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Glucose modulation of the septo-hippocampal system implications for memory /
51 1979- Krebs, Desiree L. THESIS
Ozone damage potential to loblolly pine ecosystems In Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia
52 Styers, Diane Marie. THESIS
Gender bias in observer ratings of pediatric procedural pain
53 Sims, Jeffrey Michael. THESIS
The power of the weak state [electronic resource] : domestic determinants concerning Africa's response to U.S. Article 98 /
54 Cotton, Deborah Helen. THESIS
Feasibility of proposed monetary unions in the Eastern and Southern Africa region [electronic resource] /
55 Buigut, Steven K. THESIS
A study of the mean residual life function and Its applications [electronic resource] /
56 Mbowe, Omar B. THESIS
Essays on value-added taxation [electronic resource] /
57 El-Ganainy, Asmaa Adel. THESIS
Kinematics of the narrow-line regions in the Seyfert galaxies NGC 4151 and NGC 1068 [electronic resource] /
58 Das, Varendra. THESIS
Analyzing the combination of polymorphisms associating with antidepressant response by exact conditional test [electronic resource] /
59 Ma, Baofu. THESIS
Christian missions and Islam [electronic resource] : the Reformed Church in America and the origins of the Moslem world /
60 Montrose, Christopher Cleveland. THESIS
Geographic analysis of two suburban mega church congregations in Atlanta [electronic resource] : a distance and demographic study /
61 Ingram, Ulrike Krampe. THESIS
Spatial precipitation variability, snowfall, and historical bison occurrence in the Northwest United States [electronic resource] /
62 Williams, Heather Anna. THESIS
Synthesis of boronic acid based sensors for glucose and sialic acid and synthesis of novel and selective PDE4 enzyme inhibitors [electronic resource] /
63 Kaur, Gurpreet. THESIS
Wayfinding design for randomly developed areas [electronic resource] : the Beltline case study /
64 Butler, Joshua THESIS
The relationship between high ozone days and atmospheric patterns in Atlanta, Georgia [electronic resource] /
65 Unger, Edward Eugene. THESIS
Investigating the utility of the film War zone as a component of a street harassment prevention program [electronic resource] /
66 Darnell, Doyanne A. THESIS
The application of weak-anion exchange chromatography for the analysis of organic zwitterions using LC/MS/MS [electronic resource] /
67 Bishop, Michael Jason. THESIS
The process and meaning of sexual assault disclosure
68 Smith, Sharon G. THESIS
The quality of governance, composition of public expenditures, and economic growth an empirical analysis /
69 Kagundu, Paul. THESIS
Essays on the political economy of taxation
70 (Raul Alberto), 1972- Ponce THESIS
Essays on optimal mix of taxes, spatiality and persistence under tax evasion
71 Yunus, Mohammad. THESIS
Local government financing and provision in an institutionally constrained decentralized system the case of agricultural extension in Uganda /
72 1975- Muwonge, Abdu THESIS
Autonomy and relatedness in mother-teen interactions as predictors of involvement in adolescent dating aggression
73 Niolon, Phyllis Holditch. THESIS
X-Irradiation of DNA components in the solid state experimental and computational studies of stabilized radicals in guanine derivatives /
74 Jayatilaka, Nayana Kumudini. THESIS
A study to develop strategies for proactive water-loss management
75 Park, Hyun Jung. THESIS
Fiscal decentralization and public sector employment a cross-country analysis /
76 Yao, Ming-Hung. THESIS
Economic effects of land value taxation in an urban area with large lot zoning an urban computable general equilibrium approach /
77 Choi, Ki-Whan. THESIS
Corticotropin releasing factor receptors and agonistic behavior in Syrian hamsters
78 Faruzzi, Alicia N. THESIS
Homologous neurons and their locomotor functions in nudibranch molluscs
79 Newcomb, James M. THESIS
Student achievement in science and mathematics in urban professional development schools during first year of implementation
80 Ogletree, Susan L. THESIS
Predictors of treatment adherence in adolescents with inflammatory bowel disease the role of age, body satisfaction and prospective memory in medication and diet behavior. /
81 Vlahou, Christina-Helen. THESIS
Six middle school language arts teachers' beliefs about grammar and their teaching of grammar while participating In a professional learning community
82 McClure, Ellah Sue. THESIS
Global corporate tax competition for export oriented foreign direct investment
83 1976- Rendon-Garza, Jose Rene THESIS
The economics of child labor
84 Zheng, Xinye THESIS
Two essays on government behavior
85 Zhang, Li. THESIS
Steroid sensitive neurons and male rat mating behavior
86 Huddleston, Gloria Gradine. THESIS
Copycat theory testing for fiscal policies harmonization in the Southern African Coordinating Community (SADC) and Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) /
87 Mbakile-Moloi, Christine Ega. THESIS
Fiscal decentralization and corruption in the public sector
88 1971- Tumennasan, Bayar THESIS
Selective recognition of quadruplex DNA by small molecules [electronic resource] /
89 White, Elizabeth W. THESIS
Protestant Christian missions, race and empire [electronic resource] : the World Missionary Conference of 1910, Edinburgh, Scotland /
90 Sanecki, Kim Caroline. THESIS
Inferring the structure of signal transduction networks from interactions between cellular components and inferring haplotypes from informative SNPS [electronic resource] /
91 Westbrooks, Kelly Anthony. THESIS
Attitudes toward consumer-customized high-tech products [electronic resource] : the role of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, technology readiness, and customer customization sensitivity /
92 Guilabert, Margarita B. THESIS
Essays on life insurer demutualizations and diversifying mergers and acquisitions [electronic resource] /
93 Erhemjamts, Otgontsetseg. THESIS
Developing a modular hydrogeology ontology extending the SWEET ontologies
94 Tripathi, Ajay. THESIS
The role of S7, a subunit of the 19S proteasome, in the transcriptional regulation of MHC II [electronic resource] /
95 Gerhardt, Dawson. THESIS
Distributed data integration using web services and XML [electronic resource] /
96 Mukker, Alka. THESIS
Chemosensory responses in Azospirillum brasilense [electronic resource] /
97 Stephens, Bonnie Baggett. THESIS
Immigrant and minority student visual narratives of high school dropout in Atlanta
98 Modaresi, Anahita. THESIS
Homologous neurons and their locomotor functions in nudibranch molluscs [electronic resource] /
99 Newcomb, James M. THESIS
Determining quality through audience, genre, and the rhetorical canon [electronic resource] : imagining a biography of Eudora Welty for children /
100 Michaels, Cindy Sheffield. THESIS

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