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Using life-style and coping resources to differentiate between gay men with and without alcohol problems [electronic resource] : an Adlerian study /
1 Suprina, Joffrey Scott. THESIS
Effects of transitional policies on labor market outcomes fifteen years after transition the case of Ukraine and Lithuania /
2 Pavlova, Olga. THESIS
High school language arts teachers' experiences with integrating technology after participating in a state-mandated technology professional development course
3 Byous, Stacy Rae. THESIS
Civil religion and pastoral power in the George W. Bush presidency
4 Curry, Kristina E. THESIS
Identifying factors that influence academic performance among adolescents with conduct disorder
5 (Lisa May) Quick, Lisa M. THESIS
A processing model of emotion regulation insights from the attachment system /
6 Hwang, JungEun. THESIS
Exploring the epistemological views of advanced student writers during the research paper process
7 Romanchuk, Judith Kay. THESIS
Cotton Mather's Wonders of the invisible world an authoritative edition /
8 1663-1728. Mather, Cotton THESIS
Building inequality a case study of white, black, and Latino contractors in the Atlanta construction industry /
9 1976- Lippard, Cameron D. THESIS
Y'all go out and make us proud the commencement address and the Southern writer /
10 (Dana Jo), 1973- Nichols THESIS
Toward an understanding of the revenue of nonprofit organizations
11 Horne, Christopher Scott. THESIS
A comparison of learning subjective and traditional probability in middle grades
12 (Jeanne Dortch) Rast, Jeanne D. THESIS
Recovering a sense of place in the edge city
13 Page, Michael Chance. THESIS
Aspects of King MacLain in Eudora Welty's The golden apples
14 Shimkus, James Hammond. THESIS
Swimming upstream a study of Black males and the academic pipeline /
15 Wilkins, Rhonda Dayle. THESIS
Marginally male [electronic resource] : re-centering effeminate male characters in E. M. Forster /
16 Clark, Damion Ray. THESIS
The impact of education decentralization on education output a cross-country study /
17 Heredia-Ortiz, Eunice. THESIS
The effect of adolescent physical and sexual dating violence on the nutritional and psychological health of adolescent girls
18 Raiford, Jerris L. THESIS
Wittgenstein and religion
19 Corrigan, Daniel Patrick. THESIS
The effects of direct and indirect experiences with school crime and violence on high school teacher burnout
20 Buck, Chad Anthony. THESIS
Fiscal decentralization and poverty reduction outcomes theory and evidence /
21 Yao, Guevera Assamoi. THESIS
An examination of unintended consequences of intergovernmental equalization programs
22 (Dmitry V.), 1970- Shishkin THESIS
Salvaging children's lives understanding the experiences of Black aunts who serve as kinship care providers within Black families /
23 Davis-Sowers, Regina Louise. THESIS
Wharves to waterfalls a geographical analysis of the Massachusetts political economy: 1763 - 1825 /
24 Doran, David Joseph. THESIS
Determining quality through audience, genre, and the rhetorical canon imagining a biography of Eudora Welty for children /
25 Michaels, Cindy Sheffield. THESIS
The relationship between high ozone days and atmospheric patterns in Atlanta, Georgia
26 Unger, Edward Eugene. THESIS
Investigation into the mechanism(s) which permit the high-rate, degradation of PAHS and related petroleum hydrocarbons in sequencing batch reactors by attached cells in a controlled mixed bacterial community
27 Hussein, Emad Ibraheim. THESIS
Establishing pedagogical practicality by reconnecting composition studies to the rhetorical tradition
28 (Jeffrey Alan) Bacha, Jeffrey A. THESIS
A distributed approach to crawl domain specific hidden web
29 Desai, Lovekeshkumar. THESIS
Implicit measurement of racial identity and coping responses to racism in African Americans
30 (Veronica Jamillah) Smith, Veronica J. THESIS
The effects of environmental contamination on commercial and industrial property values do perceptions matter?. /
31 Grigelis, Peter Edward. THESIS
Why tell the truth when a lie will do? re-creations and resistance in the self-authored life writing of five American women fiction writers /
32 Huguley, Piper Gian. THESIS
The utilization of the Q-sort methodology to develop a measure of women's response to intimate partner violence /
33 Young, Tiffany Lenell. THESIS
DNA photocleavage by acridine and phenazine-based chromophores
34 Fields, Earl John. THESIS
Ethnic conflict, electoral systems, and power sharing in divided societies
35 Miller, Sara Ann. THESIS
Paleoecological reconstructions of the South African Plio-Pleistocene based on low-magnification dental microwear of fossil primates
36 Carter, Brian D. THESIS
Attitudes toward consumer-customized high-tech products the role of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, technology readiness, and customer customization sensitivity /
37 Guilabert, Margarita B. THESIS
Perception of emotion from facial expression and affective prosody
38 Santorelli, Noe?lle Turini. THESIS
Essays on value-added taxation
39 El-Ganainy, Asmaa Adel. THESIS
Feasibility of proposed monetary unions in the Eastern and Southern Africa region
40 Buigut, Steven K. THESIS
An economic analysis of school and labor market outcomes for at-risk youth
41 Kagaruki-Kakoti, Generosa. THESIS
The impact of depressive personality disorder on treatment outcome for chronic depression
42 Maddux, Rachel Elizabeth. THESIS
Revictimization advancing theory and method /
43 Poister Tusher, Chantal. THESIS
Syntheses and DNA interactions of acridine and phenothiazine based photosensitizers
44 Wilson, Beth. THESIS
Finite bargaining problems
45 1977- Wu, Hanji THESIS
Working, but poor a study of Georgia's economic self-sufficiency policies /
46 Hayes, Rosa B. THESIS
Reclaiming the human self redemptive suffering and spiritual service in the works of James Baldwin /
47 Allen, Francine LaRue. THESIS
Gate coontrol theory and its application in a physical intervention to reduce children's pain during immunization injections
48 Mennuti-Washburn, Jean Eleanor. THESIS
Exploring the efficacy of pre-equating a large scale criterion-referenced assessment with respect to measurement equivalence
49 Domaleski, Christopher Stephen. THESIS
Comparison of high and low distraction for pediatric procedural pain
50 Lim, Crystal Marie THESIS

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