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Social responses to HIV positive suicide ideators
201 Bishop, Saborah Lee. THESIS
A study of disk performance optimization
202 Gray, Richard Scott. THESIS
Mathematics achievement in Tennessee schools in the context of opportunity to learn
203 Kitzmiller, Richard Lee. THESIS
The factors associated with the use of computers in the K-4 classrooms of the Maryville City School System
204 Robinette, Jesse A. THESIS
Eliza Haywood's feigning femmes fatale desirous and deceptive women in "Fantomina," Love in excess, and The history of Miss Betsy Thoughtless /
205 Booth, Emily Kathryn. THESIS
The dilemma of Woolf's androgyny a close look at androgyny in A room of one's own and Orlando /
206 Holman, Crystal Gail. THESIS
Attitudes toward suicidal women based on gender of the participant and race of the target figure
207 Smith, Carrie E. THESIS
A study of the library use practices of high school students in three East Tennessee counties
208 Clabo, Carrie A. THESIS
Feature retention and phonological knowledge across children with suspected developmental apraxia of speech, phonological impairment, and typically developing speech
209 Ford, Tracy A. THESIS
The difference of body exposure images of females and males in three top teen magazines /
210 Blank, Angie Lovette. THESIS
A new immunoassay for quantification of a novel cancer antigen in serum and immunostaining of carcinoma tissues and cultured cells revealing the antigenic cellular location
211 McDuffee, Emily. THESIS
The relationship of home environment and kindergarten readiness
212 Williams, Nancye C. THESIS
The utilization of technology in the sports information departments in three divisions of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
213 Vagnetti, John M. THESIS
Senior administrative perceptions of retention efforts for at-risk students in North Carolina community colleges
214 Burnett, Jim W. THESIS
Supervisory feedback in speech-language pathology preferences and practices /
215 Gurley, Janet Michelle. THESIS
Parental involvement typologies as related to student achievement
216 Derrick-Lewis, Stacia M. THESIS
Maternal shadows and colonial ghosts in Jamaica Kincaid's Annie John
217 Gillespie, Sandra Walton. THESIS
Electronic books an overview of the first two generations /
218 Doman, Todd O. THESIS
Discovery through numeric strata a balance of form and aesthetics /
219 Sonenberg, Marc Ian. THESIS
Fiction as history James Jones, From here to eternity /
220 Sonnenburg, Penny Marie. THESIS
Folk medicine in southern Appalachian fiction
221 Strain, Catherine B. THESIS
Barriers and supports affecting the inclusion of special education issues into the preservice training of school principals faculty perceptions /
222 Farley, Gerard O'Leary. THESIS
The effects of character education on student behavior
223 Thompson, William G. THESIS
A comparison of strength and resistance curves for the internal and external rotators of the shoulder
224 Hannah, Daniel Cason. THESIS
"'Tis hard to dance with one shoe" the failure of the fathers in Walker's The color purple and McCourt's Angela's ashes /
225 Hale, Gwendolyn Nicole. THESIS
Perceptions of online distance education within the North Carolina community college system by chief academic officers and chief distance education officers
226 Benton, James A. THESIS
Principal selection and the stories superintendents tell
227 Baker, Linda L. THESIS
Fight the power protest, showdown and civil rights activity in three southern cities 1960-1965 /
228 Scanlan, Kyle Thomas. THESIS
Effects of punishment style and maternal employment on reasons for living
229 Byous, Melissa S. THESIS
The detection of morphological variation across time in two Roan Mountain endemics Geum radiatum and Houstonia montana /
230 Medford, Dalenia. THESIS
The assessment of Tennessee community college roles in business incubator development, as perceived by administrators and tenants
231 Grau, Garry. THESIS
The work life of the professional academic advisor a qualitative study /
232 Epps, Susan Bramlett. THESIS
The first battle for Scottish independence the Battle of Dunnichen, A.D. 685 /
233 Parsons, Julie Fox. THESIS
The development of a higher education consortium a case study of the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center /
234 Fulmer, Susan Carey. THESIS
Don't put your shoes on the bed a moral analysis of To kill a mockingbird /
235 Stiltner, Mitzi-Ann. THESIS
The effects of prescribed fire on millipede and salamander populations in a Southern Appalachian deciduous forest
236 Gagan, Alison Baird. THESIS
Connecting to the feminine and to the inner self in Sarah Orne Jewett's The country of the pointed firs
237 Powers, Misty D. THESIS
Using the psbA gene as a measure in determining the phylogenetic relationship among bryophytes
238 Crowe, Celeste T. THESIS
Using an importance-performance analysis of summer students in the evaluation of student health services
239 DuVernois, Candice Cline. THESIS
Survey and comparison of amphibian assemblages in two physiographic regions of northeast Tennessee
240 Crockett, Marquette Elaine. THESIS
Parents, peers, and developmental trajectories toward crime
241 Verhegge, Kimberly A. THESIS
On being gay and Christian
242 Flanary, Johnny Ray. THESIS
Figurative sculpture in paper clay
243 Lyle, Valarie G. THESIS
The effects of parental age and housing type on the reproductive success of the purple martin (Progne subis subis)
244 Eads, Jessica A. THESIS
The detrimental effects of organized religion on women in Lee Smith's fiction
245 Collins, Jennifer Renee. THESIS
Attitudes and behaviors of adolescents toward sunbathing and sunscreen use
246 Murray, Billie Hill. THESIS
A study of former Negro high school students, teachers and administrators in the Piedmont area of North Carolina /
247 Washington, Carrie Smith THESIS
Assessment of the potential role of blizzard damage in the spatial distribution of southern pine beetle infestation in Unicoi County, Tennessee
248 Jennings, David Scott. THESIS
A study of former Negro high school students, teachers and administrators in the Piedmont area of North Carolina
249 Washington, Carrie Smith THESIS
Completing the circle a study of the archetypal male and female in Nathaniel Hawthorne's The scarlet letter /
250 Hallenbeck, Kathy H. THESIS

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