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Evaluation of nitrogen oxide emissions during startup of simple cycle combustion turbines
301 Mulkey, Cynthia E. THESIS
Archaeological remains from 71 Park Place, St. Augustine, Florida evidence of urban slavery? /
302 Beck, Rita. THESIS
Awareness of parental infidelity on college students' reported commitment in romantic relationships
303 Greene, Kristen H. THESIS
What allows online assessment to "fit" in an urban science classroom?
304 Sybol, Taryn L. THESIS
The effects of contextual constraints on meaning selection in the mental lexicon
305 Madden, Carol Joy. THESIS
The effects of d-Cycloserine, an NMDA receptor agonist, on conditioned taste aversion learning
306 Davenport, Rachel A. THESIS
ISCSI-based storage area network for disaster
307 Murphy, Matthew R. THESIS
The historical development of the Student Government Association as a student sub-culture at the Florida State University: 1946-1976
308 Crume, Allison Hawkins. THESIS
Angular momentum induced shape changes in the rare-earth nuclei ¹?², ¹?³Gd and ¹??, ¹??Yb
309 Campbell, David. THESIS
The effect of internet technology in the exporter-distributor relationship
310 Kuhlmeier, David B. THESIS
Inbreeding depression and mating system evolution in the perennial herb viola septemloba; and the evolutionary maintanence of cleistogamy
311 Oakley, Christopher G. THESIS
Medium velocity impact triboelectrification experiments with JSC MARS-1 regolith simulant
312 McCown, Robert Edward. THESIS
Integrin alpha IIb beta 3 conformational change visualized in a membrane environment by cryoelectron tomography
313 1978- Ye, Feng THESIS
Chariot usage in Greek Dark Age warfare
314 Conter, Carolyn Nicole. THESIS
The relationship of adolescent attachment to parents and peers with therapeutic alliance
315 Barlow, Sandra M. THESIS
Toddler-mother attachment and non-maternal care in ethnically diverse families
316 (Ana Helga) Marty Alicea, Ana H. THESIS
Variability of Indian Ocean surface fluxes using a new objective method
317 Banks, Robert. THESIS
Environmental impact assessment of transportation projects an analysis using an integrated GIS, remote sensing, and spatial modeling approach /
318 El-Gafy, Mohamed Anwar. THESIS
"I'm a product of everything I've been through" a narrative study of the cultural identity construction of Bosnian Muslim female refugee students /
319 Clark, Elizabeth Hoffman. THESIS
Batch anion exchange separation a prefractionation technique for proteome research and its applications on in vivo cancer samples /
320 Sahab, Ziad Joseph. THESIS
Unit cohesion among the three Soviet women's air regiments during World War II
321 Bhuvasorakul, Jessica Leigh. THESIS
A cargo of Islamic ceramics from the eighteenth-century Sadana Island shipwreck in the Red Sea typology, form, and function of Qulal and other shapes /
322 Braun, Kathy J. THESIS
Rearguard of the confederacy the Second Florida Infantry Regiment /
323 Turner, Shane M. THESIS
Plying the waters of time maritime archaeology and history on the Florida Gulf Coast /
324 Horrell, Christopher Earl. THESIS
Visualizing cell adhesion proteins using cryo-electron microscopy and 3D reconstruction techniques
325 Kelly, Deborah F. THESIS
Evaluating computer-mediated communication on the university campus the impact of on the development of romantic relationships /
326 1982- Andon, Stephen P. THESIS
Perceptions of academic advising and freshman student retention an application of Tinto's model /
327 Smith, Kathleen Shea. THESIS
Solid state NMR cross polarization schemes for peptide samples oriented in hydrated phospholipid bilayers
328 Kim, Hyeongnam. THESIS
ENSO event reproduction a comparison of an EOF vs. a cyclostationary (CSEOF) approach /
329 1976- Briggs, Kristen. THESIS
The Lewis Camp Mound (8JE182), Jefferson County, Florida
330 Kratt, Henry J. THESIS
Quality of life among Army spouses parenting and family stress during deployment to Operation Iraqi Freedom /
331 Everson, Ronald Blaine. THESIS
Simulating object resolution during language comprehension
332 Yaxley, Richard H. THESIS
Indigenous ceramics from feature 118 at the O'Connell Site (8LE157) a late Spanish mission in Apalachee Province, Leon County, Florida /
333 Wallace, Jayne Talley. THESIS
Conditioned taste aversion short-term expression and neural activation /
334 Howard, Karilynn. THESIS
Short-range QPF over Korean Peninsula using nonhydrostatic mesoscale model & "Future Time" data assimilation based on rainfall nowcasting from GMS satellite measurements
335 Ou, Mi-Lim. THESIS
Carbon exchange variability over Amazon Basin using coupled hydrometeorological-mixed layer PBL-CO? assimilation modeling system forced by satellite-derived surface radiation & precipitation
336 Grose, Andrew. THESIS
Associate degree programs of Public Administration in United States public community colleges and junior colleges
337 Maxwell, Steven Robert. THESIS
Katherine Montgomery a change of heart on women's competitive athletics in the early 20th century /
338 Castelow, Peter L. THESIS
An investigation of financial assurance mechanisms for environmental liabilities
339 Habegger, Wendy D. THESIS
The moral judgment of students violating a university disciplinary code
340 Cooper, Merryl Hope THESIS
Impact of a women's program for science, mathematics and engineering on undergraduate women activity systems on the periphery /
341 Kahveci, Ajda. THESIS
Antecedents and consequences of cynicism in organizations an examination of the potential positive and negative effects on school systems /
342 James, Matrecia S. THESIS
Building trust an examination of the impacts of brand equity, security, and personalization on trust processes /
343 Stoecklin-Serino, Catharina Maria. THESIS
Model characteristics and properties of nanorobots in the bloodstream
344 Zimmer, Michael Makoto. THESIS
Psychosocial influences on college attendance among first and continuing-generation college students
345 (Jamilah Quebec) Logan, J. Quebec THESIS
Investigation of oxygen growth pressure effects on TiO?-o:Co.
346 Hu, Erhong. THESIS
Nursultan Nazarbayev's influence on the relocation of the Kazakh capital
347 Whetstone, Deborah Jean THESIS

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