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Trading Volume : The behavior in information asymmetries
1001 Johansson, Henrik; Wilandh, Niklas 2006-03-22 THESIS
Sustainable packaging : A study of consumers' loyalty and behavior
1002 van Huynh, Fredrik; Gonzalez, Aaron; Yousef, Waseem 2009-01-01 THESIS
R&D Offshoring : Threats or Opportunities for Swedish Companies?
1003 Fallenius, Anna; Larsson, Martin 2005-07-04 THESIS
How to find an international business partner?
1004 Henningsson, Emma; Ruden, Emma 2007-08-08 THESIS
What factors are driving forces for credit spreads?
1005 al Hussaini, Ammar 2007-09-19 THESIS
Competitive IS/IT strategy : A qualitative study about IS/IT strategy and its influence on business strategy in small service enterprises
1006 Lindberg, Robert; Brandt, Claes 2006-06-19 THESIS
CSR Communication & SMEs
1007 Eliasson, Malin; Smajovic, Senida 2009-01-01 THESIS
The Impact of Corruption on Entry Strategy : A study of Swedish companies in Russia
1008 Sjölander, Fredrik; Kuprienko, Sérgio; Gyllenstedt, Felix 2008-02-06 THESIS
1009 Nartey, Mohammed Donkor; Ndobegang, Anyinka Nkongtenden 2008-03-26 THESIS
Acquisition strategy : A case study within family businesses
1010 Brandt, Erik; Kull, Patrik; Björkdahl, Jonas 2007-03-12 THESIS
Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementation
1011 Fang, Li; Patrecia, Sylvia 2005-08-12 THESIS
Foreign Market Analysis : Should Oriflame Enter France?
1012 Tunbjer, Michael; Jarne, Marion 2006-06-27 THESIS
Import from China : The straight way to success?
1013 Davidsson, John; Hjerpe, Martin; Åke, Michael 2006-12-07 THESIS
International Growth Strategies for Start-Up and Micro Companies
1014 Noller, Sarah; Han, Xu 2009-01-01 THESIS
Inter-organisational Application Integration : Developing Guidelines Using Multi Grounded Theory
1015 Skild, Fredrik; Thai, Men; Älverdal, Johan 2007-01-18 THESIS
Middle Leaders? : A study of the middle management's role in the public sector
1016 Fransson, Jörgen; Berg, Anders 2008-03-12 THESIS
Mobile Customer Relationship Management : A study of barriers and facilitators to mCRM adoption
1017 Belachew, Yohannes; Hoang, Amanda; Kourieh, Joseph 2007-05-22 THESIS
High Flyers : A Study on Competition, Price and Service Quality in the European Aviation Industry
1018 Finklea, II; Kegel, Jakob 2005-06-30 THESIS
Layoutförbättring på KSL Trading AB:s lager för skivmaterial
1019 Mundt-Petersen, Henrik; Andersson, David; Björklund, Erik 2007-06-13 THESIS
Financing rapid, organic growth in Sweden : A study of manufacturing gazelle companies
1020 Andersson, Marcus; Wahlberg, Petra; Östlund, Jacob 2006-08-09 THESIS
Securing Export Payment : Particularly with Focus on China
1021 Eriksson, Helena 2005-06-15 THESIS
Business Applications Outside Their Original Contexts : Study of an Iranian Company
1022 Talebi, Mehdi; Norifard, Iman 2006-06-29 THESIS
Voluntary Audits : Motives of Executing Voluntary Audits in Partnership Firms in Jönköping
1023 Kaur, Jasmeet; Kurt, Ninorta 2008-06-16 THESIS
Project Portfolio Management & Strategic Alignment : Governance as the Missing Link
1024 Hristova, Vesela; Müller, Claudia 2009-01-01 THESIS
Swedish hedge funds : An analysis of the Swedish hedge funds’ investment strategies and risks associated with hedge funds
1025 Werner-Zankl, Simon; Samuelsson, Linda; Jonsson, Emma 2007-12-20 THESIS
Data Mining : A Quantitative Study of Large Companies in Sweden
1026 Andersson, Daniel; Fries, Hannes 2008-09-29 THESIS
Oral health-related quality ofl ife in an adult population
1027 Einarson, Susanne 2009-01-01 THESIS
Cyklisters situation på 2+1-vägar
1028 Bergkvist, Martin 2006-06-28 THESIS
Utveckling av protokoll för bearbetning av
1029 Hjälmgården, David; van der Lieth, Jens 2007-06-18 THESIS
Reinforcing work motivation : A perception study of ten of Sweden´s most successful and acknowledged leaders
1030 Hall, Alexander; Nyman, Niklas 2004-01-01 THESIS
In Vino Veritas : An Estimation of the Export Demand Function for Chile's Export of Wine to 15 OECD Countries
1031 Lundqvist, Anna 2005-08-24 THESIS
Strategic Alliances : Implications for Low Cost Airlines
1032 Gustafsson, Lisa; Simberg, Therese 2005-06-22 THESIS
Utveckling av webbapplikation för informationshantering i projekt
1033 Nygren, Robert 2007-09-07 THESIS
How Auditing Company X Works with Retaining Valuable Employees : Swedish Case study
1034 Bogic, Josip; Armanto, Elina; Cassel, Maja 2008-03-13 THESIS
Ecologically sustainable housing and transporting in Pune, India : Ekologiskt hållbar hus- och transportplanering i Pune, Indien
1035 Friestedt, Anna; Sjövall, Kristin 2006-09-05 THESIS
Measures to Facilitate Necessity Entrepreneurship : Western Cape South Africa
1036 Macura, Alexander; Sjölund, John 2005-09-12 THESIS
Nätpoker - En studie av Internets påverkan samt dess konsekvenser
1037 Andersson, Johan; Azadi, Omid; Renström, Henrik 2006-01-24 THESIS
Evaluationof IT-investments : A case study of the PENG-model
1038 Wredenberg, Daniel; Bengtsson, Marcus 2008-02-12 THESIS
The Savings Directive : Is the Savings Directive 2003/48/EC in Breach of the Free Movement of Capital Provided for by Articles 56-60 EC?
1039 Ehlde, Malin; Persson, Malin 2005-06-09 THESIS
Hinder för kunskapsdelning : Att skapa förutsättningar för mer effektiv kunskapsdelning genom reducering av hinder
1040 Ingvarsson, Nils; Necovski, Alexander; Johnson, Carl 2007-06-13 THESIS
Entrepreneurs’ Emotional Responses to a Bankruptcy
1041 Purohit, Nisha; Gustafsson, Helén; Näs, Maria 2007-03-15 THESIS
The Impact of Viral Marketing on Brand Awareness: The Study of SMEs.
1042 Sobtsenko, Olga; Hasic, Ajdin THESIS
Strategic understanding : A qualitative study on similarities and differences in perceptions of strategy
1043 Batamuriza, Florance; Berg, Tobias; Hatami, Tony 2006-06-26 THESIS
Entreprenörskapscenter eller takeaway pasta? : Bilden av Science Park Jönköping bland studenter
1044 Jungåker, Emil; Elfsberg, Jens; Jonatan Wetterlind, null 2008-02-26 THESIS
Springboarding : A study of Swedish SMEs established in Singapore
1045 Johansson, Christofer; Bergström, Gustaf 2006-06-26 THESIS
Middle Managers : Facing Everyday Challenges
1046 Lagerman, Moa; Pietilä, Mikael 2005-06-23 THESIS
Redesign of an existing apartment block in Kv Preussen to passive house
1047 Faxå, Magnus; Ranwald, Emil 2006-08-09 THESIS
Management Control Systems in Entrepreneurial Organisations : A Balancing Challenge
1048 Lövstål, Eva 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Inter-organisational Application Integration : Developing Guidelines Using Multi Grounded Theory
1049 Älverdal, Johan; Skild, Fredrik; Thai, Men 2005-11-07 THESIS
Economic Growth in China : During the Period of 1980-2003
1050 Cicek, Sevim 2007-01-18 THESIS

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