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Chemosensory behavior and development of African male elephants (Loxodonta africana) /
1 Bagley, Kathryn R. THESIS
The role of hybridization in a biological invasion an experimental study with Silene latifolia /
2 Heaton, Lindsay. THESIS
School renewal in South Georgia [electronic resource] /
3 Mulvanity, Sean. THESIS
Effects of dynamic, static stretch, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation on running velocity, step length, and step rate
4 Lane, William Todd. THESIS
The lived experiences of middle school principals in Richmond County, Georgia [electronic resource] /
5 Dallas, Janina C. THESIS
Effects of exercise and a brief education intervention on social physique anxiety in college students
6 Scott, Lisa Anne. THESIS
Population genetic structure of the temperate Scleractinian coral, Oculina arbuscula, in coastal Georgia
7 Wagner, Lauren M. THESIS
An inquiry into the writing pedagogy for middle school language arts
8 Moore, William Love. THESIS
Characteristics and workload of full-time faculty in baccalaureate dental hygiene programs
9 Collins, Marie Antoinette. THESIS
Secession diplomacy a study of Thomas Butler King, commissioner of Georgia to Europe, 1861 /
10 Kearns, Mary Pinckney. THESIS
Effect of hormonal and temporal factors on captive female manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) behavior
11 Horikoshi, Chifuyu. THESIS
Employment criteria used by Georgia public shcool superintendents in high school principal selection
12 Carney, Jeffrey Lynn. THESIS
Principals' perceptions regarding recess in Georgia elementary schools
13 Morrison, Lori. THESIS
Biomechanical sex differences between freshman and sophomore athletes in a single-leg squat and single-leg land [electronic resource] /
14 Walls, Caren. THESIS
Prediction of student achievement in Georgia high schools based on principal competency as defined by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium standards [electronic resource] /
15 Loskoski, Amy Teague. THESIS
The body in pain
16 Sayer, Cherie Anne. THESIS
Impacts of human disturbance on the behavior of sanderlings on the Georgia coast [electronic resource] /
17 Gray, Amy Catherine. THESIS
Reading through brown eyes toward developing a culturally congruent reading curriculum /
18 Taylor, Clara. THESIS
Elementary principals' and PTA parent representatives' perceptions about the effects of parental involvement on student achievement in Georgia Title I schools
19 Phillips, Zack K. THESIS
Derrida, deconstruction and a dialogue on the contemporary Nursing curriculum
20 Gilbert, Catherine Louise. THESIS
Receipt of health information, body mass index, and physical activity and dietary behaviors among university students
21 Meadows, Julianne M. THESIS
The effect of sex on the coordination patterns of athletes during dynamic activities
22 Barnett, Corrie Lynn. THESIS
An analysis of retention factors that influence Georgia's secondary career and technical education teachers to remain in the teaching profession
23 Morris, Hope Jackson. THESIS
Survey of reproduction of the southeastern American kestrel (Falco sparverius paulus) in electrical transmission towers in south-central Georgia [electronic resource] /
24 Maney, Pamela L. THESIS
Agrarian impressions
25 Durrence, Barney. THESIS
Stitched from the soul an auto/biographical inquiry into one black woman administrator's voice and vision /
26 Jefferson, Sonya Duggan. THESIS
The determination of lung function using impulse oscillometry and spirometry
27 Ingram, Me?cole V. THESIS
Home range, reproduction, and habitat characteristics of the female gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) in southeast Georgia
28 Mitchell, Maggie Jo. THESIS
Sponge community structure and anti-predator defenses on temperate reefs of the South Atlantic Bight
29 Ruzicka, Richard Robert. THESIS
What happens to girls when they are the only female in a male dominated setting?
30 Mitchell, Nancy C. THESIS
Foraging behavior and success of herons and egrets in natural and artifical wetlands
31 Mincey, Henry Dewayne. THESIS
Pedagogy of social justice an inquiry into the experiences of African American adolescent males /
32 Lambright, Natalie Ann. THESIS
Local adaptation for life-history traits in Silene latifolia
33 Penna, Brandy M. THESIS
Distance education in Georgia's public school districts baseline data on utilization and the perceived barriers to implementation and expansion /
34 Tankersley, William Joseph. THESIS
Parental investment and male ornamentation in the Eastern bluebird (Sialis sialis)
35 Wetzel, Daniel Paul. THESIS
An exploration of common leadership behaviors exhibited by Georgia elementary principals from high performing, high poverty schools
36 Bishop, Donna Regina. THESIS
The perecived threat of HIV/AIDS between men who have sex with men and heterosexual males
37 Cleveland, Taci Laquey. THESIS
Nurse practitioners in burn centers: an exploration of the developing role /
38 Myers, Trisha A. THESIS
Slected Georgia high school principals' perceptions of student diversity
39 Wiggins, Ronald James. THESIS
Pregnancy intendedness in a high risk group reassessing its meaning /
40 Miller, Mary. THESIS
Mindful teachers case studies of intermediate teachers and their mindful teaching practices /
41 Sherretz, Christine Edwards. THESIS
Georgia superintendents' assessment of the six crucial C's [electronic resource] /
42 Sr. Franklin, Harvey A. THESIS
Molecular population genetics of the Atlantic sand fiddler crab, Uca pugilator, along the Atlantic Coast
43 Weese, David Andrew. THESIS
Resilient lives a critical narrative inquiry into the triumphs and struggles of five African-American women with doctoral degrees /
44 Baker, Paula Booker. THESIS
Becoming multicultural teachers an exploration of transformation in white female elementary educators /
45 Digiovanni, Lee Woodham. THESIS
Relationships of career decision-making and self-esteem for college students and athletes
46 Mize, James B. THESIS
An auto/biographical inquiry into the lives of three female high shcool dropouts in the rural South [electronic resource] /
47 Spurlock, Barbara A. THESIS
Teaching ethics in the Information Systems curriculum
48 Rogers, Camille Franc?oise. THESIS
Testing tests determination of the efficacy of prejudice measures /
49 Simeoni, B. Zeus. THESIS
Coach effectiveness and personality assessments an exploratory analysis of thin slice interpersonal perceptions /
50 Knight, Jennifer Lynne. THESIS

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