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Some people call them dolls capturing the iconic power of the female form in non-ferrous metals /
351 Pack, Alison Greer. THESIS
Comparisons of reading scores in two Tennessee elementary schools between students receiving and not receiving specialized training in phonemic awareness
352 Hatfield, Raymond Lee. THESIS
The challenges of network security remediation at a regional university
353 Simons, William R. THESIS
Completing the circle around Rabaul the seizure of the Admiralties, February to May 1944 /
354 Scott, David Osborn. THESIS
Epiphanies of the principalship a study of passages in educational administration /
355 Raines, Donna J. THESIS
Methods of teaching the Holocaust to secondary students as implemented by Tennessee recipients of the Belz-Lipman Holocaust Educator of the Year awards
356 Mitchell, Julie Patterson. THESIS
Jeffersonianism and 19th century American maritime defense policy
357 Ziegler, Christopher Taylor. THESIS
Flavone the molecular and mechanistic study of how a simple flavonoid protects DNA from oxidative damage /
358 Dean, Jennifer Dawn. THESIS
Placing monitoring devices in electric power networks modeled by block graphs
359 Atkins, David Wayne. THESIS
Increasing diabetes awareness in adolescents through educational programs
360 Reese, Sandra J. THESIS
A comparison of academic achievement and value-added grades on the state report cards in Tennessee, 2001-2003
361 Evans, Kyle Allen. THESIS
Preparation and application of conducting polymer-carbon nanotube composite
362 Oh, Jungmin. THESIS
A study of the perceptions of new and veteran elementary school teachers regarding stress factors that impact their careers
363 Christopher, Kristi Lynn. THESIS
West African food traditions in Virginia foodways a historical analysis of origins and survivals /
364 Shiflett, Lisa R. THESIS
Validity of self-reported data on seat belt use the behavioral risk factor surveillance system /
365 Samples, Agnes Mary THESIS
Perceptions of high school principals and senior Army instructors concerning the impact of JROTC on dropout and transition to college rates and the cost effectiveness of their programs
366 Marks, Lawrence Neil. THESIS
Sex and pottery erotic images on Athenian cups, 600-300 B.C. /
367 Banner, Michael Lee. THESIS
The combined effects of criminal justice intervention on domestic violence a re-analysis of the Minneapolis Intervention Project /
368 Bebawy, Nadia A. THESIS
A cross-sectional study of preservice and beginning teachers' attitudes and feelings of preparedness to work with students with disabilities
369 Schlauch, Diane L. THESIS
An application of contemporary technical writing standards to Benjamin Franklin's works
370 Milhorn, Edward Robert. THESIS
Population size and movements of spotted salamanders at South Holston Dam, Sullivan County, Tennessee
371 Smith, Eric Alexander. THESIS
Variants of volunteerism among mature adults within communities of northeast Tennessee
372 Edwards, Martha Wilcox. THESIS
An investigative analysis of teaching business ethics in Tennessee community colleges
373 Cole, Carol Slagle. THESIS
The effects of neoprene sleeve application on knee joint proprioception in adolescent female athletes
374 Barrett, George Ballou. THESIS
Pardon you? Pardon me controversial usage of the presidential pardoning power : from Carter to Clinton /
375 Allen, Michael Keith. THESIS
Comparison of the implementation of a high school hospitality and tourism program and the food service employment needs in Washington County, Tennessee
376 Southerland, Mary Goodman. THESIS
Parameter estimation for a modified cable model using a Green's function and eigenvalue perturbation
377 La Voie, Scott Lewis. THESIS
Host defense mechanisms in the crayfish the effect of injection with live or killed bacteria /
378 Goins, Kimberly R. THESIS
Burnished souls
379 Williams, Floyd Thomas. THESIS
A comparison of students' and parents' habits and attitudes toward reading in Title I and non-Title I schools
380 Netherland, Judy L. THESIS
Nongenomic effects of estrogens on epithelial chloride secretion
381 Moulik, Sabyasachi. THESIS
Nutritional content of supplemental food baskets distributed by charitable agencies in northeast Tennessee
382 Aliata, Lillian Khalili. THESIS
Thematic manifestations an aesthetic journey /
383 Kise, Jeff. THESIS
A study to identify the factors that inhibit high school principals and teachers from pursuing bachelor's and master's degrees in Busia District in Kenya
384 Obaki, Samuel Okwako. THESIS
Perceived effectiveness of conflict management strategies in dating relationships
385 Counts, Jaime Ann. THESIS
Faculty adoption and integration of technology at East Tennessee State University
386 Barnes, Tammy L. THESIS
Oleoresin capsicum an analysis of the implementation of pepper spray into the law enforcement use of force continuum in a selected police department /
387 Adkins, Lydia Denise. THESIS
Gospel according to Bristol the life, music, and ministry of Ernest Phipps /
388 Story, Brandon H. THESIS
The relationship between participation in goal setting, company size and performance, commitment, acceptance, and job satisfaction in the United States and Macedonia
389 King, Kristin Michelle. THESIS
The effects of adult interaction on toddler behavior in the classroom
390 Hackney, Sarah Webb. THESIS
3D animation creating an experiential environment /
391 Arjunan, Dorai Raj. THESIS
Type, image and the art of protest
392 Blair, Wendy R. THESIS
Perspectives of teacher education graduates about their cooperating teachers during preservice placements
393 Taylor, Dawn Miller. THESIS
Correlating technology surveys and third- and fifth-grade proficiency levels in math and reading throughout Tennessee
394 Lilly, Gary L. THESIS
Juveniles' attitudes toward the police as affected by prior victimization
395 Hardin, Joshua A. THESIS
Adjusting but not assimilating international students at East Tennessee State University /
396 Owens, Yumiko Okuda. THESIS
Parent-child interaction development of measure for a naturalistic setting /
397 Holzwarth, Valarie N. THESIS
A Comparison of bioaccumulation and digestive enzyme solubilization of copper in two species of sea cucumbers with different feeding habits
398 Bundridge, John W. THESIS
Babe Ruth, American hero
399 Townsend, Thomas. THESIS
Perceptions of cosmetic alteration in different sized attractive women
400 White, Deborah Suzanne. THESIS

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