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"My soul looks back" exhuming buried (hi)stories in The Chaneysville incident, Dessa Rose, and Beloved /
51 Wholuba, Anita P. THESIS
Portfolio assessment in educational leadership programs at master's level
52 Vyortkina, Dina. THESIS
Cross-cultural study of adolescent identity formation and autonomy within the context of parent-adolescent relationships
53 Graf, Shruti Chatterjee. THESIS
The nature of collective identity construct validity of a scale and a preliminary examination of predictive validity /
54 Stoner, Jason. THESIS
Attitudes in time and space the role of context in explaining support for European integration /
55 C?i?ftc?i?, Sabri?. THESIS
A cognitive model of knowledge transformation in authoring hypertext
56 Ryu, Jeeheon. THESIS
The structure of niobium-87 and fluorine-22
57 Pavan, John R. THESIS
On the geometry of Hurwitz surfaces
58 Vogeler, Roger. THESIS
Mothers and sons in hispanic short fiction by women a quarter century of erotic, destructive maternal love /
59 Colo?n, Jennifer A. THESIS
ANOVA for parameter dependent nonlinear PDEs and numerical methods for the stochastic Stokes equations [electronic resource] /
60 Chen, Zheng THESIS
Modeling texture evolution in polycrystalline materials using spherical harmonics [electronic resource] /
61 Bouhattate, Jamaa.; Garmestani, H. THESIS
San Jo for orchestra
62 Yu, Ju-Hwan THESIS
The father's response to a chronically ill child [electronic resource] /
63 Broger, Brenda L. THESIS
Determining spin polarization of ferromagnets using superconducting spectroscopy [electronic resource] /
64 Braden, Jazcek Guy.; Xiong, Peng. THESIS
Convergence for orchestra
65 Connor, Mark Joseph. THESIS
Search for resonances in the photoproduction of proton-antiproton pairs [electronic resource] /
66 Stokes, Burnham E. THESIS
At home among the Red Hills [electronic resource] : the African American farm community on Tall Timbers plantation /
67 Bauer, Robin Theresa.; Jones, Maxine Deloris. THESIS
Attentional strategies and their relationship with perceived exertion and flow [electronic resource] /
68 Connolly, Cathleen T. THESIS
An explanatory mixed methods content analysis of two state level correctional institutions' pre-release handbook curriculum designs [electronic resource] : looking through the lenses of two philosophical orientations of education /
69 Camp, Sarah N. THESIS
Environmental impact assessment of transportation projects [microform] : an analysis using an integrated GIS, remote sensing, and spatial modeling approach /
70 El-Gafy, Mohamed Anwar. THESIS
Algorithms for advanced tropical cyclone visualization [electronic resource] /
71 Winterbottom, Henry R. THESIS
Archaeological remains from 71 Park Place, St. Augustine, Florida [electronic resource] : evidence of urban slavery? /
72 Beck, Rita. THESIS
Virgil Thomson's philosophy of music [electronic resource] /
73 Hinzmann, Jeffrey A. THESIS
Long-term performance of epoxy filled steel grate decking [electronic resource] /
74 Akaro, Cathbert. THESIS
Maintenance of variation and adaptive consequences of encrusting growth forms in the clonal hydroid genus Hydractinia
75 (David Lee), 1975- Ferrell THESIS
A statewide impact study of 21st century community learning center programs in Florida
76 (Huu), d 1961- THESIS
The Dysphoric style in contemporary American independent cinema
77 Simmons, David C. THESIS
Gene expression in leaves, mesophyl tissues and guard cells of arabidopsis thaliana and the effect of sucrose [electronic resource] /
78 Chattopadhyay, Maitreyi. THESIS
Pure religion of the gospel...together with civil liberty [electronic resource] : a study of the religion clauses of the Northwest Ordinance and church-state in revolutionary America /
79 Wiewora, Nathaniel Hamilton. THESIS
A multi-year study of policies that affect the abortion rate at the state level [electronic resource] /
80 Jackson, D. Lynn.; Vinton, Linda. THESIS
Nursing knowledge and attitudes regarding the pain management of cancer patients [electronic resource] /
81 Bishop, Dawn L.; Flannery, Jeanne. THESIS
Theoretical studies of protein-protein and protein-DNA binding rates [electronic resource] /
82 Alsallaq, Ramzi A. THESIS
A stochastic approach to digital control design and implementation in power electronics [electronic resource] /
83 Zhang, Da THESIS
Comparison and analysis of special education in the United States and Japan [electronic resource] /
84 Murakami, Yui. THESIS
Numerical study of spin-fermion models for diluted magnetic semiconductors and high Tc cuprates [electronic resource] /
85 Yildirim, Yu?cel THESIS
The managerial decision styles of Florida's State University libraries' managers [electronic resource] /
86 Alqarni, Abdulrahman.; Bertot, John Carlo. THESIS
The impasse of Roman Catholicism in nineteenth century British literature [electronic resource] /
87 Wheeler, Maxwell P. THESIS
Performing Mormonism [electronic resource] : The Hill Cumorah Pageant as transformational theatrical ritual /
88 Bell, James A. THESIS
Hannah Arendt and the concept of political thinking [electronic resource] /
89 Alwahaib, Mohammad. THESIS
Victorian rebellion in drag Cushman and Menken act out celebrity /
90 Galipeau, Stephanie Rosa. THESIS
Information professionals and the intelligence community [electronic resource] /
91 Smith, Susanna Rogers THESIS
Awareness of parental infidelity on college students' reported commitment in romantic relationships [electronic resource] /
92 Greene, Kristen H. THESIS
Simulation of traffic crashes using cell based micro-simulation [electronic resource] /
93 Muchuruza, Victor THESIS
94 Heaton, Patrick Michael, EdD 2011-12-01 DISSERTATION
Authority distribution in a proxy-based massively multiplayer game architecture [electronic resource] /
95 Christofoli, Justin F. THESIS
An analysis of safe driving behaviors [electronic resource] : before, during, and after two "Click It Or Ticket" model interventions /
96 Tomasi, Marco D. THESIS
Embedding luminescent nanocrystals in silica sol-gel matrices [electronic resource] /
97 Sorensen, Lindsey Michelle.; Strouse, Geoffrey F. THESIS
Learning from the Beehive Collective [electronic resource] : a participatory action research study of image-based education in an experimental community /
98 Erler, Carolyn Ruth. THESIS
First-year student ratings of their college environment based on background characteristics [electronic resource] /
99 Latino, Jennifer A. THESIS
Staff nurses' knowledge of pediatric end-of-life care [electronic resource] : a descriptive study /
100 Williams, Padget Nicole.; Flannery, Jeanne. THESIS

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