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The role of gender equality and economic development in explaining female smoking rates
151 Shariff, Samina. THESIS
Development of chiral/achiral analysis methods using capillary electrochromatography and capillary electrochromatography coupled to mass spectrometry
152 Zheng, Jie. THESIS
Inactivation of choline oxidase by irreversible inhibitors or storage conditions
153 Hoang, Jane Vu. THESIS
The relationship between r&d investment and dividend payment tax incentives and their role in the dividend tax puzzle
154 Cleaveland, Mary Catherine. THESIS
Hemispheric differences in numerical cognition a comparative investigation of how primates process numerosity /
155 Gulledge, Jonathan Paul. THESIS
The past in the present archaeology and identity in a historic African American church /
156 Roby, John (John THESIS
An analysis of the MOS under conditions of delay, jitter and packet loss and an analysis of the impact of introducing piggybacking and Reed Solomon FEC for VOIP
157 Ribadeneira, Alexander F. THESIS
The Wisconsin Hmong Resettlement Taskforce an ethnographic analysis of public policy as a cultural process and product /
158 DeVivo, Karen Fink. THESIS
The effect of the death of a child on midlife mental and physical health an exploration of risk and risilience factors /
159 Rogers, Catherine THESIS
Shape-dependent molecular recognition of specific sequences of DNA by heterocyclic cations
160 Miao, Yi. THESIS
Crystallographic analysis and kinetic studies of HIV-1 protease and drug-resistant mutants
161 Tie, Yunfeng. THESIS
Functional analysis of the murine oligoadenylate synthetase 1b (Oas1b)
162 Elbahesh, Husni Muhammad THESIS
Design of novel molecular micelles for capillary electrophoresis
163 Rizvi, Syed Asad THESIS
Identity development as the parent of a lesbian or gay male
164 Phillips, Mary Jane. THESIS
Cultural leadership and peace an educational response to religious violence /
165 (Ben David) Rowe, B. David THESIS
Exploring discrete cosine transform for multi-resolution analysis
166 Abedi, Safdar Ali THESIS
Spatial precipitation variability, snowfall, and historical bison occurrence in the Northwest United States
167 Williams, Heather Anna. THESIS
Continuous late Pleistocene paleoclimate record from the southwest African margin a multi-proxy approach /
168 Shackford, Julia Keegan. THESIS
Predicting spelling scores from math scores in a population of elementary school students with a learning disability
169 (Christopher Blake) Wolfe, Christopher B. THESIS
Social construction of Chinese American ethnic identity dating attitudes and behaviors among second-generation Chinese American youths /
170 Luo, Baozhen. THESIS
The negotiation of gender and athleticism by women athletes
171 Kitchen, Erica Nicolien. THESIS
Provenance and depositional history of late Pleistocene New Jersey shelf sediments
172 Turner, Roxie Jessica. THESIS
Rolling manhood how black and white men experience disability /
173 Bender, Alexis A. THESIS
64 x 64 bit multiplier using pass logic
174 Thankachan, Shibi P. THESIS
Disentangling pathways of adolescent sexual risk from problem behavior syndrome
175 (Kathryn Amanda) Brookmeyer, Kathryn A. THESIS
A characterization of wireless network interface card active scanning algorithms
176 Gupta, Vaibhav. THESIS
Agency and transnationalism social organization among African immigrants in the Atlanta metropolitan area /
177 Anonyuo, Felicia Chigozie. THESIS
Parallel algorithm for memory efficient pairwise and multiple genome alignment in distributed environment
178 Ahmed, Nova. 2004-01-01 THESIS
Making education work the effects of welfare reform on the educational goals and experiences of TANF participants /
179 (Andrea Fiona) Pearson, A. Fiona THESIS
Walter M. Miller, Jr.'s A canticle for Leibowitz a study of apocalyptic cycles, religion and science, religious ethics and secular ethics, sin and redemption, and myth and preternatural innocence /
180 1963- Smith, Cynthia Anne THESIS
Identity as politics, politics as identity a anthropological examination of the political discourse on same-sex marriage /
181 Greenup, Jeremy Jay. THESIS
Governmentality and U.S. congressional discourse regarding abstinence-only sexuality education
182 Boozer, Wm S. THESIS
Distributed algorithms for improving wireless sensor network lifetime with adjustable sensing range
183 Aung, Aung. THESIS
The buffering effect of sibling relationships on problems with peer experiences and psychological functioning in children with cognitive disabilities
184 Hindes, Andrea R. THESIS
An investigation of students' media preferences in learning mathematical concepts
185 Her, Ming Hang THESIS
Two essays on corporate income taxes and organizational forms in the United States
186 Hu, Zhenhua. THESIS
Nonverbal evidence of displaced intergroup affect
187 McCord, Patricia A. THESIS
Analyzing the effects of adolescent risky behaviors on suicidal ideation
188 Sanchez, Marchelle Elizabeth. THESIS
What meaning means for same and different ]electronic resource] : a comparative study in analogical reasoning /
189 (Timothy Michael) Flemming, Timothy M. THESIS
The impact of motivation and conflict escalation on the five zone model for preferred conflict handling and managerial decision making
190 Todd, Dewey W. THESIS
Absolute or relative? which standards do credit rating agencies follow? /
191 1970- Prakash, Puneet THESIS
Caste and the court examining judicial selection bias on bench assignments on the Indian Supreme Court /
192 Sriram, Shyam Krishnan. THESIS
Obesity and the built environment in twenty-six rural Georgia counties an analysis of physical activity, fruit and vegetable consumption, and environmental factors /
193 (Kathleen Elizabeth) Sobush, Kathleen E. THESIS

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