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DNA knotting occurrences, consequences & resolution /
1 1970- Mann, Jennifer Katherine THESIS
Computational analysis of the U2 snRNA-intron duplex
2 Xu, Darui. THESIS
The effect of purposeful distractors placed in an excerpt of Puccini's La Boh©·me to ascertain their influence on the listening experience
3 Southall, John K. THESIS
Conflict, cooperation, and the world's legal systems [electronic resource] /
4 Powell, Emilia Justyna.; Smith, Dale L. THESIS
Transmission of wisdom [electronic resource] : an inquiry into the stories of African American elders /
5 Samuel, Judith.; Rehm, Marsha Lynn. THESIS
Juxtaposition of semiotic mediation with social mediation [electronic resource] : the effect of text types and social interaction on moral judgment /
6 Kim, Soyoung.; Baylor, Amy L. THESIS
El lenguaje ecolo?gico de Manuel Rivas: retranca, resilencia y reexistencia [electronic resourse] /
7 Isabel., Castro-Va?zquez; Cappuccio, Brenda L. THESIS
Group I and II metabotropic glutamate receptors are necessary for the activity-dependent maintenance of ribosomal integrity in chick auditory neurons
8 Nicholas, Alexander H. THESIS
Distance learning students' perceptions of the online instructor roles and competencies
9 Abdulla, Ahmad G. THESIS
Partner influence, team brainstorming, and fraud risk assessment some implications of SAS no. 99 /
10 Carpenter, Tina Daly. THESIS
Nuclear structure of 86Zr and 20O and beam pulsing techniques
11 Wiedeking, Mathis. THESIS
Race-ing the goddess Gloria Naylor's Mama day and Sue Monk Kidd's The Secret life of bees /
12 Mayfield, Joni J. THESIS
Situational and dispositional antecedents and consequences of impression management tactics the role of political skill /
13 Gallagher, Vickie Coleman. THESIS
Annual to interannual barotropic variability in the Atlantic Western boundary
14 Montenegro, Alvaro. THESIS
The role of family values and perceived family social support in stress appraisal among black and white college students
15 Nelson, Taiye N. THESIS
Effect of feedback schedules and number of practice trials on motor retention of novel speech behaviors
16 1973- Kim, In-sop THESIS
Logistic regression, measures of explained variation, and the base rate problem
17 Sharma, Dinesh R. THESIS
Pedagogical agents as learning companions the effects of agent affect and gender on learning, interest, self-efficacy, and agent persona /
18 Kim, Yanghee. THESIS
Art therapy with hospitalized pediatric patients
19 Wolf Bordonaro, Gaelynn P. THESIS
Effects of spatial visualization and achievement on student's use of multiple representations
20 Erbilgin, Evrim. THESIS
The effectiveness of sexual offender treatment for juveniles as measured by recidivism a meta-analysis /
21 Reitzel, Lorraine R. THESIS
Dinoflagellate bioluminescence limitation effects of formaldehyde and other compounds /
22 Lambert, Diana Li. THESIS
Using student characteristics to predict the persistence of community college students in online courses
23 Harrell, Ivan L. THESIS
A critical analysis of the 34th Street wall, Gainesville, Florida
24 Lane, Lilly Katherine. THESIS
Relationships between ethnic identity and eating disordered behavior and attitudes among black and white college females
25 Baugh, Eboni J. THESIS
Structural investigation of RNA-RNA and RNA-protein interactions involving the pre-mRNA branch site region of the functional core of the spliceosome
26 1978- Schroeder, Kersten T. THESIS
The effects of the assessor and assessee's roles on preservice teachers' metacognitive awareness, performance, and attitude in a technology-related design task
27 Kim, Minjeong. THESIS
Understanding decentralization local power over decision-making for comprehensive planning in Florida /
28 Ali, Amal Kamal. THESIS
How baby boomers value their learning experiences as consumers of a Florida communty [sic] college's educational services
29 Palazesi, Louis Mark. THESIS
Normative study of the PPAT assessment on a sample of college students
30 Bucciarelli, Amy. THESIS
The impact of social model agent type (coping, mastery) and social interaction type (vicarious, direct) on learner motivation, attitudes, social comparisons, affect and learning performance
31 Ebbers, Suzanne J. THESIS
The antecedents and consequences of emotion regulation at work
32 Liu, Yongmei THESIS
English and social capital in an American university in the Republic of Panama
33 Humphries, Steven E. THESIS
Effects of cognitive-linguistic load on measurements of gait in healthy elderly
34 1981- Cicchitto, Derek THESIS
Influence of stimulus modality and interstimulus interval in computerized measures of verbal working memory performance in Parkinson's Disease
35 Hancock, Adrienne B. THESIS
How the merit scholars program of Florida's Bright Futures funding has affected student success among African-American students
36 McClinton, Marguerite. THESIS
Transmission of wisdom an inquiry into the stories of African American elders /
37 Samuel, Judith. THESIS
Juxtaposition of semiotic mediation with social mediation the effect of text types and social interaction on moral judgment /
38 Kim, Soyoung. THESIS
El lenguaje ecolo?gico de Manuel Rivas: retranca, resilencia y reexistencia
39 Isabel., Castro-Va?zquez THESIS
Conflict, cooperation, and the world's legal systems
40 Powell, Emilia Justyna. THESIS
Structural investigation of mutated spliceosomal U2 snRNA- intron helices importance of base triple in spliceosomal core /
41 Nelson, Joycelynn Denise. THESIS
An examination of the racial differences on MMPI-2 profiles of incarcerated women
42 Castro, Yezzennya. THESIS
A generation of witnesses neo-testimonial practices in Flight to Canada, Dessa Rose, Beloved, Kindred, and The Chaneysville incident /
43 Wholuba, Anita P. THESIS
Sexual behavior, sexual knowledge, self-esteem, and sexual attitudes among emerging adult females
44 Byno, Lucille H. THESIS
Robustness of hierarchical linear model parameter estimates under violations of second-level residual homoskedasticity and independence assumptions
45 Darandari, Eqbal Z. THESIS
Bayesian dynamic survival models for longitudinal aging data
46 He, Jianghua. THESIS
The relationship of teacher knowledge and first-grade reading outcomes in low-income schools
47 Duggar, Staci Walton. THESIS
Deterrence and clarity U.S. security policy in the Asian-Pacific, 1950-1970 /
48 Sherrill, Clifton W. THESIS
Do levels of governance make a difference? investigating the effects of the structural funds on convergence within the European Union /
49 Fattore, Christina. THESIS
Ideology and social attitudes a review of European and British attitudes to European integration /
50 Fisher, Jeremiah J. THESIS

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