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A survey of sight-singing instructional practices in Florida middle school choral programs
201 Kuehne, Jane Marie. THESIS
Local land use choices : an empirical investigation of development impact fees in Florida /
202 Jeong, Moon-Gi. THESIS
Stamps from italian red-gloss pottery from San Venanzo, Italy (2000-2003) a catalogue and a context /
203 Preissler, Linnaea A. THESIS
From palaces to Pompeii the architectural and social context of Hellenistic floor mosaics in the House of the Faun /
204 Christensen, Alexis M. THESIS
Shape of the beast the theriomorphic and therianthropic deities and demons of ancient Italy /
205 1974- Rupp, Wayne L. THESIS
Bucchero pottery from Cetamura del Chianti (1978-2003)
206 Layton, Stephanie A. THESIS
Attitude change among undergraduate rehabilitaion interns
207 Morrison, Iyabo Abena. THESIS
The diffusion and effectiveness of self-managed work teams (SMWTs) in municipal management a combined model of institutional and behavioral approaches /
208 Yang, Seung-Bum. THESIS
Public administration and political science an historical analysis of the relation between the two academic disciplines /
209 Khodr, Hiba. THESIS
Diversity patterns in pen shell (Atrina rigida) communities
210 Munguia, Pablo. THESIS
William G. Brown and the development of education [electronic resource] : a retrospective on the career of a state superintendent of public education of African descent in Louisiana /
211 Breaux, Peter J. THESIS
Essays on financial market liquidity under market duress
212 Flaherty, Susan Marie THESIS
The Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction using Nicholas cations as an electrophile [electronic resource] /
213 Campbell, Mark THESIS
Vortex to virus, myth to meme [electronic resource] : the literary evolution of nihilism and chaos in modernism and postmodernisn /
214 Varela, Julio A.; Gontarski, S. E. THESIS
Access to health care among Mexican and Central American migrant workers in northwest Florida [electronic resource] : description of needed care and barriers /
215 Dwyer, Joyce M. THESIS
Educational preparation of entry-level professional librarians employed by Florida research libraries
216 Elgohary, Amgad A. THESIS
Career patterns of women librarians who were early adopters of the Internet
217 Ladner, Sharyn J. THESIS
Performance of AASHTO girder bridges under blast loading
218 Islam, A. K. THESIS
Modeling highway crashes using Bayesian Belief Networks technique and GIS
219 Sando, Thobias M. THESIS
Dynamic response of highway bridges subjected to heavy vehicles
220 1975- Li, Hongyi THESIS
Influence of transit accessibility to jobs on the employability of the welfare recipients the case of Broward County, Florida /
221 1967 Alam, Bhuiyan Monwar THESIS
In search of something akin to freedom [electronic resource] : black women, slavery, and power /
222 Smith, Katrina Songanett. THESIS
Shrouded in cheesecloth : the demise of shade tobacco in Florida and Georgia /
223 Pando, Robert T. THESIS
Realtime dynamic load shedding for shipboard power systems [electronic resource] /
224 Ding, Zhiping.; Cartes, David A. THESIS
Postsynaptic signaling during conditioned taste aversion [electronic resource] : role of serine/threonine phosphatases /
225 Oberbeck, Denesa Lockwood.; Houpt, Thomas A. THESIS
North Atlantic decadal variability of ocean surface fluxes [electronic resource] /
226 Hughes, Paul J.; Bourassa, Mark A. THESIS
Analyzing powers for the C(Li, t/d/p) reactions
227 Weintraub, William D. THESIS
Feasibility study of radio-frequency (RF) inductor energy harvesting
228 Braimah, Ibrahim. THESIS
Design, manufacture and performance of solar-powered floating fountain [electronic resource] /
229 Gomez, Eduardo J.; Owusu, Yaw A. THESIS
Evaluation of nitrogen oxide emissions during startup of simple cycle combustion turbines [electronic resource] /
230 Mulkey, Cynthia E.; Dzurik, Andrew Albert THESIS
A study of fatal rollover crashes in the state of Florida [electronic resource] : a study of fatal traffic crashes in Florida from 1998-2000 /
231 Saravade, Snehal B.; Spainhour, Lisa K. THESIS
Multiculturism must come to a truce Hollywood and the perpetual browning of the nation
232 Harrell, Belle. THESIS
The wisest Sappho thoughts and visions of H.D. in Jeanette Winterson's Art & lies /
233 Morian, Karen L. THESIS
Authority's advocate Samuel Parker, religion, and politics in Restoration England /
234 Jewell, Jason. THESIS
Malvinas myths, Falklands fictions cultural responses to war from both sides of the Atlantic /
235 Williams, Laura Linford. THESIS
Alexander Pushkin's influence on the devlopment of the Russian ballet
236 Cashin, Kathryn Karrh. THESIS
Ending oppression and establishing justice examples from Islamic history of select Muslims and Islamist groups justifying the use of armed force. /
237 1972- Hassan, Fazal Mohammed THESIS
Empowerment and enslavement rap in the context of African-American cultural memory /
238 Rollins-Haynes, Levern G. THESIS
Ashley Street blues racial uplift and the commodification of vernacular performance in La Villa, Florida, 1896-1916 /
239 Smith, Peter Dunbaugh. THESIS
Northrop Frye goes to the movies
240 Hamilton, Mark. THESIS
Vortex to virus, myth to meme the literary evolution of nihilism and chaos in modernism and postmodernisn /
241 Varela, Julio A. THESIS
Hoopla in Harlem! The renaissance of African American art and culture a rhetorical criticism of artists as social activists during the 1920s and 30s; engaging the philosophical discourse of Kenneth Burke /
242 Tillman, Gregory Anthony. THESIS
Association between concurrent use of proton pump inhibitors and antibiotic therapies with increasing incidence of clostridium difficile infections
243 Scott, Jennifer. THESIS
Benjamin Britten and Luchino Visconti iterations of Thomas Mann's Death in Venice /
244 Larner, James M. THESIS
Benjamin Keach and the Baptist singing controversy mediating scripture, confessional heritage, and christian unity /
245 Brooks, James C. THESIS
Beatrice Wood sophisticated primitive /
246 Hennessey, Helen Dixon. THESIS
The relationship between technical analysis generated returns and the Fama and French risk factors as applied to individual securities [electronic resource] /
247 Peterson, Debra I.; Celec, Stephen E. THESIS
The ambassador and the adulterer celebrity gossip and motion picture enjoyment /
248 Gower, Virginia E. THESIS
Autonomous ground vehicle terrain classification using internal sensors
249 Sadhukhan, Debangshu. THESIS
Who saves the animated world? the sex-role stereotyping of superheroes and superheroines in children's animated programs /
250 Baker, Kaysee. THESIS

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