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Does Sweden experience Jobless Growth? : An Empirical Study of the Relationsship between Unemployment and Growth in Sweden
901 Lund, Jessica 2008-03-26 THESIS
The IT-consultant’s view of managing application investments’ : A study on roles and responsibilities
902 Granehäll, Maria; Karlström, Jessica 2006-09-28 THESIS
Electronic Data Interchange : Adoptation in the Swedish Automotive Industry’s supply chain
903 Svensson, Joel; Dyvnäs, Malin 2008-09-22 THESIS
Valuation of Family Businesses : A case study
904 Claesson, Johan; Wengbrand, Frida; Eriksson, Sofia 2005-06-29 THESIS
Work Motivation in Banks : Are there differences between sexes?
905 Bergström, Andreas; Ternehäll, Mattias 2005-06-23 THESIS
Trading with China : The import process from a SME perspective
906 Thunberg, Nils; Gustavsson, Andreas; Formgren, Johan 2006-01-10 THESIS
Representeras ditt yrke? : - en kvantitativ studie om vilka yrken som representeras mest respektive minst i facktidskriften DIK-forum
907 Drljaca, Andrea; Tas, Nida 2008-02-07 THESIS
Face to Face : Marknadsföring på Facebook - en studie av åsikter från ett inifrån- och utifrånperspektiv.
908 Christensson, Annika; Hedborn, Jenny; Källberg, Hanna 2008-06-10 THESIS
V-business in the 3D Internet : The Future Outlook for Business Activities in Virtual Worlds
909 Günes, Pinar; Franzén, Jenny 2008-02-27 THESIS
Energideklaration- Vad är det och hur ska det hanteras i fastighetsbranschen?
910 Gustafsson, Bert 2006-10-04 THESIS
Marketing communication in a B2B market : a case study of the store interior industry
911 Johansson, Maria; Larsson, Camilla; Hallin, Ida 2007-01-17 THESIS
Intra-Industry Trade between Sweden and EU 15 : A Study of the Forest, Metal, and Machinery Industries
912 Gustafsson, Matilda 2006-02-06 THESIS
The need for a developed Business Continuity Plan
913 Gneist, Peter; Kiersz, Robert; Osman, Omid THESIS
Energiberäkningar för passivhus
914 Wangmo, Sebastian 2007-06-20 THESIS
Från norra ståplats till cyberspace :En beskrivning av en diskussion på internet om ishockey utifrån ett offentlighetsperspektiv
915 Svensson, Anders, PhD 2007-01-01 DISSERTATION
Strategies of power in multilingual global broadcasters :How the BBC, CNN and Aljazeera shape their Middle East news discourse
916 Barkho, Leon, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Produktkalkylering på ett Värmebehandlingsföretag
917 Eliasson, Fredrik; Henningsson, Jesper; Reinevik, Christian 2007-06-13 THESIS
The Legitimacy of Secession and the Case of Montenegro
918 Asplund, Malin 2007-02-12 THESIS
Risks in the Swedish Forest, Paper & Packaging Industry
919 Lundqvist, Stina; Peterson, Tove 2008-06-24 THESIS
Framtidens meny för ett IT-system
920 Kvarnström, Dan; Jonsson, Mathias 2008-08-14 THESIS
Insider Trading : A study of insider trading when companies report loss announcements.
921 Engert, Carl-Johan 2005-09-21 THESIS
922 MUBEEN, SAAD 2009-01-01 THESIS
Rättssäkerhet och anstånd med betalning av skatt : En analys av 17 kap. 2 § p. 2-3 Skattebetalningslagen ur ett rättssäkerhetsperspektiv
923 Axelsson, David; Ingemarsson, Jesper 2007-02-02 THESIS
Telecom Private Investment and Economic Growth : The Case of African and Central & East European Countries
924 Onyeji, Reginald; Karner, Johan 2008-02-27 THESIS
A case study of documentation's significance : in ERP system development projects
925 Andersson, Andreas; Bergsten, Thomas 2008-05-21 THESIS
Online banking access system : Principles behind choices and further development, seen from a managerial perspective
926 Li, Sofia; Ekberg, Patrik; Morina, Gentiana 2007-10-04 THESIS
Project Management : from a situational leadership perspective
927 Eslami, Aydin; Kraljevic, Matija; Tunbjer, Michael 2005-09-14 THESIS
Does Size Matter? : Abnormal Returns and Market Efficiency at Stockholm Stock Exchange
928 Einarsson, Per; Wännerdahl, Hampus 2008-02-01 THESIS
Learning processes in an inter-organizational context : A study of krAft project
929 Fridriksson, Helgi-Valur 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
The Importance of Human Capital in Export Performance
930 Gerdne, Therese 2005-10-03 THESIS
Supplier brand image - a catalyst for choice : Expanding the B2B brand discourse by studying the role corporate brand image plays in the selection of subcontractors
931 Blombäck, Anna 2005-01-01 DISSERTATION
The flight of firms : the decision process behind localization abroad
932 Nauclèr, Lizette; Arvidsson, Therese; Klasson, Mikael 2005-06-08 THESIS
Would that be a round trip ticket? : Bringing outsourced functions back home
933 Larsson, John; Blomberg, Karl-Linus 2006-03-14 THESIS
Is permanent external consulting necessary for post-implementation stage?
934 Pasmino, Sylvanna; Toma, Nicoleta 2007-08-22 THESIS
Teaching Writing in Upper Secondary School
935 Wahlström, Anna 2007-02-23 THESIS
Sambandet mellan redovisning och beskattning : Koppling eller frikoppling
936 Lörenskog, Frida; Clysén, Jessica 2005-06-08 THESIS
Mobbning : En jämförande studie mellan skola och fritidshem
937 Smedberg, Lise-Lotte; Klasson, Carina 2008-02-20 THESIS
How to Improve Students’ Writing and Speaking Skills
938 Elftorp, Fredrik 2008-03-27 THESIS
Marketing Analysis and Business Evaluation - : Marketing for a new firm Resort Västra Lägern
939 Xie, Xuying 2008-04-01 THESIS
Cultural Distance : An Assessment of Cultural Effects on Trade Flows
940 Söderström, Jannice 2008-06-27 THESIS
Oil price fluctuations and Its effect on GDP growth
941 Gonzalez , Aaron; Nabiyev, Sherzod 2009-01-01 THESIS
Relationship Management of key Customers----in B2B
942 Wu, Xueying; Zhao, Jingfang 2009-01-01 THESIS
Offshore Outsourcing : - What's so great about that?
943 Sennevik, Marie; Håkansson, Malin 2006-03-03 THESIS
Media Placement of Locations : An Exploratory Study of the Possible Trends within the Film Industry
944 Sörling, Marie-Louise; Wallgren, Viktor 2005-06-30 THESIS
Förbättring av hanteringen vid utrikesfrakter på ITAB Shop Concept AB Jönköping
945 Nilsson, Thomas; Chee, Vincent 2007-06-15 THESIS
Managing Change in the Recording Industry : response measures to the impact of downloading
946 Helgesson, Mattias; Mattsson, Daniel 2005-06-23 THESIS
Commercial and Consumer Credit in Russia : A case study and comparative analysis of five international companies
947 Blomberg, Camilla 2005-11-16 THESIS
Paying peanut, gettin monkeys? : Recruit and Retain Local Staff in China
948 Svensson, Karin; Svensson, Joakim 2006-03-07 THESIS
Micro-Foundations of Organizational Adaptation : A Field Study in the Evolution of Product Development Capabilities in a Design Firm
949 Salvato, Carlo 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Eleven i fokus : En studie över gymnasieelevers läsning
950 Isaksson, Anna 2007-12-06 THESIS

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