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Predicting self-esteem based on perceived parental favoritism and birth order
401 Adkins, Kristy Lynn. THESIS
Sexuality and power in Elizabeth Inchbald's A simple story
402 Martini, Michelle. THESIS
The meaning of the moment a collection of short stories /
403 Benton, Jonathan David. THESIS
Childhood experiences of Appalachian women who have experienced intimate partner violence during adulthood
404 Reeves, Amy L. THESIS
The bully-free school zone character education program a study of impact on five western North Carolina middle schools /
405 Spurling, Richard Alan. THESIS
Use of the SREB leadership development framework in preservice principal preparation programs a qualitative investigation /
406 Vick, Robert C. THESIS
Lifestyle intervention program with calcium supplementation to promote weight loss and body fat reduction in overweight individuals
407 Spence, Candee Meredith. THESIS
The impact of a rural school-based health center on students and their families in Sneedville, Tennessee a case study /
408 Belcher, Michael D. THESIS
Investigating life stress, competitive trait anxiety and competitive state anxiety with athletic injury occurrence in NCAA Division I athletes
409 Ramella-DeLuca, Nikki Marie. THESIS
Breaking the bonds of silence the immigrant experience in magical realist novels of Katherine Vaz and Chitra Divakaruni /
410 Hester, Hillary Dawn. THESIS
Marshall Keeble and the implementation of a grand strategy erasing the color line in the Church of Christ /
411 Broking, Darrell L. THESIS
Writing as conversation the importance of communication in Laurence Sterne's Tristram Shandy /
412 Wilson, Christie Dawn. THESIS
Fire, soil, native species, and control of Phalaris arundinacea in a wetland recovery project
413 Foster, Richard Douglas. THESIS
Internet-based courses observations of faculty developers/teachers and students with disabilities at 4-year public institutions in Tennessee /
414 Keener, Janet McDaniel. THESIS
Early speech and language development a comparison of typically developing children to children with cleft palate /
415 McGahey, Holly Jannice. THESIS
The relationship between the use of developmentally appropriate practice and the inclusion of product-producing art activities in infant programs
416 Moore, April D. THESIS
A study of completion and passing rates between traditional and web-based instruction at a two-year public community college in northeast Tennessee
417 Bangurah, Franklin M. THESIS
Reading Excellence Act professional development and teacher practice first year implementation in East Tennessee /
418 Shroyer, Sherry Ellen. THESIS
Journaling as a tool to improve story comprehension for kindergarten students
419 Carr, Carisa L. THESIS
Emotional empathy and reasons for living in substance-using college students
420 Merwin, Daniel Scott. THESIS
Misguided instructions do jurors accurately understand the law in death penalty trials? /
421 Stoots-Fonberg, Chasity Anne. THESIS
The curricular practices of early childhood teachers working in public school primary grades
422 Brading, Elizabeth Ely. THESIS
Role of macrophage apoptosis in atherosclerosis
423 Liu, June. THESIS
A comparison of linear and daily undulating periodizied strength training programs
424 Caldwell, Andrew Morrow. THESIS
The relationships among perceptions of family disharmony, parent-child relationships, disharmonious family experiences, and adolescent cigarette smoking
425 Wolfe, Herbert F. THESIS
A Durkheimian sociobiology?
426 Dixon, Jason Oliver. THESIS
A comparison of sub-national class decathlon scores and event performances with national and elite decathlon scores and event performances
427 1971- Stevenson, James M. THESIS
Towards a taxonomy of aspect-oriented programming
428 Hankerson, Mario Bernard. THESIS
Factors in the design and development of a data warehouse for academic data
429 Lester, Margaret C. THESIS
Learning for a lifetime motivations for lifelong learning in the life of Evelyn McQueen Cook /
430 Timbs, David James. THESIS
Employability of individuals with varying disabilities and costs of needed workplace accommodations
431 Bevins, Bram Cassidy. THESIS
Requirement elicitation of large web projects
432 Frazier, David E. THESIS
Registered dietitans practicing advanced level skills in the state of Tennessee and their perceived job satisfaction
433 Cochran, Charlotte Norene. THESIS
Justice for all? victim satisfaction with restorative justice conferences /
434 Behtz, Sarah Anne. THESIS
Trends in sophomore students' perceptions of academic advising services at East Tennessee State University
435 Chaffin Couch, E. Rene?e. THESIS
Efficacy of different educational methods for a high school prenatal substance use prevention and nutrition program
436 Webb, Kimberly Renee. THESIS
The relationship of stress levels to wellness practices among community college presidents
437 Dawson, Eva Charlotte THESIS
Bridging the gap between medical science and communication an interpretive analysis of messages portrayed on endometriosis websites /
438 Anderson, LaKesha Nichole. THESIS
Iron acquisition in Rhodococcus erythropolis strain IGTS8 characterization of a mutant that does not produce a siderophore /
439 Moretz, Samuel Eugene. THESIS
A study of students attending Tennessee Board of Regents universities who participated in high school dual enrollment programs
440 Porter, Rubianna M. THESIS
A study of students' learning styles in ITV broadcast, remote, and traditional classrooms at East Tennessee State University
441 Crabtree, Donna Sue. THESIS
Epoch locale
442 Hounshell, Jonathan. THESIS
MALDI-TOF MS data processing using wavelets, splines and clustering techniques
443 Chen, Shuo. THESIS
Print media's treatment of corporate-named stadiums vs. historically-names stadiums in major-league baseball game stories
444 Armstrong, Donald Ray. THESIS
Investigation of the relationship between a job-embedded model of professional development and reading achievement of elementary school students
445 Faulk, Janet. THESIS
21st Century Community Learning Center Program a study to evaluate the success of a program in a rural county in East Tennessee /
446 Collingsworth, Joy. THESIS
Enhancing weight gain in long-term care residents at risk for weight loss through protein and calorie fortification
447 Tolbert, Shannon Marie. THESIS
History and ambiguity Graham Greene's The third man and the quiet American in print and on screen /
448 Reshetova, Valentina. THESIS
Inducing knowledge by enduring experience the function of a postmodern pragmatic aesthetic in Linda Montano's "Living art" /
449 Brandenburg, Alisa Anne. THESIS
The digital divide a study of the intra-ethnic divide within the African American population in Johnson City, Tennessee /
450 Schreckenberg, Sonja E. THESIS

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