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Who saves the animated world? the sex-role stereotyping of superheroes and superheroines in children's animated programs /
251 Baker, Kaysee. THESIS
Measuring tradition and variation a St. Johns II pottery assemblage from the shields site (8DU12) /
252 Rolland, Vicki L. THESIS
Caribbean prehistoric domestic architecture a study of spatio-temporal dynamics and acculturation /
253 Ramcharan, Shaku. THESIS
The mobile community center a socially restorative solution for federal emergency management agency disaster trailer parks in the American South /
254 Williamson, Kelly. THESIS
Psychosocial influences on college attendance among first and continuing-generation college students [electronic resource] /
255 Logan, J. Quebec THESIS
An analysis of the function of systemic variables within forgiving and unforgiving families
256 Gilbert, Paul Byron. THESIS
The development of a measure of student-on-student victimization (SSV) establishing reliability and validity /
257 Creason, Alia H. THESIS
Structural and dynamics characterization of membrane proteins using static solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
258 1974- Li, Conggang THESIS
Female rats show greater sensitivity to high-strength magnetic fields role of vestibular system and estrogen /
259 Cason, Angela Marie. THESIS
Design of a wearable cobot
260 Chua, Jason Yap. THESIS
Numerical simulation of quench propagation in superconducting magnets by using high order methods
261 Mao, Shaolin. THESIS
A model study of the deconfining phase transition
262 Velytsky, Alexander. THESIS
Biomimetic cascade reactions towards the synthesis of ciguatoxin
263 1979- Bou Hamdan, Farhan Ramez THESIS
Initial characterization of two alpha-helical membrane proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
264 Chase, Rose Ann. THESIS
Comparative analysis of the power output of crystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules using solar tracking system
265 1969- Anthony, Thomas P. THESIS
The role of local adaptation in the evolution of reproductive isolation in Diodia teres
266 Hereford, Joe. THESIS
Study of structure-function correlations in ion channels by solid state NMR
267 Mo, Yiming. THESIS
The deconfining phase transition in and out of equilibrium
268 Bazavov, Oleksiy. THESIS
Playing along with the game examining the impact that enhanced television services have on the enjoyment of televised sports /
269 Carlton, Kristin A. THESIS
Towards a new pathway for synthesis of taxol and its analogs
270 Joud, Carol. THESIS
Perceptions of career advancement factors held by black student affairs administrators a gender comparison /
271 Belk, Adria. THESIS
Native Soil an ethnography of value among Masewal peasants of Cayo, Belize /
272 Stanley, Erik. THESIS
Sensory transduction in the vomeronasal organ the role of protein interactions /
273 Brann, Jessica Helene. THESIS
Structural behavior of 157,158,159Dy in the I=30-50h spin regime and the high-spin domain of 158Er up to and above band termination
274 1978- Pipidis, Paschalis Akis THESIS
Reading between the filaments structural characterization of two different F-actin cross-linking proteins by electron microscopy /
275 Hampton, Cheri M. THESIS
The relationship between nutritional risk factors, nutritional risk indicators, and the severity of physical disability within older adult home delivered meal program participants
276 Fordyce, Janice L. THESIS
Structure-function correlation of the M2 proton channel characterized by solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
277 Hu, Jun. THESIS
A stock market agent-based model using evolutionary game theory and quantum mechanical formalism
278 Montin, Benoit S. THESIS
Investigating the simulation of event locus during online comprehension
279 1976- Yaxley, Richard H. THESIS
The role of family functioning in treatment engagement and posttreatment delinquency involvement
280 Headman, Neil C. THESIS
Motor resonance and linguistic focus
281 1983- Taylor, Lawrence J. THESIS
Corporate governance and the relation with aggressive accounting practices
282 Riley, C. Alison. THESIS
To make graver this sin conceptions of purity and pollution among the Timucua of Spanish Florida /
283 1971- Spike, Tamara Shircliff THESIS
A reevaluation of Bullen's typology for preceramic projectile points
284 Farr, Grayal Earle. THESIS
A model for studying World War II-era LCMs in the archaeological record
285 Keith, Matthew. THESIS
Japanese business strategy in the international oil industry
286 Hosaka, Shunsuke. THESIS
Real-time construction project progress tracking a hybrid model for wireless technologies selection, assessment, and implementation /
287 Ghanem, Amine. THESIS
Robust fault detection and diagnosis for permanent magnet synchronous motors
288 1974- Liu, Li THESIS
Polypyrrole as a smart material for phosphate contaminate detection in water
289 Woodard, Yoshino N. THESIS
The role of selective attention in illusions of social acceptance and aggression in children
290 White, Bradley A. THESIS
Design and construction of 1 D.O.F. haptic interface
291 Chandrabalan, Clement Jones. THESIS
The construction of a measure to assess the development of resilience in adolescents of African descent
292 Laird, Nyamekye W. THESIS
Social differentiation in the Late Copper Age and the Early Bronze Age in South Moravia (Czech Republic)
293 Sosna, Daniel. THESIS
The development and formative evaluation of a Human Performance Intervention Evaluation Model
294 Gordon, Doretta E. THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of redox-active ruthenium complexes with pendant alkyl-thiol ligands designed to form self-assembled monolayers on gold
295 Northrop, Aaron R. THESIS
Creating an urban sense of community in a pedestrian and transit-oriented development
296 Harbin, Laurel. THESIS
Realtime dynamic load shedding for shipboard power systems
297 Ding, Zhiping. THESIS
Postsynaptic signaling during conditioned taste aversion role of serine/threonine phosphatases /
298 Oberbeck, Denesa Lockwood. THESIS
North Atlantic decadal variability of ocean surface fluxes
299 Hughes, Paul J. THESIS
Design, manufacture and performance of solar-powered floating fountain
300 Gomez, Eduardo J. THESIS

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