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The contemporary manager exploring female and male leadership styles /
301 Sevier, Lou Ann THESIS
Hopelessness and despair alienation and oppression in The heart is a lonely hunter by Carson McCullers /
302 Reece, Stacey. THESIS
Determination of lactose by reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography
303 Sexton, Danessa Leann. THESIS
Winning an independence achievement game
304 Taylor, Mark C. THESIS
Designers' perceptions of interdisciplinary design education
305 Dolan, Timothy D. THESIS
Race reform in the early twentieth century South the life and work of Willis Duke Weatherford /
306 Combs, Sara T. THESIS
A comparative study of student leadership developement programs used in two higher educational institutions in the United States and Jamaica, respectively
307 Bernard, Desiree Elaine. THESIS
Theological dualism in the poetry of George Herbert
308 Woodruff, Carolyn Elizabeth. THESIS
The use of rotation model Sunday school
309 Jones, Heather Renee. THESIS
Under the influence adolescent girls' compliance in competitive softball /
310 Lewis, Cory. THESIS
Development of a test for measuring knowledge of the discipline provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1997
311 Lyons, Jerri Nave. THESIS
A qualitative study of adult women in a northeast Tennessee community college
312 McMillan, Fay C. THESIS
Categorizing non-functional requirements using a hierarchy in UML
313 1968- Moody, James D. THESIS
From mitzvot to agape
314 Kahn, Sheri I. THESIS
The effect of prior consensual sex between the victim and the offender on the prosecutor's decision to file charges in sexual assault cases
315 Hollifield, Kimberly Brooke. THESIS
The impact of logging on aquatic salamander communities
316 McDonald, Heather Noel. THESIS
Middle and high school principals' knowledge of discipline provisions of the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act in the upper East Tennessee region
317 Woods, Ginger R. THESIS
A study of general education assessment
318 Scott, Debra Leonard. THESIS
Equity and adequacy a funding crisis in the Tennessee education system /
319 Collins, Scott F. THESIS
Forensic computing for non-profits : a case study for consideration when non-profits need to determine if a computer forensic investigation is warranted
320 1969- McCallister, Ronald F. THESIS
Perceived indicators of support leading to the successful attainment of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification
321 Bales, Richard W. THESIS
Differentials of graphs
322 Lewis, Jason Robert. THESIS
Social influences on the female in the novels of Thomas Hardy
323 Notgrass, Jessica D. THESIS
Locating and total dominating sets in trees
324 Howard, Jamie Marie. THESIS
The psychological, sociological, and cultural aspects of professional wrestling as soap opera
325 Kholer, Barbara Allen. THESIS
Marking time a figurative humanist approach to drawing /
326 Wilt, Donna Michele. THESIS
Designing without boundaries
327 Glover, Mickey. THESIS
The in vitro cellular uptake and physiochemical properties of tocotrienols
328 Zuo, Tianming. THESIS
Bulgarian contribution in building the Byzantine Commonwealth in the ninth and tenth centuries
329 Murdzhev, Pavel Stoyanov. THESIS
Depictions of ethnicity and gender on the front pages of college and university websites
330 Frazier, Mackenzie Blair. THESIS
Dose-dependent effects of salmon calcitonin on bone turnover in ovariectomized rats
331 Owens, Beatrice H. THESIS
Kinetics and mechanism of the catalysis of the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by Schiff base complexes of copper(II)
332 Beng, Timothy Kum. THESIS
Facilitators and barriers to incorporating students with disabilities in the general education classroom at the secondary level a study of teacher perceptions /
333 Burgin, David L. THESIS
Peptide antisera generation against three Chlamydia trachomatis Hsp60 homologues to examine expression of each Hsp60 during iron restrictive growth
334 LaRue, Richard Wayne. THESIS
Barriers to the implementation of the Oklahoma learning site initiative
335 Plumb, Robin L. THESIS
Growing up Faulkner coming of age, identity, and parental responsibility in three Faulkner families /
336 Hoover, Heather Marie. THESIS
Confronting manhood the struggle of male characters in the fiction of Ernest J. Gaines /
337 Fay, Katie. THESIS
A sense of place
338 Ouzounova, Neli Ilieva. THESIS
Inmate and prison gang leadership
339 Fortune, Sandra H. THESIS
The image of the body in the works of Frederick Sommer
340 Baden, Eric. THESIS
Extensions to OpenGL for CAGD
341 Ye, Chunyan. THESIS
Collaboration between art teachers and school counselors of the Johnson City elementary schools to assist at-risk students an art experiences model /
342 Jackson, Caroline Dover. THESIS
Pierre Salmon's message to Charles VI portrayed through a miniature of Old Testament Kings David and Solomon
343 Zwemer, Molly. THESIS
Using the EM algorithm to estimate the difference in dependent proportions in a 2 x 2 table with missing data
344 Talla Souop, Alain Duclaux. THESIS
Wrestling with Father Shakespeare contemporary revisions of King Lear and the tempest /
345 Presley, Erin Melinda THESIS
The fountainhead the evolving roles of the heroic code into the antiheroic mode /
346 Hogshead, Erin. THESIS
Leading before, during, and after a major organizational transition
347 McCowan, Charles Davis. THESIS
Police officers' perception of the validity of the General theory of crime
348 Giesler, William Jaison. THESIS
Healthcare strategic management the impact of state and federal funding levels on the implementation of strategic plans at Tennessee hospitals /
349 Byington, Randy Lee. THESIS
A study of the perceptions of female displaced workers in a community college regarding their educational expectations and barriers to their achievement
350 Hogan, Pashia H. THESIS

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