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VMI, a successful supply chain strategy? : Towards a VMI implementation at Kongsberg Automotive
701 Nowak, Daniel; Nyman, Robert; Lundberg, Marie 2006-06-26 THESIS
Ballistic Missile Defense : Impact of technology on global politics
702 Musaefendic, Armin 2007-04-04 THESIS
SmålandsNytt vs TV4Nyheterna Jönköping : En kvantitativ innehållsanalys av ett regionalt och ett lokalt nyhetsprogram
703 Johansson, Rebecka; Tokic, Zeljka 2008-04-07 THESIS
Framtagning av en informationssäkerhetspolicy
704 Nordström, Roger 2006-08-18 THESIS
What's in it for You? : A Study of Perceived Customer Value among IKEA's Business Customers in the Kitchen Market
705 Grom, Karin; Janhans, Louise; Johansson, Emmelie 2006-03-17 THESIS
Absolute Return Hunters
706 Rubil, Goran; Sprycha, Magnus 2006-06-14 THESIS
707 Petersson, Peter 2006-08-22 THESIS
Comparative research between Sweden and Romania concerning the leaders’ attitude at meeting with their employees
708 Bentlund, Alina 2006-12-06 THESIS
Attitudes towards Establishing Trust, Commitment & Satisfaction in International B-2-B Relationships : A Comparative Study of Swedish Sellers and German Buyers in the Textile Industry
709 Bonde, Wictor; Lübken, Verena; Settergren, Martin 2007-07-04 THESIS
Structuring and Modelling Competences in the Healthcare Area with the help of Ontologies
710 Ayub, Muhammad; Jawad, Muhammad 2009-01-01 THESIS
Kan man tillämpa bilindustrins krav på småserietillverkare?
711 Bash, Daniel; Kilstam, Jacob; Carlsson, Johan 2007-06-19 THESIS
The redefinition of private import of alcohol : With focus on products purchased on the Internet and the Swedish legislation
712 Selander, Caroline 2006-08-25 THESIS
The dual role of the subsidiary CEO : - Its effect on control issues
713 Josefsson, Madeleine; Alm, Simon 2007-06-25 THESIS
CleanTech - a sector too risky for Swedish venture capital
714 Adestam, Carina; Gunnmo, Sofia; Hedberg, Anne 2008-02-21 THESIS
Spin-off Performance : Does the subsidiary perform better on its own?
715 Liedgren, Gustav; Olofsson, Josefin; Zetterlund, Sofie 2008-08-06 THESIS
Supply Chain Performance Measurement : A research of occuring problems and challenges
716 Lindner, Christoph 2009-01-01 THESIS
Talent Management : How firms in Sweden find and nurture value adding human resources
717 Kull, Patrik; Brandt, Erik 2007-06-27 THESIS
Perfect creation for a win-win situation : Four case studies of corprate events
718 Svenhed, Kristin; Gustafsson, Anna 2008-02-12 THESIS
Givande budskap : En kvalitativ, jämförande studie av reklamfilmer från ”nonprofitorganisationer” respektive kommersiella företag
719 Quist, Emma; Olofsgård, Carolina 2008-06-04 THESIS
Media Channels in a regulated market : A case study of ABSOLUT VODKA
720 Elmervik, Cecilia; Funck, Karin 2007-02-28 THESIS
Uranium Mining Industry : -A valuation of uranium mining companies
721 Östlund, Jacob; Kierkegaard, Kristian 2007-08-27 THESIS
Utveckling av applikation för hantering av takbleck - Thule Bracket System (TBS)
722 Artursson, Andreas; Petersson, Erik 2007-02-20 THESIS
Can a Gazelle Run Forever? : A Study of Rapid Growth's Affect on SMEs' Ability to Grow in a Long-Term Perspective
723 Bergström, Gustaf; Bäckbro, Johan; Johansson, Christofer 2005-06-09 THESIS
Air Traffic Control in Sweden : Differences between a public and private alternative in an upcoming deregulation
724 Löfmark, Johan; Saleh, Leo; Zand, Daniel 2007-04-10 THESIS
Application patterns for ontology based applications
725 Albertsen, Thomas 2006-12-11 THESIS
How an acquisition affects the relation between the labour union and the company : A case study of Volvo Cars and IF Metall
726 Almen, Tomas; Efrem, Pierre; Wilen, Patrik 2007-07-04 THESIS
The Role of Culture : A Study of Swedish Companies Advertising in China
727 Mänttäri, Annina; Al Fahel, Michella; Kollander, Staffan 2007-02-14 THESIS
The Impact of FDI on Economic Growth : The Case of China
728 Ek, Anna 2007-11-26 THESIS
Revenue and creativity : Disentangling demand creating attributes in movies
729 Eriksson, Maria 2008-06-27 THESIS
The Role of Networks for Micro Firms
730 Håkansson, Andreas; Gustafson, Magnus; Jankevics, Peter 2005-06-21 THESIS
Experiences from a Post-Acquisition Process : A Study of Middle Managers and Their Employees
731 Olofsson, Elisabet; Nilsson, Karin 2006-03-14 THESIS
Production in Low-Wage Countries
732 Bäck, Mårten; Runemo, Staffan 2005-06-28 THESIS
Does Swedish R&D payoff?
733 Karlsson, Malin 2008-06-27 THESIS
Leveransprecisionsmätning : en företagsstudie på Sanmina-SCI
734 Petersson, Helen; Blomdahl, Lisa 2006-06-14 THESIS
Location Dynamics of Textile and Clothing Industries in Europe : The Case of Sweden and Portugal
735 Unér, Jeanette 2007-02-12 THESIS
How can companies benefit from business ethics? : A study of business ethics in the baby nutrition market
736 Scharmer, Carl; Andersson, Emma 2007-03-22 THESIS
Building an Landscape in Yogyakarta, Indonesia : -A study of Ecological planning for Building and Landscape.
737 Svensson, Pia-Lice 2008-01-01 THESIS
Nya direktiv för små aktiebolag? : - ett ägarperspektiv
738 Lax, Catarina; Eklund, Anneli 2006-06-09 THESIS
Corporate Identity : Communication as a key component
739 Vargas, Gabriel; Silva, Sergio; Keliche, Ugwu; Maina, Charles 2008-06-24 THESIS
A Segmentation Strategy Built on Customer's Profitability & Needs : A Study of "'Furniture Fitter"
740 Hedberg, Anne; Fält, Terese 2008-09-22 THESIS
EU Origin Marking : - A Study of Swedish Meat Consumers
741 Klint, Olle; Löfström, Patrik 2005-06-30 THESIS
Revisorers etiska resonemang : En studie av etiskt resonemang hos revisorer utifrån FARs yrkes-
742 Andersen, Helena; Selmqvist, Annica 2006-06-07 THESIS
Women, How Did You Come This Far? : A study of how women reach top positions
743 Johansson, Emmelie; Janhans, Louise 2006-08-29 THESIS
Living with diabetes within the framework of Swedish primary health care :Somalian and professional perspectives
744 Wallin, Anne-Marie, PhD 2009-01-01 DISSERTATION
Retain your customers
745 Mårtensson, Ann; Sandberg, Per; Scharmer, Carl 2005-06-15 THESIS
Tax Obstacles for Cross-border Pensions in EU : A case study on pension related cases and their impact on national tax provisions
746 Ovsepian, Gajane 2005-06-27 THESIS
Studies Abroad an Investment for the Future? : A Study of What is Valued in the Recruitment Process
747 Ågren, Maria; Bengtsson, Åsa; Lundquist, Hanna 2006-08-09 THESIS
Spatial Spillovers of Knowledge Production : An Accessibility Approach
748 Gråsjö, Urban 2006-01-01 THESIS
International Arbitral Awards : A Study of Enforcement in China
749 Mejlerö, Anna 2005-06-21 THESIS
Expatriate Management : How can the expatriation process be improved
750 Tran, Hoan; Wong, Annie 2006-06-28 THESIS

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