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Aircraft Position Estimation using Lenticular Sheet Generated Optical Patterns
401 Barbieri, Nicholas Paul 2008-01-24 THESIS
Interfacing Comprehensive Rotorcraft Analysis with Advanced Aeromechanics and Vortex Wake Models
402 Liu, Haiying 2007-12-12 THESIS
Electromagnetic Modeling of Interconnections in Three-Dimensional Integration
403 Han, Ki Jin 2009-05-14 THESIS
Global Optimization of Monotonic Programs: Applications in Polynomial and Stochastic Programming.
404 Cheon, Myun-Seok 2005-04-15 THESIS
Contributions to Statistical Learning and Statistical Quantification in Nanomaterials
405 Deng, Xinwei 2009-06-22 THESIS
State-Space Realization for Nonlinear Systems
406 Shoukry, George Fouad 2008-11-19 THESIS
Impact of Distributed Generation on Power Network Operation
407 Pregelj, Aleksandar 2003-12-11 THESIS
Refinement of reduced protein models with all-atom force fields
408 Wroblewska, Liliana 2007-11-14 THESIS
Low-Power Audio Input Enhancement for Portable Devices
409 Yoo, Heejong 2005-01-13 THESIS
Integrated Decisions for Supply Chain Design and Inventory Allocation Problem
410 Mangotra, Divya 2007-11-12 THESIS
Design of Cognitive Work Support Systems for Airline Operations
411 Feigh, Karen M 2008-08-20 THESIS
Technology Adoption and Inequality
412 Faissol, Daniel Mello 2008-04-01 THESIS
A Substructure Based Parallel Solution Framework for Solving Linear Structural Systems with Multiple Loading Conditions
413 Kurc, Ozgur 2005-04-21 THESIS
Attenuation models for material characterization
414 Maess, Johannes Thomas 2004-11-18 THESIS
Synthesis of One-Dimensional Nanostructure Materials
415 Zhou, Zhengzhi 2009-06-23 THESIS
Chemical and hydromechanical cue structure in the context of turbulent odor plume tracking
416 Dickman, Brian D 2008-11-17 THESIS
Light Scattering of Semitransparent Media
417 Li, Qinghe 2008-03-31 THESIS
Chemical and Structural Modification of Porous Silicon for Energy Storage and Conversion
418 Corno, James A 2008-01-15 THESIS
Cardiac Motion Recovery from Magnetic Resonance Images Using Incompressible Deformable Models
419 Bistoquet, Arnaud 2008-06-24 THESIS
Single-Site Olefin Polymerization Catalysts via the Molecular Design of Porous Silica
420 McKittrick, Michael W. 2005-03-25 THESIS
Integrated Micromechanical-Structural Framework for the Nonlinear Viscoelastic Behavior of Laminated and Pultruded Composite Materials and Structures
421 Muliana, Anastasia Hanifah 2004-03-31 THESIS
Crystallization of Pseudopolymorphic Forms of Sodium Naproxen in Mixed Solvent Systems
422 Chavez, Krystle J 2009-06-22 THESIS
Design of FeCo Nanoalloy Morphology via Control of Reaction Kinetics
423 Williams, Melissa Ann 2005-11-22 THESIS
Investigation of a Stop-Fold Tiltrotor
424 Bosworth, Jeff 2009-07-09 THESIS
Formation and Break Up of Microscale Liquid Jets
425 Hunter, Hanif 2009-01-12 THESIS
Predictive Control of Multibody Systems for the Simulation of Maneuvering Rotorcraft
426 Sumer, Yalcin Faik 2005-04-18 THESIS
Institutionalized Environments and Information Security Management: Learning From Y2K
427 Hassebroek, Pamela Burns 2007-07-02 THESIS
Constrained crystallization and depletion in the polymer medium for transdermal drug delivery system
428 Zeng, Jianming 2004-07-13 THESIS
Moisture and Interfacial Adhesion in Microelectronic Assemblies
429 Ferguson, Timothy Patrick 2004-06-21 THESIS
Enhanced boiling heat transfer by submerged, vibration induced jets
430 Tillery, Steven W. 2005-07-14 THESIS
The Noncommutative Geometry of Ultrametric Cantor Sets
431 Pearson, John Clifford 2008-05-13 THESIS
Minimalistic Descriptions of Nondynamical Electron Correlation: From Bond-Breaking to Transition-Metal Catalysis
432 Sears, John Steven 2007-11-14 THESIS
433 Gosnell, Sawyer Ross 2006-08-28 THESIS
Is Building Construction Approaching the Threshold of Becoming Unsustainable?: A Systems Theoretic Exploration towards a Post-Forrester Model for Taming Unsustainable Exponentialoids
434 Fernandez-Solis, Jose Luciano 2006-11-15 THESIS
The Radiative Effect of Aerosols from Biomass Burning on the Transition from Dry to Wet Season over the Amazon as Tested by a Regional Climate Model
435 Zhang, Yan 2008-08-08 THESIS
Virtual Rear Projection: Improving the User Experience with Multiple Redundant Projectors
436 Summet, Jay W. 2007-08-22 THESIS
A Bayesian Framework for Target Tracking using Acoustic and Image Measurements
437 Cevher, Volkan 2005-01-18 THESIS
Elastohydrodynamic Analysis of a Rotary Lip Seal Using Flow Factors
438 Rocke, Ann H 2004-07-30 THESIS
Kinetic Friction of Nonwetting Drops
439 Carnasciali, Maria-Isabel 2008-04-01 THESIS
440 Hirsch, Michael Robert 2008-07-10 THESIS
Problems and Results in Partially Ordered Sets, Graphs and Geometry
441 Biro, Csaba 2008-06-26 THESIS
Mechanism of Foaming on Polymer-Paperboard Composites
442 Annapragada, Sriram Kiran 2007-11-08 THESIS
Models of Single Neurons and Network Dynamics in the Medullary Transverse Slice
443 Purvis, Liston Keith 2006-11-20 THESIS
Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Phase Transitions during Supercooling and Superheating: A Theoretical and Computational Investigation in Model Lennard-Jones Systems
444 Bai, Xianming 2006-11-13 THESIS
Steady-State Analyses: Variance Estimation in Simulations and Dynamic Pricing in Service Systems
445 Aktaran-Kalayci, Tuba 2006-08-04 THESIS
Flow Characterization and Modeling of Cartilage Development in a Spinner-Flask Bioreactor
446 Sucosky, Philippe 2005-03-30 THESIS
A Methodology for the Development of Machine Vision Algorithms Through the use of Human Visual Models
447 Daley, Wayne D. 2004-05-21 THESIS
Novel Concepts in Piezohydraulic Pump Design
448 Keller, Charles Anderson 2004-04-01 THESIS
Continuum Modeling of Liquid-Solid Suspensions for Nonviscometric Flows
449 Miller, Ryan Michael 2004-12-01 THESIS
The Screen as Boundary Object in the Realm of Imagination
450 Lee, Hyun Jean 2009-01-09 THESIS

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