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Cyclogenesis and tropical transition in frontal zones [electronic resource] /
101 Stewart, Michelle L. THESIS
??Mn NMR and relaxation in single crystals of Mn??-Ac and analogs [electronic resource] /
102 Harter, Andrew THESIS
The mobile community center [electronic resource] : a socially restorative solution for federal emergency management agency disaster trailer parks in the American South /
103 Williamson, Kelly. THESIS
Colleen Jean Kirk (1918-2004) her life, career and her influence on American choral music education /
104 Chandler, Deborah Lynn. THESIS
Making assisted living a home [electronic resource] : relocation, social support, and the mental well-being of residents in assisted living /
105 Schmidt, Susannah Ashley. THESIS
Fantasy fans? [electronic resource] : comparing team identification among fantasy football players and non-fantasy football players /
106 Corrigan, Thomas Fitzpatrick THESIS
Assessing the impact of prison industries on post-release employment and recidivism of Florida inmates [electronic resource] /
107 Richardson, Robin L.; Waldo, Gordon P. THESIS
Investigation of oxygen growth pressure effects on TiO?-o:Co. [electronic resource] /
108 Hu, Erhong. THESIS
Hydrolysis of NaBH4 using electroless Ni catalyst
109 Katam, Leelarani. THESIS
Spectroscopic studies of vanadium and chromium in crystalline and amorphous silica matrices [electronic resource] /
110 Carter, Donald F.; Stiegman, Albert E. THESIS
The effect of a physical education professional development intervention on physical activity and fitness on 4th and 5th grade students [electronic resource] /
111 Hagood, Susan THESIS
Virtual museum exhibitions : an exploration of the relationship between virtual exhibitions and visitors' responses /
112 Park, Namjin. THESIS
Ethnicity and race in the urban south [electronic resource] : German immigrants and African Americans in Charleston South Carolina during reconstruction /
113 Strickland, Jeffery Glenn. THESIS
What do children know, when they know a word? [electronic resource] /
114 Phythian-Sence, Caroline. THESIS
Geographic ad hoc routing with anonymous properties [electronic resource] /
115 Suen, Tina. THESIS
Relatives Reactions to Patients Traumatic Brain Injury Development and Validation of a Measurement Instrument /
116 Hamann, Bhavani R. THESIS
Optimal space time trellis code design for fast fading channels [electronic resource] /
117 Liu, Xiaoyu THESIS
Acoustic ecology of the bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the Big Bend region of Florida [electronic resource] /
118 Rycyk, Athena. THESIS
The Educational Deficiencies Of Florida's Juvenile Justice Students
119 Wang, Xia. THESIS
Evaluating operational and newly developed mesocyclone and tornado detection algorithms for quasi-linear convective systems
120 1967- Turnage, Thomas James THESIS
Depression-related stress generation a longitudinal study of Black adolescents /
121 Wingate, Laricka R. THESIS
The relationship among linguistic patterns, thwarted belongingness, perceived burdensomeness, and suicidal behavior a test of Joiner's theory of suicide /
122 Williams, Foluso M. THESIS
Studies of silica supported metal catalysts
123 Brown, Carole Elizabeth. THESIS
An intercomparison of mean areal Precipitation from Gauges and a Multisensor Procedure
124 VanCleve, Dennis Dewain. THESIS
African easterly waves and their relationship to rainfall on a daily timescale
125 Baum, Jeffrey D. THESIS
Sport sponsorship match-up effect on consumer based brand equity an application of the schematic information process /
126 Koo, Gi-Yong. THESIS
Ring-closing metathesis for the synthesis of carbocyclic and heterocyclic intramolecular Baylis-Hillman adducts
127 Song, Eunho. THESIS
The relationship between spirituality and successful aging among older minority women
128 Maki, Alicia. THESIS
The serotonin transporter gene's association with mental disorders a meta analysis /
129 Brown, Jessica S. THESIS
Consumer independence conceptualization, measurement and validation of a previously unmeasured social response tendency /
130 Clark, Ronald A. THESIS
An analysis of temporal and spatial variations of surface albedo over Africa
131 States, Julie. THESIS
Writing the in (in) between the expressions of e?criture fe?minine in Henry Miller's Tropics Trilogy /
132 Palumbo, Allison P. THESIS
A Sustainability index for residential neighborhoods
133 Sharma, Rupa. THESIS
Urban sprawl and the local state
134 Pennock, Robert Allan. THESIS
A ring expansion approach to roseophilin
135 Salamone, Samuel G. THESIS
The impact of formal structure on the recruitment of NCAA Division 1 athletic directors
136 Hairston, C. Todd. THESIS
A descriptive analysis of the education department and educational programs at the Los Angeles Philharmonic
137 Wu, Li-Ying. THESIS
Characterization of metal-reducing microbial communities from acidic subsurface sediments contaminated with uranium(VI)
138 Edwards, Ellen McLain. THESIS
A scale development for sport fan motivation
139 Al-Thibiti, Yousof. THESIS
Development of a Florida high-resolution multisensor precipitation dataset for 1996-2001 -- quality control and verification
140 Marzen, Joseph Lee. THESIS
Characteristics of positive cloud-to-ground lightning
141 1981- Rudlosky, Scott David THESIS
How ethnic identification attitudes and acculturative stress interact to predict suicide & eating disorder symtomatology in individuals of African descent
142 Hollar, Daniel Leighton THESIS
The relationships between career interests and personality characteristics among African American women on welfare
143 Russell, Peggy A. THESIS
Beckett's victors quests without qualities /
144 Shields, Paul Stuart. THESIS
Synthesis and characterization of the cobalt-iron and nickle-iron Prussian blue analogues in a silica matrix
145 Moore, Joshua Grant. THESIS
The relationship between spirituality and adaptation to disability in older adults
146 Reese, Theresa Catherine. THESIS
Climatological characteristics of the jet streams over West Africa
147 1980- Suk, Jonathan D. THESIS
Identifying convective transport of carbon monoxide through the intercomparison of remote sensing observations and cloud modeling simulations
148 1983- Halland, Jeremy Jerome THESIS
The American space of hunger geographic, political, and economic change and the ability to eat in the United States in the late 1990s /
149 Walter, Nathan Andrew. THESIS
The theme of music in northern Renaissance banquet scenes
150 Quist, Robert. THESIS

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