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Interaction Of Chaperone SecB With Protein Substrates: A Biophysical Study
51 Panse, Vikram G 2000-04-01 THESIS
Adaptive Control Of A General Class Of Finite Dimensional Stable LTI Systems
52 Shankar, H N 2000-03-01 THESIS
Mycobacterium tuberculosis RecA intein, a novel LAGLIDADG homing endonuclease, displays dual target specificity in the presence of alternative cofactors
53 Guhan, N 2002-12-01 THESIS
Intraseasonal Variability Of The Equatorial Indian Ocean Circulation
54 Senan, Retish 2004-10-01 THESIS
Investigations Of Spin-Dynamics And Steady-States Under Coherent And Relaxation Processes In Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
55 Karthik, G 2001-03-01 THESIS
Influence Of The Bite Angles Of Chelating Diphosphine Ligands In The Chemistry Of Ruthenium Hydride And Dihydrogen Complexes
56 Sivakumar, V 2006-07-01 THESIS
Studies On Surface Plasmon Resonance And Related Experimental Methods Using Fixed Plasmon Angle
57 Prabhu, G Radhakrishna 2000-11-01 THESIS
An Autonomous Guidance Scheme For Orbital Rendezvous
58 Shankar, G S 1995-01-01 THESIS
Characterisation and Analysis of a Vibro-fluidised Granular Material
59 Sunthar, P 2001-03-01 THESIS
Task Scheduling Technlques for Distrlbuted/Parallel Processing Systems
60 Sreenivasan, C R 1993-04-01 THESIS
Non-Invasive Microwave Hyperthermia
61 Habash, Riadh W 1994-04-01 THESIS
A Digital Auto Correlation Spectrometer For Solar Burst Obsevations At Decameter Wavelengths
62 Chellasamy, E Ebenezer 2000-01-01 THESIS
Lambda Bipolar Transistor (LBT) in Static Random Access Memory Cell
63 Sarkar, Manju 1995-06-01 THESIS
Estimation Of Object Shape From Scattered Field
64 Buvaneswari, A 1995-11-01 THESIS
Dynamical Approach To The Protevin-Le Chatelier Effect
65 Rajesh, S 2000-07-01 THESIS
Study On Overmodulation Methods For PWM Inverter Fed AC Drives
66 Venugopal, S 2006-05-01 THESIS
Imaging and Spectral Studies of Solar type I Noise Storms at Metric Wavelengths
67 Shanmugha Sundaram, G A 2004-02-01 THESIS
Development Of Point-Contact Surface Acoustic Wave Based Sensor System
68 Parmar, Biren Jagadish 2006-06-01 THESIS
The Effect Of Viscosity On The Erosion Of Gradient- Zone In A Laboratory Solar Pond
69 Pradhan, Sudeep S 2000-08-01 THESIS
Heat Shock Protein 70 Of Plasmodium Falciparum: Proteomic Analysis Of Its Complexes And Cellular Functions
70 Singh, Varsha 2004-10-01 THESIS
A Methodology To Recover Unstable Aircraft From Post Stall Regimes: Design And Analysis
71 Saraf, Amitabh 2000-03-01 THESIS
Checkpointing Algorithms for Parallel Computers
72 Kalaiselvi, S 1997-02-01 THESIS
Phase Sensitive Estimation Of Fluorescence Lifetime For Fiber Optic Biosensors
73 Vadde, Venkatesh 1995-06-01 THESIS
Diffraction Tomographic Imaging With A Circular Array
74 Vasuki, A 1994-10-01 THESIS
An Experimental Study Of Instabilities In Unsteady Separation Bubbles
75 Das, Shyama Prasad 2006-03-01 THESIS
Slow Dynamics In Soft Condensed Matter : From Supercooled Liquids To Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
76 Chakrabarti, Dwaipayan 2006-06-01 THESIS
Studies On Momentum, Heat And Mass Transfer In Binary Alloy Solidification Processes
77 Chakraborty, Suman 2001-09-01 THESIS
Computational Modelling Of Heat Transfer In Reheat Furnaces
78 Harish, J 2000-12-01 THESIS
Why only two ears? Some indicators from the study of source separation using two sensors
79 Joseph, Joby 2004-08-01 THESIS
An Analytical Study Of The Silk Reeling Operations In Karnataka
80 Vasumathi, B V 2000-12-01 THESIS
Structural Studies On Winged Bean Agglutinins
81 Manoj, N 2000-07-01 THESIS
Linear Instability Of Laterally Strained Constant Pressure Boundary Layer Flows
82 Tyagi, P K 2001-09-01 THESIS
A Study Of Organizational Rightsizing : Actors, Processes And Outcome
83 Nirmala, Maria Christine 2006-01-01 THESIS
Autonomous Orbit Estimation For Near Earth Satellites Using Horizon Scanners
84 Nagarajan, N 1994-07-01 THESIS
On The Reduction Of Drag Of a Sphere By Natural Ventilation
85 Suryanarayana, G K 1995-12-01 THESIS
Some Investigations on QoS in the Wireline-Wireless Network Interface Zone
86 Tewari, Maneesh 2003-03-01 THESIS
Prediction Of Separation Factor In Foam Separation Of Proteins
87 Bhattacharjee, Samita 1994-08-01 THESIS
Distributed Computation With Communication Delays: Design And Analysis Of Load Distribution Strategies
88 Bharadwaj, V 1994-06-01 THESIS
Adaptive Selective Flooding Qos Routing
89 Porwal, Rupesh 2002-07-01 THESIS
Mean Field Study Of Point Defects In B2-NiAl
90 Gururajan, M P 2000-02-01 THESIS
Study And Design Of Two-Thirds Power Weir
91 Reddy, K Ranga 2000-12-01 THESIS
Two Dimensional Numerical Modelling Of Variably Saturated Flows
92 Muthineni, Srinivas 2000-01-01 THESIS
Processing, Characterization And Evaluation Of A Functionally Graded Ai - 4.6% Cu Alloy
93 Sivakumar, V 2000-10-01 THESIS
TriSL: A Software Architecture Description Language and Environment
94 Lakshminarayanan, R 1999-07-01 THESIS
A Knowledge-Based Approach To Pattern Clustering
95 Shekar, B 1988-07-01 THESIS
Automatic Data Partitioning By Hierarchical Genetic Search
96 Shenoy, U Nagaraj 1996-09-01 THESIS
Speech Encryption Using Wavelet Packets
97 Bopardikar, Ajit S 1995-02-01 THESIS
Development and Application of Kinetic Meshless Methods for Euler Equations
98 C, Praveen 2004-07-01 THESIS
A Novel Approach for Tuning of Power System Stabilizer Using Genetic Algorithm
99 Singh, Ravindra 2004-07-01 THESIS
Modelling The Transport Sector In India : A Study On Intermodal Substitution Passenger Transport
100 Vasudevan, S 2000-05-01 THESIS

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