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Are bioelectrical impedance and skinfolds considered valid measures for tracking body composition following resistance training when DEXA is the criterion measure?
151 Inglis, J. Greig. THESIS
HIV tat protein activates endothelial cells through NFkB and MAP kinase pathways
152 Henry, Jason L. THESIS
Differing death scenarios self esteem and death anxiety /
153 Brewer, Kenneth Grant. THESIS
Special education teachers' and speech therapists' knowledge of autism spectrum disorder
154 Whaley, Carol H. THESIS
Determining standards for sources of free information on the Internet for inclusion in academic library holdings by 2010
155 Cross, Douglas D. THESIS
Desired characteristics of ethical leaders in business, educational, political, and religious organizations from East Tennessee a Delphi investigation /
156 Moorhouse, Jeffrey Richard. THESIS
University image perceptions held by internal and external stakeholders of East Tennessee State University /
157 Jones, Jane Myers. THESIS
Socioeconomic status and media exposure as factors in empathic development
158 (David Earl), 1966- Cox THESIS
Synthesis and use of chiral surfactants
159 Yang, Xiaoye. THESIS
Performance of bootstrap confidence intervals for L-moments and ratios of L-moments
160 Glass, Suzanne. THESIS
From Arcadia to heroism the progression of the protagonists in Evelyn Waugh's Decline and fall, A handful of dust and Brideshead revisited /
161 McInturff, Tammy J. THESIS
An examination of juvenile delinquency and victimization using an integrated model approach
162 Dodson, Kimberly Dawn. THESIS
The description and comparison of feature retention patterns for children with phonological impairment, developmental apraxia of speech, and typically developing children
163 Lambert, Amanda N. THESIS
The affective consequences of grade retention
164 Evans, Vickie Denise. THESIS
"In death thy life is found" an examination of the forgotten poetry of Margaret Fuller /
165 Lewis, Staci E. THESIS
The effects of testing accommodations on students' standardized test scores in a Northeast Tennessee school system
166 Janson, Ilene Boyd. THESIS
Protection of pifithrin-alpha and melatonin against doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity
167 Liu, Xuwan. THESIS
Organizational structural and cultural variables as predictors of quality in federally approved nursing homes
168 Desormeaux, Lorraine V. THESIS
Students' perceptions of multimedia classrooms at East Tennessee State University
169 Zhang, Shouhong. THESIS
Parents' perceptions of communication practices with school professionals during initial years of special education placement
170 Latham, Susan Ladd. THESIS
Women at the loom handweaving in Washington County, Tennessee, 1840-1860 /
171 MacRae, Ann Cameron. THESIS
Synthesis of 2H-1-benzthiocin a precursor for the generation of the "4n+2" Pi-electron 1-benzthiocinide anion /
172 Tang, Mingnam. THESIS
Pop culture and protofeminism the novels of Jacqueline Susann and the second wave of the women's movement /
173 Jett, Heather N. THESIS
The end of Camelot an examination of the presidency of John F. Kennedy in 1963 /
174 Jones, Christina Paige. THESIS
Explorations in the classification of vertices as good or bad
175 Jackson, Eugenie Marie. THESIS
The cardiovascular effects of resistance exercise training on orthostatic intolerance in elderly individuals
176 Rhea, Lynn P. THESIS
A comparison of the effects of interval training vs. continuous training on weight loss and body composition in obese pre-menopausal women
177 King, Jeffrey Warren. THESIS
An analysis of the academic success achieved by five freshman cohorts through a community college developmental education program
178 Gray-Barnett, Nancy K. THESIS
An analysis of configurations in a nongraded elementary school in northeast Tennessee
179 Evanshen, Pamela Ann. THESIS
Effectiveness of pre-baccalaureate Health Careers Opportunity Programs (HCOP) for disadvantaged students in three Southern states
180 Lewin, Virloy Elizabeth. THESIS
A descriptive study of the organizational attributes of exemplar Tennessee hospitals
181 Grindstaff, Sharron Rutledge. THESIS
Essence of portraiture
182 Wilson, Paula Spangler. THESIS
Vertices in total dominating sets
183 Dautermann, Robert Elmer. THESIS
Re-engineering the operational system to enhance the customer orientation of a mid-size firm a field study /
184 Muhdi, Rani. THESIS
Vertebrate survey of Rocky Fork Wildlife Management Area, Unicoi and Greene Counties, Tennessee
185 Welch, J. Michael. THESIS
Socioeconomic, demographic, attitudinal, and involvement factors associated with math achievement in elementary school
186 White, Jennifer N. THESIS
Radical p-chains in L?(2)
187 Belcher, Donald Dewayne. THESIS
The effect of acute exercise on neutrophils and oxidative stress
188 Quindry, John Carl. THESIS
Emotion, conflict, sociality a critique of George Herbert Mead's social self theory from the perspectives of William James and Karen Horney /
189 Cox, Samuel David. THESIS
A data layout descriptor language (LADEL)
190 Jeelani, Ashfaq Ahmed. THESIS
Distribution list maker program with inter-user capabilities between universities and colleges in the Tennessee Board of Regents school system
191 Anderson, Allan Richard. THESIS
Comparison of the academic achievement of primary school students in multiage and traditional classrooms
192 Harmon, Mary Frances. THESIS
Antibiotic resistance multi-drug profiles and genetic determinants /
193 Taylor, LaShan Denise. THESIS
Attitudes toward violence and reasons for living in adolescents with high, moderate, and low self-esteem
194 Blevins, Rhonda Marie. THESIS
An experimental approach to teaching the concept of functional diversity
195 Stanley, Cory McKelvey. THESIS
Early academic performance in children with cleft lip and/or palate
196 Lowe, Krista LeAnna. THESIS
Survey of the helminth parasites infecting the Alabama waterdog, Necturus alabamensis
197 Southern, Timothy R. THESIS
The need for control in interpersonal relationships and courtship violence
198 Dunaway, Marcella. THESIS
An analysis of functional behavioral assessments used in public schools in Tennessee and Georgia
199 Winningham, Dana. THESIS
Using software engineering metrics in AP modularization
200 Owusu-Tieku, Kwaku. THESIS

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