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Athletic participation a test of learning and neutralization theories /
251 Hankerson, Mario Bernard. THESIS
A portrayal of gender and a description of gender roles in selected American modern and postmodern plays
252 Copenhaver, Bonny Ball. THESIS
Theoretical study on the mechanism of removing nitrogen oxides using isocyanic acid
253 Nowroozi-Isfahani, Taraneh. THESIS
Negative and positive gender role identification as a predictor of disordered eating characteristics
254 Hardy, Jacquelyn Denise. THESIS
The effects of higher education on police officers' attitudes toward personnel issues, public relations, and crime fighting
255 O'Quinn, Steven Matthew. THESIS
The company of animals a nontoxic approach /
256 Boochard, Bonnie K. THESIS
Security incidents in an academic setting a case study /
257 Cui, Zhiqiang. THESIS
A study of grade distribution and grade-point averages of the Tennessee Board of Regents associate-degree nursing programs
258 Apple, MaryLou Reagan. THESIS
The effective use of the tsarist wealth by the Soviet government
259 Howard, Jeff S. THESIS
Out of the spotlight and into the shadows an examination of communication about adolescent girls on Music Television /
260 Fentress, Stacy Nichole. THESIS
Male coercive sexual behavior as a function of male resource-potential and respondent gender
261 Wolfe, Christy D. THESIS
Effects of corporal punishment on survival and coping beliefs
262 Orso, Deanna Michelle. THESIS
Coal mechanization and migration from McDowell County, West Virginia, 1932-1970
263 Myers, Mark. THESIS
Contact-dependent activation of macrophages by naive CD4? T cells
264 Jr. Hoellman, John Richard THESIS
Cocaine- and amphetamine-regulated transcript peptide attenuates baroreflex in the rat
265 Scruggs, Phouangmala C. THESIS
Using sport psychology in the athletic training room perceptions and beliefs of certified athletic trainers /
266 Schult, Karin J. THESIS
30S ribosomal subunit assembly is a target for inhibition by aminoglycoside antibiotics in Escherichia coli
267 Mehta, Roopal Manoj. THESIS
An examination of NCAA Division I-A football program success and student-athlete graduation rRates
268 Craw, Harold. THESIS
Strategies to ease the negative effects of mobility on academic achievement
269 Thomas, D. Kaye THESIS
Parental involvement in schools a phenomenological study of four high schools in a rural east Tennessee county /
270 Jr. Smith, William A. THESIS
Male visual dominance continues a global study of images of men and women in 750 online newspapers in 74 nations /
271 Price-Rankin, Kelly Blake. THESIS
Melatonin's protection against DNA damage by the iron (III)-adriamycin complex
272 Campbell, Sharon E. THESIS
How schools create the violence they fear a case study of an alternative learning center 1999-2001 /
273 Goff, Lorrie Anne. THESIS
Comparison of black and white elderly women on muscle mass bone mineral density and balance
274 Jones, Tyanez. THESIS
Affectional orientation, sex roles, and reasons for living
275 Hamilton, Shana Valere. THESIS
A study of the extent to which institutional strategic planning serves as a guide for technology planning in Tennessee Board of Regents institutions
276 Fox, Evelyn L. THESIS
Comparison of inheritance evaluation algorithms for Express edition 3
277 Greer, Judy Dawn. THESIS
Remembering the ladies of the Lakes Michigan history through story /
278 Bolley, Jean Stow. THESIS
An exploration of emotional intelligence scores among students in educational administration endorsement programs
279 Click, Holly Solomon. THESIS
Stressors affecting self-contained comprehensive development class teachers
280 Enloe, Sandra M. THESIS
A match made in heaven or hell historians debate the influence of Richard Wagner on Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich /
281 Shockley, Steven W. THESIS
Medieval courtly love the links between courtly love, Christianity, and the roles of women in Tennyson and Morris /
282 Warden, Tonya. THESIS
A comparative analysis of Upton Sinclair's The jungle and Emile Zola's Germinal
283 Niang, Mouhamedoul Amine. THESIS
Quantitative analysis of domain testing effectiveness
284 Koneru, Narendra. THESIS
Perceived barriers to the National Board For Professional Teaching Standards certification
285 Moore, Jannese Woodard. THESIS
The role of mentoring in the careers of women deans and vice presidents in four-year public and private institutions of higher education
286 Bowyer-Johnson, Patricia L. THESIS
Investigation of perceptions of environmental management systems and its perceived importance in a corporation undergoing ISO 14001 certification
287 Clark, Charlette Michelle. THESIS
A qualitative study of effective school discipline practices perceptions of administrators, tenured teachers, and parents in twenty schools /
288 Nelson, Mary Faye. THESIS
Qualitative analysis of the usability of three contemporary scripting languages Perl, Python and Tcl /
289 Wang, Lingyun. THESIS
Investigation of mRNA expression of early light inducible protein (ELIP) under high light stress Arabidopsis thaliana
290 Oza, Preeti Bhavanishanker. THESIS
Hugh Borton his role in American-Japanese relations /
291 Kinuhata, Hitomi. THESIS
A qualitative study of teachers' perceptions of staff development in three public northeast Tennessee elementary school districts
292 Barnard, Rebekah Ellen. THESIS
Relationships between reading level of parents, readability of special education documents/forms, knowledge of IEP contents, and parental involvement
293 Pruitt, Melinda Douthat. THESIS
Spectroscopic examination of the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by a copper (II) complex of a dissymmetric Schiff base and an imidazole derivative
294 1962- Davis, John D. THESIS
Perceptions of stakeholders in the Pi Beta Phi Elementary School Parks as Classrooms Program
295 Henry, Johnny Michael. THESIS
Religiosity and aggression in college students
296 Watkins, Shanea J. THESIS
There is a silver lining
297 Crowell-Hilde, Kaki D. THESIS
Coming home, staying put, and learning to fiddle heroism and place in Charles Frazier's Cold mountain /
298 Gilreath, Heather Rhea. THESIS
Willingness to accept forgiveness in various religious targets
299 Brewer, Meridith Ann. THESIS
Electrochemistry of polyaniline-DNA system
300 Sebantu, Lambert. THESIS

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