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Kinematic and tectonic significance of the fold- and fault-related fracture systems in the Zagros Mountains, Southern Iran
101 Mobasher, Katayoun. THESIS
Exploring discrete cosine transform for multi-resolution analysis [electronic resource] /
102 Abedi, Safdar Ali THESIS
Sense of community and participant engagement in a group-based parenting intervention /
103 1975- Lesesne, Catherine Ann THESIS
Integration of instructional technology by university lecturers in secondary school teacher education programs in Zimbabwe [electronic resource] : an exploratory study /
104 Chitiyo, Rodwell. THESIS
Perception of emotion from facial expression and affective prosody [electronic resource] /
105 Santorelli, Noe?lle Turini. THESIS
Continuous late Pleistocene paleoclimate record from the southwest African margin [electronic resource] : a multi-proxy approach /
106 Shackford, Julia Keegan. THESIS
Corticotropin releasing factor receptors and agonistic behavior in Syrian hamsters [electronic resource] /
107 Faruzzi, Alicia N. THESIS
Sacred people, a world of change the enduring spirit of the Creek and Cherokee on the frontier /
108 Greenbaum, Marjory Grayson-Lowman. THESIS
Home environment and creative and artistic activity [electronic resource] /
109 Barsh, William Alan. THESIS
Rossian moral pluralism [electronic resource] : a (partial) defense /
110 Desaulniers, Angela J. THESIS
Integralism and objectivism on forms of the mind/body dichotomy in western thought [electronic resource] /
111 Grizzard, Jeannine Annette. THESIS
Freedom and terror President George W. Bush's ideograph use during his first term /
112 (Joseph Michael), 1978- Valenzano THESIS
The role of amenities in the location decisions of Ph. D. recipients in science and engineering
113 Sumell, Albert J. THESIS
Case studies of the literacy interactions of preschool deaf children with their parents in the home
114 Wise, Laura West. THESIS
A deliberate reconstruction and reconfiguring of women in history one teacher's attempt at transforming a U.S. history curriculum /
115 Schafer, Cynthia Marie. THESIS
Soil-transmitted helminths in schoolchildren in Grand Bois Haiti [electronic resource] : a prevalence study /
116 De Pasquale, John M. THESIS
Foreign policy rhetoric for the post-Cold War world : Bill Clinton and America's foreign policy vocabulary /
117 Edwards, Jason Allen. THESIS
Peer review in the contemporary corporation
118 Wisdom, Shannon Warren. THESIS
Satirical Inquiry
119 Prescott, Gina Henderson. THESIS
Essays in labor economics alcohol consumption and socioeconomic outcomes /
120 1972- Sarpong, Eric Mensah THESIS
Foreign language learning in Santo Domingo qualitative case studies in two private schools /
121 Noble, Priscilla Garrido. THESIS
"Bright, aggressive, and abrasive" [electronic resource] : a history of the Chief Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,1951-2006 /
122 Kelsey, Hugh J. THESIS
Goddess dethroned [electronic resource] : the evolution of Morgan le Fay /
123 Carver, Dax Donald. THESIS
On the catalytic mechanism of choline oxidase
124 Fan, Fan. THESIS
Effect of a wildlife conservation camp experience in China on student knowledge of animals, care, propensity for environmental stewardship, and compassionate behavior toward animals
125 Bexell, Sarah Marie. THESIS
Identification and characterization of MvaT and MvaU global regulators in arginine catabolism and quorum sensing of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
126 Wally, Hassan. THESIS
Efficiency implications of corporate diversification evidence from micro data /
127 Emm, Ekaterina E. THESIS
On the mechanistic roles of the protein positive charge close to the N(1)flavin locus in choline oxidase
128 Ghanem, Mahmoud. THESIS
Wayfinding design for randomly developed areas : the Beltline case study /
129 Butler, Joshua. THESIS
The recent rise of southern banking : an examination of the Southeastern Regional Banking Compact and some resulting disparities among the banking industries in the leading southern states /
130 (Thomas Derrill) Hills, Thomas D. THESIS
I am an island to myself : how one veteran English teacher's beliefs, experience, and philosophy translate into classroom practice /
131 Bruhn, Tara Jenkins. THESIS
Theory in culture : toward a psychoanalytic criticism of advertising /
132 Bellinson, Robin L. THESIS
Transporting Atlanta the mode of mobility under construction /
133 Konrad, Miriam Fiedler. THESIS
Basic economic rights
134 Edlich, Harry Sutton. THESIS
Fat-pad specific effects of lipectomy on appetitive and consummatory ingestive behaviors in Siberian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)
135 Johnson, Kelly Deshon. THESIS
Predicting oral language development in toddlers with significant developmental disabilities the role of child and parent communication characteristics /
136 Barker, Robert Micheal. THESIS
Red scare propaganda in the United States a visual and rhetorical analysis /
137 (Christy Lynn) Schroeder, Christy THESIS
Bolt fast or weather
138 (Stephan R.) McCormick, Stephan THESIS
SiaA, a heme protein
139 Libkind, Marianna. THESIS
Emotional awareness and psychophysiological markers of performance on the Iowa gambling task
140 Inman, Cory Shields. THESIS
World War II moments in our family /
141 (Yvonne Nicole) Richter, Yvonne THESIS
Parental stress and its relation tp parental perceptions of communication following language intervention
142 (Ashlyn Leigh) Smith, Ashlyn L. THESIS
Inspection and characterization of exoplanet systems using the CHARA Array
143 Baines, Ellyn. THESIS
A prototype visible to near-infrared spectrograph for the CHARA array a long-baseline stellar interferometer /
144 (Chad Elliott) Ogden, Chad E. THESIS
White dwarfs in the solar neighborhood
145 Subasavage, John P. THESIS
Implementation of vertical handoff algorithm between IEEE 802.11 WLAN and CDMA cellular network
146 Narisetti, Mary. THESIS
Give us this day our daily bread the African American megachurch and prosperity theology /
147 Patterson, Charmayne E. THESIS
Mary of Magdala the evolution of an image /
148 (Rachel D.) Owen, Rachel THESIS
The effect of parental congruence on preadolescent problem behavior in African American families
149 Miller, Alana K. THESIS
Capillary electrochromatography-mass spectrometry (CEC-MS) of surfactants
150 (Dean Stephen) Norton, Dean THESIS

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