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Developing statistical guidance for forecasting the amount of warm season afternoon and evening lightning in South Florida
151 1979- Shafer, Phillip Edmond THESIS
Molecular archaeological investigations of Olmec feasting in ceramics from San Andre?s, Tabasco, Mexico
152 (Daniel Matthew), 1982- Seinfeld THESIS
Diagnostic agreement respective contributions of method-, client-, and clinician-specific variables /
153 1977- Brown, Jessica S. THESIS
Developing gridded forecast guidance for warm season lightning over Florida using the perfect prognosis method and mesoscale model output
154 1979- Shafer, Phillip Edmond THESIS
Support structures envisioning the post-community in contemporary British fiction and film /
155 Godlasky, Rebecca S. THESIS
The perception of risk in sport activities
156 Mun, SunHo. THESIS
Sustainability index for residential neighborhoods
157 Sharma, Rupa. THESIS
A test of an interactive model of bulimic symptomatology in middle aged women
158 Denoma, Jillian M. THESIS
Monte Carlo study of realistic models for manganese oxides
159 1977- S?en, Cengi?z THESIS
The role of processing strategy in the cross-race effect
160 1977- Day, L. Brooke THESIS
Symmetry and control in spin-based quantum computing
161 Stepanenko, Dimitrije. THESIS
Fabrication and characterization of novel nanocomposite materials
162 Giunta, Paul R. THESIS
Mood Regulation Skill And The Symptoms Of Endogenous And Hopelessness Depression
163 Williams, Foluso M. THESIS
Predictors of reported elder sexual abuse analyses of Wisconsin's Adult Protective Services report data, 1988-2003 /
164 Lobell, Thea. THESIS
Frontal asymmetry, depresssion, gender, and excessive reassurance-seeking a contextual analysis /
165 Minnix, Jennifer A. THESIS
Laboratory simulation of solute transport and retention in a Karst aquifer
166 Li, Guangquan. THESIS
Musical fire Literal and figurative moments of "fire" as expressed in western art music from 1700-1750 /
167 Parr, Sean M. THESIS
The Morita-Baylis-Hillman cycloalkylation reaction
168 Brookover, Kimberly A. THESIS
The Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction using Nicholas cations as an electrophile
169 1980- Campbell, Mark THESIS
Numerical study of spin-fermion models for diluted magnetic semiconductors and high Tc cuprates
170 1977- Yildirim, Yu?cel THESIS
Spectroscopic studies of vanadium and chromium in crystalline and amorphous silica matrices
171 Carter, Donald F. THESIS
The relationship between technical analysis generated returns and the Fama and French risk factors as applied to individual securities
172 Peterson, Debra I. THESIS
Testing the effectiveness of a list of suicide warning signs for the public
173 Van Orden, Kimberly A. THESIS
Transition metal incorporated silicalites for heterogeneous oxidative catalysis
174 Ma, Xisai. THESIS
Factors influencing college choice among track and field student athletes at NCAA D-1 conference HBCUs
175 Crowley, Charles L. THESIS
Charaterization [sic] of the reaction of silica bound chromium(VI) sites with aniline
176 Brown, Carole E. THESIS
Community marriage initiatives and clergy the impact of support and involvement on clergy's premarital education practices /
177 (Tabitha Renee) Staier, Tabitha R. THESIS
Predicting resilience in sexually abused adolescents an examination of a contextual model /
178 Williams, Javonda D. THESIS
An analysis of Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Vogelweide Song cycle for baritone and guitar /
179 Robles, Eric B. THESIS
Circadian rhythms in the neuroendocrine dopaminergic neurons regulating prolactin secretion
180 Sellix, Michael Timothy. THESIS
The latent structure of restrictive eating behaviors taxometric investigation and construct validation /
181 Holm-Denoma, Jill M. THESIS
The power to help the effects of gender and social power on compliant helping behavior /
182 Doerr, Celeste. THESIS
A comparison of invasive and noninvasive commelinaceae in a phylogentic [i.e. phylogenetic] context
183 Moriuchi, Jean Burns. THESIS
Job satisfaction of sport management faculty in the U.S.A.
184 Hall, Chevelle. THESIS
Tin(IV) hydride-mediated intramolecular reductive head-to-tail Michael reaction of enones with activated alkene tethers
185 Seok, Moonki. THESIS
A test of Joiner's theory the relationship between pain exposure, thwarted belongingness, and suicide completion /
186 Witte, Tracy K. THESIS
Preschool physical education a case study of the factors that influence movement instruction to preshool children /
187 Vives-Rodri?guez, Mari?a E. THESIS
A chemical and meteorological analysis of long-range transport from Africa during austral spring
188 Morse, Danielle M. THESIS
Developing statistical guidance for afternoon lightning activity in portions of two South Florida counties
189 Winarchick, Justin Marsh. THESIS
Warm season lightning distributions over the northern Gulf of Mexico coast and their relation to the mesoscale and synoptic scale environments
190 Stroupe, Jessica Raye. THESIS
Determinants of success in interorganizational collaboration for natural resource management
191 Dedekorkut, Ays?in. THESIS
Predicting third grade students' FCAT reading achievement and oral reading fluency using student demographic, academic history, and performance indicators
192 Canto, Angela I. THESIS
Don Juan plays the USA translating the world's first Don Juan play (El Burlador de Sevilla and Tan largo me lo fiais) for twenty-first century performances in the United States /
193 Gunter, Benjamin Bridges. THESIS
The complexity of intergroup interactions expectancies as determinants of multiple affective and behavioral reactions to outgroup members /
194 Butz, David Allen. THESIS
Differentiation of obsessive-compulsive, anxiety disordered and non-disordered individuals by variation in the promoter region of the serotonin transporter gene
195 Perez, Marisol. THESIS
Alternative electrophiles in the Morita-Baylis-Hillman reaction
196 (Kimberly Ann) Seibert, Kimberly A. THESIS
Implications of national symbols for majority and minority group members' academic performance examining potential mediators /
197 Butz, David Allen. THESIS
Their synaptic selves memory and language in Beckett and Joyce /
198 Anderson, Dustin. THESIS
The spatial origins of the homeless how the homeless vary in their geographic distribution /
199 Rukmana, Deden. THESIS
Shopping pattern differences of physically active Korean and American univeristy [sic] consumers for athletic apparel
200 Bae, Sungwon. THESIS

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