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Sexually dimorphic developmental patterns of chemosensory behaviors in African elephants (Loxodonta africana) [electronic resource] /
51 Vyas, Dhaval K. THESIS
Body dissatisfaction and other sociocultural factors as predictors of body image perceptions in sorority and non-sorority women
52 Winston, Kiley Elizabeth. THESIS
Host attraction and host selection in the family Corethrellidae (Wood and Borkent) (Diptera)
53 Camp, Jeremy Vann. THESIS
Georgia elementary principals' perceptions of their ethical philosophy, formal leadership preparation in ethics, and actions related to the development and maintenance of an ethical school
54 Hughes, Laura Martinez. THESIS
The utility of health belief model constructs in predicting dietary behaviors among female university students a pilot investigation /
55 Anderson, Vanessa Emily. THESIS
Controllability, observability and realizability
56 Smith, Inna. THESIS
Ready, steady, go Toyota's advertising in America, 1958-1979 /
57 Smith, Rebecca Hope. THESIS
The Right Reverend Stephen Elliott political influence and the Protestant Episcopal Church in Georgia, 1840-1866 /
58 Thompson, Paulette S. THESIS
The winter ecology of the piping plover (Charadrius melodus) in coastal Georgia
59 Noel, Brandon Lennon. THESIS
The current parent involvement practices in Georgia Title I schools as reported by Title I district-level school administrators
60 McBride, Martha Massey. THESIS
The principles for education of the Social Reconstructionists and Critical Theorists a yardstick of democracy /
61 Hill, Laurie Gertrude THESIS
Georgia female school superintendents perceptions of isolation /
62 Alligood, Juliann Payne. THESIS
Stereotypes and prejudice intergroup contact between Americans and Japanese /
63 Ota, Masami. THESIS
A curriculum of imagination beyond the walls of standardization
64 Lake, Robert Lewis. THESIS
Decreasing elevator travel in women with sign prompts encouraging stair use
65 Mura, Matthew S. THESIS
The lived experiences of middle school principals in Richmond County, Georgia
66 Dallas, Janina C. THESIS
Surveillance and comparison of Anaplasma phagoctyophilum (formerly Erlichia equi) within Ixodes scapularis ticks in selected southeastern states
67 Roellig, Dawn Marie. THESIS
The Georgia public school superintendency an exploration of the profession /
68 Swain, Tina Mychele THESIS
A critical race inquiry into the use of grade level textbooks for students with reading disabilities the perspectives of teachers, students, and parents /
69 Sweatman, Margie Wiggins. THESIS
The process of becoming a Blue Ribbon School perceptions of participating teachers and principals /
70 Harris, Dana Russina. THESIS
Perception and reality an examination of American print advertising /
71 Ryczkowski, Angela Rose. THESIS
School renewal in South Georgia
72 Mulvanity, Sean. THESIS
How kindergartners' talks and drawings inform our ways of developing a curriculum of caring and imagination
73 Aliotta, Lisa Audet. THESIS
Closing the minority achievement gap in Georgia middle schools principals' perspectives /
74 Johnson, Stacy Eugene. THESIS
Perceptions of Georgia elementary school principals in relation to education reform and the A+ Education Reform Act of 2000
75 Newton, Doris Elizabeth THESIS
Dysacademia in the ivory towers performativity, discipline, control & chaotically moving towards the shadows of the 3rd educational spaces /
76 Geisler, Paul Rene?. THESIS
A cross-cultural narrative inquiry into language, culture, and identity development of three high school female immigrant stduents and their mainstream schooling experience in Atlanta, Georgia
77 Cavan, Joanna Stoughton. THESIS
Using multicultural liteature to develop empathy and compassion in preservice teachers a frist step in preparing culturally responsive teachers /
78 Warren, Lyndall Harrison. THESIS
Effects of fire on the ectoparasites of small mammals in longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) habitats
79 Nims, Todd N. THESIS
The impact of labeling, legislation, and accommodations on the academic achievement of African American students with learning disabilities
80 Gaiters-Fields, Kimberly Suress. THESIS
Age effects on social and investigative behaviors in a closed population of African elephants
81 Merte, Christen E. THESIS
The Georgia technical college administrators' perceptions of the future vocational and academic roles of Georgia's technical colleges
82 Bragg, Thomas Ennis. THESIS
Television viewing habits, body mass index, dietary behaviors and physical activity among university students
83 Ball, Mary Catherine. THESIS
Sexual dimorphic social development and female intrasexual chemical signaling of African elephants (Loxodonta africana)
84 Meyer, Jordana Marie. THESIS
Educational Talent Search assessing student outcomes for first-generation, low-income students in rural Georgia /
85 Jenkins, Sandra Jean. THESIS
A comparison in academic performance between distance learning and traditional on-campus students in allied healthcare education at the Medical College of Georgia
86 Russell, Barbara Landis. THESIS
Mosquitos associated with equine West Nile virus cases in southeastern Georgia
87 Hancock, Calvin. THESIS
The development of chemosensory behaviors in African elephants (Loxodonta africana) and male responses to female urinary compounds
88 Loizi, Helen. THESIS
An integrated phenomenological study of teachers' perceptions of a professional learning community utilizing Senge's five disciplines of a learning organization
89 Stockard, Margaret Zena. THESIS
Ankle kinetics during landing tasks in participants with chronic ankle instability and uninjured controls
90 Bauer, Alison Lorinda. THESIS
Georgia school principals' perceptions of the impact of school facilities on student achievement
91 Barbra, Zheadric E. THESIS
College women and the occurrence of unwanted sexual advances in public drinking settings a feminist routine activites approach /
92 Johnson, Abby McColl. THESIS
The prevalence of the Q-fever agent Coxiella burnetii in ticks collected from an animal shelter in southeast Georgia
93 Smoyer, John Harvey. THESIS
The culture of obesity
94 Melton, Bridget Frugoli. THESIS
Forbidden fruit Dryden's The state of innocence and fall of man, an operatic version of Paradise lost /
95 Middleton, Devane King. THESIS
Playground for the imagination
96 Miller, B. Darlene. THESIS
Connectives and causal relatedness in expository text
97 Simpkins, Benjamin G. THESIS
Teaching with passion a narrative inquiry into elementary teachers' identity development, personal and professional knowledge, and love of teaching /
98 Aimar, Evelyn Lightfoot. THESIS
Effects of resistance and aerobic exercise on physical self-efficacy and social physique anxiety in female college students
99 Martin, Michele Y. THESIS
Teaching bodies curriculum and corporeality /
100 Maudlin, Julie Garten. THESIS

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