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Heuristic Scheduling Algorithms For Parallel Heterogeneous Batch Processors
101 Mathirajan, M 2000-11-01 THESIS
Electrical Properties Of Diamond Like Carbon Films In Metal-Carbon-Silicon (MCS) Structure
102 Reddy, K Siva 1994-12-01 THESIS
Functional Differentiation Of The Human Placenta : Insights From The Expression Of Two Developmentally - Regulated Genes
103 Rao, M Rekha 2000-11-01 THESIS
Architecture Descriptions for Retargetable Code Translation
104 Ravindra, D V 2000-04-01 THESIS
A Numerical Study On Absolute Instability Of Low Density Jets
105 Chakravorty, Saugata 2000-05-01 THESIS
Transition Zone In Constant Pressure Boundary Layer With Converging Streamlines
106 Vasudevan, K P 2000-01-01 THESIS
Commercialization Options for a Set of Wireless Patents
107 Potti, Shanmukha Sreenivas 2013-06-01 THESIS
Transport Phenomena In Laser Surface Alloying: A Numerical Investigation
108 Mohan Raj, P 2000-09-01 THESIS
A Study On Bandpassed Speech From The Point Of Intelligibility
109 Ganesh, Murthy C 1989-10-01 THESIS
A Parallelizing Compiler for Fortran
110 Janaki, S 1999-08-01 THESIS
Experimental And Theoretical Studies On Jet Acoustics
111 Pundarika, G 2001-12-01 THESIS
Light Scattering Investigations Near The Critical Point In Some Solvophobic Systems And The Design And Analysis Of A Microkelvin Thermostat For Critical Phenomena Studies
112 Unni, P K 2006-06-01 THESIS
Cold Model Study Of Formation And Breaking Of Raceway
113 Sastry, Ghatty S 2000-08-01 THESIS
An Environment for Automatic Generation of Code Optimizers
114 Paleri, Vineeth Kumar 1999-07-01 THESIS
Measurement Of Solar Cell AC Parameters Using Impedance Spectroscopy
115 Anil Kumar, R 2000-01-01 THESIS
Aqueous Phase Oxidation Of Sulfur Dioxide In Stirred Slurry Reactors
116 Gopala Krishna, K V 1994-01-01 THESIS
Immunochemical Studies on the family of Biotin Binding Proteins
117 Subramanian, N 1994-01-01 THESIS
A Compiler and Symbolic Debugger for Occam
118 Chelliah, M 1989-08-01 THESIS
Gene Expression During Cytokinin-Induced Haustoria Formation in Cuscuta Reflexa, Roxb
119 Subramaniam, K 1994-05-01 THESIS
Antigenic Determinants Of Chicken Riboflavin Carrier Protein: Structural And Functional Aspects
120 Beena, T K 1994-10-01 THESIS
Rate Enhancement Of The Catalytic Hydrogenation Of An Unsaturated Ketone By Ultrasonic Irradiation
121 Mahishi, Shreesha 1996-08-01 THESIS
Heterogeneous Object Modelling : Representation, Construction and Process Planning
122 Sharma, Gaurav Kumar 2015-03-10 DISSERTATION
A Study On The Predictive Optimal Active Control Of Civil Engineering Structures
123 Keyhani, Ali 2000-12-01 THESIS
A Broadcast Cube-Based Multiprocessor Architecture for Solving Partial Differential Equations
124 Murthy, Siva Ram 1998-01-01 THESIS
Modelling And Analysis Of Event Message Flows In Distributed Discrete Event Simulators Of Queueing Networks
125 Shorey, Rajeev 1995-12-01 THESIS
Prediction based load balancing heuristic for a heterogeneous cluster
126 Saranyan, N 2003-09-01 THESIS
Study Of Friction And Wear Behaviour Of Nano-Embedded Aluminium Alloys
127 Bhattacharya, Victoria 2000-08-01 THESIS
Bubble Solid Interaction
128 Mukherjee, Manas 2004-12-01 THESIS
Application Of Controlled Random Search Optimization Technique In MMLE With Process Noise
129 Anilkumar, A K 2000-08-01 THESIS
A Study On Effects Of Phase - Amplitude Errors In Planar Near Field Measurement Facility
130 Varughese, Suma 2000-01-01 THESIS
Identification Of Key Factors Of User Satisfaction For Banking Software Products And Development Of An Importance-Performance Map
131 Rao, Mrunalini S 2000-10-01 THESIS
Nuclear Behaviour In Heterokaryons : Genetic And Molecular Analysis Of (his-3+ his-3+) Heterokaryons Of Neurospora Crassa
132 Pitchairnani, K 2000-06-01 THESIS
Computational Studies On Some Plausible Structures Of The Hydrides And Oxyhydrides Of [36-D6h] Fullerene
133 Paul, Ankan 2001-05-01 THESIS
Vibration Analysis Of Structures Built Up Of Randomly Inhomogeneous Curved And Straight Beams Using Stochastic Dynamic Stiffness Matrix Method
134 Gupta, Sayan 2000-01-01 THESIS
Synchronised Pulsewidth Modulation Strategies Based On Space Vector Approach For Induction Motor Drives
135 Narayanan, G 1999-08-01 THESIS
Cholic acid based new chiral auxiliaries: development and applications
136 Mathivanan, P. 1994-09-01 THESIS
Experimental And Computational Investigations Of Underexpanded Jets From Elliptical Sonic Nozzles
137 Rajakuperan, E 1994-03-01 THESIS
Studies On Cloning And Characterization Of GnRH Receptor From The Pituitary Of Bonnet Monkey (Macaca Radiata) And Functional Studies With The Antiserum To GnRH Receptor
138 Santra, Sumana 2000-01-01 THESIS
Geometric Calibration and Shape Refinement for 3D Reconstruction
139 Chatterjee, Avishek, PhD 2015-09-28 DISSERTATION
Dynamic Dealy Compensation and Synchronisation Services for Continuous Media Streams
140 Shivaprasad, Mala A 1995-10-01 THESIS
Numerical Modeling Of Jointed Rock Mass
141 Jade, (B) Sridevi 2000-04-01 THESIS
Conjunctive And Multipurpose Operation Of Reservoirs Using Genetic Algorithms
142 Seetha Ram, Katakam V 2000-05-01 THESIS
Optical Metrology:Techniques For The Measurement Of Optical Parameters
143 Rao, S Madhusudana 2000-02-01 THESIS
Chemorhelogical Modeling Of Amine-Cured Multifunctional Epoxy Resin Systems Used As Matrices In Aerospace Composites
144 Subramaniam, C 1994-10-01 THESIS
145 Mahmood Ali, Abdullah 2004-08-01 THESIS
Diffusion In Porous Solids : Void Disorder, Orientation And Rotation, Reaction And Separation, And Levitation Effect
146 Anil Kumar, A V 2001-12-01 THESIS
Passive Earth Pressure Coefficients And There Applications In The Uplift Capacity Of Anchors
147 Nayak, Sitaram 2000-04-01 THESIS
A Model For Heat Transfer In A Honey Bee Swarm
148 Bask, Tanmay 1994-12-01 THESIS
Experiments with the pentium Performance monitoring counters
149 Agarwal, Gunjan 2002-06-01 THESIS
Design and Development of a Hybrid TDMA/CDMA MAC Protocol for Multimedia Wireless Networks
150 D, Rajaveerappa 2004-04-01 THESIS

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