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Road Transportation : Environmental sustainability vs. lead time and costs
951 Gudmundsson, Erik; Forsberg, Niclas 2008-04-22 THESIS
Merger of full owned subsidiary : An evaluation of BFNAR 1999:1
952 Martinson, Christian 2005-09-06 THESIS
Statutory Audit : Do banks benefit from statutory audit?
953 Kreivi, Tommy; Skenberg, Christian 2007-01-18 THESIS
Analys av vävnadsprover med endimensionell elektrofores
954 Larsson, Frida 2007-06-11 THESIS
Critical Success Factors across the ERP life cycle : A study of SMEs in Jönköping County
955 Krantz, Niclas; Sköld, Marcus 2006-03-22 THESIS
Understanding the Role of Ownership in Strategizing : A Study of Family Firms
956 Nordqvist, Mattias 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
The influence of innovation on export performance : Elucidating the determinants to successful exporting
957 Nygård, Jonas 2005-09-12 THESIS
The Implications of the Arbitration Convention : A step back for the European Community or a step forward for elimination of transfer pricing related double taxation?
958 Bernath, Andreas 2006-09-08 THESIS
This Moment at lululemon : A firm-level assessment of entreprenurship
959 Wilcox, Jeremy 2007-07-03 THESIS
Cost synergies in M&A
960 Nowak, Daniel; Nyman, Robert 2007-08-27 THESIS
Digitala objekt i neutralt format
961 Karlsson, Stina; Andersson, Nina 2007-06-21 THESIS
Inflationary effects of changes in the price of oil : The case of Sweden
962 Wribe, Lars; Kinnefors, Alexander 2007-03-16 THESIS
The Compatibility of Swedish CFC-legislation with article 43 EC : A case study of an Advance Ruling
963 Pettersson, Markus 2008-01-11 THESIS
The Legal Status of Domain Names : A Business Context
964 Davidsson, Louise; Thulin, Sara 2008-02-01 THESIS
What Influences B2B Buying Behaviour? : An empirical study of Fläkt Woods and its customers
965 Lejon, Elina; Wahlund, Linda-Marie; Berggren, Jennie 2005-10-31 THESIS
Middle Managers' Planning and Perceived Stress
966 Holm, Petra; Johansson, Sara 2005-06-23 THESIS
Elbolag i blåsväder : Investering för att säkra eldriften
967 Sköld, Magnus; Hultström, Mattias; Stighagen, Johan 2005-10-19 THESIS
Brandväggar för hemmakontor
968 Nezirevic, Esmeralda 2006-12-11 THESIS
På väg mot ett mer hälsosamt samhälle? : En kvalitativ studie över hur kvinnor mellan 17-65 år blir påverkade av massmedias hälsorapportering
969 Carlsson, Therese; Råsberg, Sofia 2008-02-14 THESIS
Corporate Governance, Private Property and Investment
970 Eklund, Johan, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Impact of Radical Innovation on Consumer Behaviour : A case study of iPhone
971 Ungsusing, Antika; Pinyotrakool, Phromporn 2009-01-01 THESIS
Knowledge Transfer at Husqvarna AB : The role of leadership, IT and management
972 Cenusa, Anita 2005-12-09 THESIS
Amerikansk världsdominans och dess påverkan på Förenta Nationerna : En studie av Förenta staters utrikespolitik från andra världskriget till dags dato
973 Henningsson, Peter 2007-03-22 THESIS
B2B Relationships in the Advertisement Business : A Study of Advertising Agency-Client Relationships
974 Johansson, Tina; Eklind, Martin; Samuelsson, Martin 2008-04-10 THESIS
Investor Relations : Viewed from a marketing perspective
975 Håkansson, Andreas; Jankevics, Peter 2006-03-10 THESIS
Filmens pedagogiska möjligheter i svenskundervisningen The pedagogical possibilities of using film in Swedish teaching
976 Viberg, Björn; Westerling, Andreas 2009-01-01 THESIS
Åkers Sweden AB - Outbound Logistics : Reduction of Environmental Effects Åkers Sweden AB - Utgående Distribution : Reducering av miljöpåverkan
977 Gustafsson, Anders; Larsson, Carina; Sundström, Henric 2009-01-01 THESIS
Business Plans in New Ventures : An Institutional Perspective
978 Karlsson, Tomas 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
En jämförelse mellan PHP och C# i .Net
979 Kind, Gisela; Svennberg, Louise 2009-01-01 THESIS
Sinners or Saints : Ethical mutual funds
980 Nordin, Henrik 2006-09-12 THESIS
En dans på rosor : Hur påverkar dans människan socialt och mentalt?
981 Hajdukovic, Brankica; Eklund, Sandra 2008-06-16 THESIS
The Trivial Matters :Everyday power in Swedish elder care
982 Harnett, Tove, PhD 2010-01-01 DISSERTATION
Business Graduates in Small Firms : Recruitment Possibilities and the Skills Gap
984 Perunicic, Darko; Palmqvist, Rickard 2007-08-29 THESIS
Managing of Core Competemces: A Case study of SP Research Technical Institute
985 Zehra, Khizran; Wong, Stephanie 2009-01-01 THESIS
"Detta ideliga mötande" :En studie av hur kommunikation och samspel konstituerar gymnasieelevers skolpraktik
986 Möllås, Gunvie, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
How different third party interveners affect the duration of civil war
987 Jonsson, Frida 2006-06-26 THESIS
Evening Tabloids : Enhancing Brand Equity Through Extensions in Alternative Media Channels
988 Kollander, Staffan; Lejon, Carl 2007-06-25 THESIS
To Invest Or Not Invest? : Factors affecting IT investment decisions
989 Tarabay, Raymond; Eigbire, Raphael 2009-01-01 THESIS
Deregulation of railways : An analysis of the procurement auctions in Jönköpings Län
990 Andersson, Peter 2006-03-17 THESIS
Difference in foreign exchange risk management betweem family and non-family owned firms
991 Sibhatu, Temesgen; Mahmod, Dalia Garsa; Rubil, Goran 2005-06-27 THESIS
What are feminist fussing about? : Feminists attempts for full Citizenship
992 Claesson, Ida 2008-01-22 THESIS
Purchasíng of environmental friendly computers : How consumers value green characteristics based on a conjoint analysis
993 Persson, Stefan; Dilek, Ümit; Dahl, Frida 2008-02-06 THESIS
Do Well by Doing Good : Engagement of Smålands SME’s in CSR
994 Perunicic, Darko; Alexandrova, Elena 2007-03-02 THESIS
Kreditgivares agerande vid sjunkande skogsfastighetspanter
995 Karlsson, Elsa; Persson, Sven-Olof; Svensson, Anna 2005-06-23 THESIS
Promise and Performance of ERP (perspective of implementers)
996 Agyemang, Frank; Asante Ofori, Kingsley; Ofori, Sunday Jonathan 2006-08-09 THESIS
997 Duah, Frank Agyemang; Ofori, Kingsley Asante; Ugulu, Jonathan Sunday 2007-01-11 THESIS
Accuracy and precision of a technique to assess residual limb volume with a measuring-tape
998 Jarl, Gustav 2008-05-23 THESIS
Growth through Internationalization : A Knowledge Perspective on SMEs
999 Naldi, Lucia 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
'A Valuable Link': The Opportunities for Swedish SMEs by Incorporating Diasporas into the Process of Internationalization
1000 Startseva, Ksenia; Vysniauskaite, Vaida 2009-01-01 THESIS

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