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Selecting location for a retail business : Comparing shopping mall and down-town commercial district in Jönköping
551 Halaby, Peter; Kudryashova, Natalia 2007-07-04 THESIS
THE ROLE OF MICRO BUSINESS MANAGERS : A Replication of Mintzberg's study
552 Andersson, Richard; Liliegren, Lisa 2005-10-10 THESIS
Utveckling av hjulhållare för cykelhållare Development of wheel holder for bike carrier
553 Tjäderborn, Niclas; Holm, Christian 2009-01-01 THESIS
A Possible European Delaware : Can the European Private Company Prevent It?
554 Karlsson, Karolina 2006-06-07 THESIS
Equity funds - and the Relationship between Return and Administration Fees
555 Adolfsson, Per; Christensson, Jon 2007-03-01 THESIS
Exchange rate volatility : How the Swedish export is influenced
556 Backman, Mikaela 2006-09-27 THESIS
The Swedish Arms Trade and the Politics of Human Rights: : A Comparative Case-study of Swedish Weapon Exports to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Russian Federation in the year of 2006
557 Ericsson, Lina 2008-02-20 THESIS
Elektronisk mobbning i den nya nätkulturen : En kvalitativ studie utifrån två nätgemenskapers och två ideella stödorganisationers arbete och erfarenheter
558 Axelsson, Josefin; Albrektsson, Lina 2008-03-13 THESIS
Semantic differences and Graphical View of Files
559 Mohammed, Rafiullah Khan; Bandi, Raghavender 2009-01-01 THESIS
The Spirit of Gnosjö : The Grand Narrative and Beyond
560 Wigren, Caroline 2003-01-01 DISSERTATION
Produktivitetsanalys vid Nexans
561 Laine, Markus; Elg, David 2006-06-14 THESIS
Corporate Bonds : Analyzing the availability of the Swedish bond market
562 Peterson, Rickard; Höglund, Linn; Jarnegren, Carl 2006-06-26 THESIS
Upphandling av vinterväghållning
563 Zetterström, Carina; Isaksson, Anna 2006-12-11 THESIS
Knowledge Sharing in a Customer Oriented Organization
564 Gnezdova, Irina; Khorasani, Leyla 2005-06-22 THESIS
Kan uttagsbeskattning ske på mervärdesskatteområdet vid underpristransaktioner? : Svensk rätt i förhållande till EG-rätt
565 Lindkvist, Mari; Karlsson, Cecilia 2008-01-31 THESIS
Communication of CSR : How Swedish consumers' perceptions and behaviour are influenced by promoted CSR activities
566 Persson, Stefan; Dahl, Frida 2008-07-04 THESIS
Trailer Equipment Design : Utveckling av verktygslåda för lastbilar Trailer Equipment Design : Development of underbody toolbox for trucks
567 Rasooli, Alex; Arvidsson, Johan; Winroth, Pontus 2007-01-01 THESIS
Nutritional Intervention in Elderly People Admitted to Resident Homes
568 Wikby, Kerstin 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Nutritional Intervention in Elderly People Admitted to Resident Homes
569 Wikby, Kerstin, PhD 2006-01-01 DISSERTATION
Utveckling av moduler för DotNetNuke-baserade CMS/CRM-system
570 Nygren, Robert; Johansson, Martin 2006-08-08 THESIS
Ill-health in Sweden : A regional Perspective
571 Berntsson, Karin 2005-08-24 THESIS
Dual Nation : Is the restaurant suited for franchise?
572 Gudmundsson, Erik; Jönsson, Marcus; Björnberg, Jenny 2006-02-09 THESIS
Entry Mode Strategies for ire into the Polish Market : A Case Study of ire Möbel AB
573 Johansson, Christopher; Ingvarsson, Carl-Johan; Spak, Fredrik 2007-03-13 THESIS
Export of Pharmaceutical Products : An analysis of which factors that affects Sweden’s export of pharmaceutical products
574 Adolfsson, Per 2007-09-10 THESIS
Organizing Policy :A Policy Analysis starting from SMEs in Tuscany and the County of Jönköping
575 Johansson, Monica, PhD 2008-01-01 DISSERTATION
Analys av reklamationskostnader hos Skandinaviska Byggelement AB
576 Roslund, Dennis; Hedlund, Linn 2007-06-20 THESIS
Real Estate Appraisal : A Study of Real Estate Appraisers in Sweden
577 Andersson, Fredrik; Landberg, Robert 2005-01-01 THESIS
Webbshop för Tyger & Ting
578 Sanell, Jonas; Svenningsson, Tommy 2006-06-19 THESIS
Utveckling och utvärdering av gränssnitt : En gränssnittsprototyp för design av t-shirtar
579 Johansson, Sebastian; Vives Caballero, Rodrigo 2006-06-21 THESIS
Lika möjligheter för alla? : En undersökning av ämnet svenska som andraspråk
580 Gustafsson, Emanuel; Hansson, Emma; Storck, Jenny 2008-02-07 THESIS
Konceptkonstruktion med hjälp av topologioptimering
581 Jonsson, Andreas; Persson, Linus 2007-08-08 THESIS
CRM in Fashion Companies for men's wear
582 Antar, Joyce; Gholamifar, Donya 2006-06-28 THESIS
Influencing Factors on the Selection Process of Enterprise System(s) : A study on the client and vendor perspectives
583 Hossain, Mohammad; Cao, Shuang 2005-06-27 THESIS
Stars' War : Apple vs Dell
584 Jarne, Marion; Lilja, Sandra; Lüddeckens, Eva 2006-01-31 THESIS
Wall Street Voodoo Economics : Investment Strategy Backtesting
585 Davidsson, Marcus 2007-01-11 THESIS
Förhållandet mellan redovisning och revision : Inverkan på revisionsbyråer vid slopandet av revisionsplikten
586 Andersson, Petra; Dahlman, Sandra; Häggberg, Joakim 2008-06-24 THESIS
Political risk, FDI and economic growth : A cross national studie
587 Brask, Jeanette; Falck, Josefine 2006-03-17 THESIS
BUSINESS PLAN : BEFCO TRADING LTD : Import, Export and Car Trading Company
588 Besong, Fred Tanyi 2007-07-04 THESIS
Corporate governance disclosure : by Swedish listed corporations
589 Andersson, Maria; Daoud, Manal 2005-05-12 THESIS
Attracting Chinese Tourism : How Sweden can gain a larger share of the Chinese outbound tourism
590 Hemström, Oskar; Luu, Joakim; Unenge, Ulrik 2006-08-09 THESIS
Taxes on fossil fuels : an incentive for FDI within the biofuel industry
591 Östman, Beata; Jonsson, Björn 2006-08-24 THESIS
The Effect of Environmental Regulations on Trade Flows : A Study of the European Union
592 Fransson, Sara; Emanuelsson, Ida 2006-09-27 THESIS
Stress : The Middle Managers everday life
593 Månsson, Ulf 2005-06-14 THESIS
Mobile Financial Services : Opportunities in Electronic Banking from Wireless Computing Technology
594 Gustafsson, Anders; Wramsmyr, Mattias; Claesson, Mikaela 2005-08-17 THESIS
Could the Civil War Have Been Prevented in Sri Lanka? : In Comparison with the Swiss and Lebanese Political Models
595 Paramanathan, Mathivathana 2006-12-21 THESIS
Takeovers in Sweden : The Returns to Acquiring Firms
596 Havkranz, Christoffer 2007-10-15 THESIS
Internrevisionens roll - ett svenskt perspektiv
597 Karlsson, Andréas; Eklund, Anneli; Lax, Catarina 2005-06-08 THESIS
How to manage : A case study of Derome AB
598 Axén Wrigfors, Caroline; Leimalm, Hanna; Grevsjö, Anna 2008-02-06 THESIS
Ett annorlunda uttryck : en kvalitativ studie om Feministiskt initiativ och deras kommunikation under valkampanjen 2006
599 Johansson, My; Oscarsson, Therése 2007-02-21 THESIS
Volvo Logistics Corporation Returnable Packaging System : a model for analysing cost savings when switching packaging system
600 Beselin Hallberg, Jacob; Uhrbom, Per 2008-08-25 THESIS

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