquid Membranes For The Removal Of Dissolved Metals From Effluents
156 Kumar, Vijaya S 1994-06-01 THESIS
Design And Analysis Of MEMS Angular Rate Sensors
157 Patil, Nishad 2006-06-01 THESIS
Semi Conducting Metal Oxide Gas Sensors: Development And Related Instrumentation
158 Abhijith, N 2006-06-01 THESIS
Endotoxin Peptide/Protein Interactions: Thermodynamic And Kinetic Analysis
159 Thomas, Celestine J 2000-11-01 THESIS
Invertase in a thermophilic fungus, thermomyces lanuginosus: its unusual behaviour And regulation
160 Chaudhuri, Amitabha 1994-04-01 THESIS
Pricing Multicast Network Services
161 Shrinivas, V Prasanna 2001-05-01 THESIS
Towards The Understanding Of The Structural Biology Of Histone H1
162 Bharath, M M 2000-10-01 THESIS
Hierarchical Data Structures for Pattern Recognition
163 Choudhury, Sabyasachy 1987-05-01 THESIS
A Novel Chip Resistor Spacecloth For Radar Absorbing Materials
164 Sudhendra, Chandrika 2006-09-01 THESIS
Design and Implementation of an Authentication and Authorization Framework for a Nomadic Service Delivery System
165 Das, Devaraj 2002-12-01 THESIS
An Adaptive Recompilation Framework For Rotor And Architectural Support For Online Program Instrumentation
166 Vaswani, Kapil 2003-08-01 THESIS
DSP Techniques for Performance Enhancement of Digital Hearing Aid
167 Udayashankara, V 1995-12-01 THESIS
Stabilisation Of Black Cotton Soil By Lime Piles
168 Venkata Swamy, B 2000-09-01 THESIS
ECR Assisted Deposition of Tin And Si3N4 Thin Films For Microelectronic Applications
169 Vargheese, K Deenamma 2000-07-01 THESIS
Studies of Static and Dynamic Multiscaling in Turbulence
170 Mitra, Dhrubaditya 2004-09-01 THESIS
Adaptive Hierarchial RAID
171 Muppalaneni, Nitin 1998-01-01 THESIS
A Unified Approach to Quantitative Software Lifecycle Modeling
172 Rao, Vijay D 2001-08-01 THESIS
A Finite Element Investigation Of Brittle Fracture During Spherical Nanoindentation Of Thin Hard Films
173 Sriram, K 2001-02-01 THESIS
Garlic (Allium Sativum) Agglutinin I: Specificity, Binding And Folding Mechanism
174 Bachhawat, Kiran 2000-11-01 THESIS
Studies On Biodegradation Of Organic Flotation Collectors Using Bacillus polymyxa
175 Chockalingam, Evvie 2000-10-01 THESIS
Development Of A Single Cylinder SI Engine For 100% Biogas Operation
176 Kapadia, Bhavin Kanaiyalal 2006-03-01 THESIS
Asymmetric Synthesis Of Troger's Base Analogues And Studies In Molecular Recognition
177 Bag, Braja Gopal 1994-09-01 THESIS
Numerical Analysis Of Large Size Horizontal Strip Anchors
178 Krishna, Y S 2000-07-01 THESIS
A High-Resolution Procedure For Euler And Navier-Stokes Computations On Unstructured Grids
179 Jawahar, P 2000-09-01 THESIS
Processing And Characterisation Of Bulk Al2 O3 p /AIN-Al Composites By Pressureless Infiltration
180 Swaminathan, S 2000-11-01 THESIS
Modeling Constitutive Behavior And Hot Rolling Of Steels
181 Phaniraj, M P 2004-12-01 THESIS
182 Kannan, Gopika 2001-08-01 THESIS
Mechanism Of mom Gene Transactivation By Transcription Factor C Of Phage MU
183 Chakraborty, Atanu 2006-05-01 THESIS
Clustering For Designing Error Correcting Codes
184 Joseph, Binoy 1994-06-01 THESIS
Synthesis Of Natural Products Based On Cyclohexadienes
185 Hariprakasha, H K 1996-12-01 THESIS
Studies on Solar Cell AC Parameters (Instrumentation, Measurements and Applications)
186 Kumar, R Anil 2004-03-01 THESIS
A Hybrid Knowledge-Based System for Process Plant Fault Diagnosis
187 Pramanik, Saugata 1989-06-01 THESIS
Methods for Blind Separation of Co-Channel BPSK Signals Arriving at an Antenna Array and Their Performance Analysis
188 Anand, K 1995-07-01 THESIS
Structural Analysis And Forecasting Of Annual Rainfall Series In India
189 Sreenivasan, K R 2001-01-01 THESIS
Light-And Cytokinin-Regulated Plastid And Nuclear Gene Expression In Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L)
190 Ullanat, Rajesh 2000-05-01 THESIS
Throughput Enhancement of TCP over Wireless Links
191 Gupta, Pawan Kumar 2002-01-01 THESIS
Studies On The Bioremoval Of Hexavalent And Trivalent Chromium Using Bacillus Polymyxa
192 Thyagarajan, Hemamalini 2001-07-01 THESIS
Identification of Tropomyosin as the Major Cross-Reacting Crustacean Allergen
193 Shanti, K.N. 1994-06-01 THESIS
Structure Function Studies Of Biologically Important Simple Repetitive DNA Sequences
194 Pataskar, Shashank S. 2000-01-01 THESIS
Synthesis Of Carbasugars And Other Related Structural Motifs
195 Talukdar, Pinaki 2001-05-01 THESIS
Computer Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of Angiogenins And Its Ligand Bound Complexes
196 Madhusudhan, M S 2000-02-01 THESIS
Design and Implementation of Java Virtual Machine
197 Mandal, Abhijit 2000-06-01 THESIS
Language Support for Exploiting Software Structure Specifications
198 Kumar, Bharath M 2001-03-01 THESIS
Collapse Behaviour Of Red Soils Of Bangalore District
199 Revanasiddappa, K 2000-05-01 THESIS
Xenopus Laevis TGF-ß: Cloning And Characterization Of The Signaling Receptors
200 Mohan, D Saravana 2000-01-01 THESIS

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