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Prevailing winds radical activism and the American Indian Movement /
101 Calfee, David Kent. THESIS
Integration of student academic record and major requirements through XML
102 Hou, Zhujun. THESIS
Involvement in sports and engagement in delinquency an examination of Hirschi's social bond theory /
103 Hass, Randy. THESIS
Assessment in the hands-on science classroom a qualitative study /
104 Standefer, Katherine. THESIS
Measuring the changes in tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-a) from secretory populations of U937 monocytic cells during differentiation
105 Tran, An Xuong. THESIS
A prospective design identifying etiological risk factors associated with MTSS and stress fractures in female intercollegiate athletes
106 Blackburn, Michael H. THESIS
107 Carter, Lydia Allois. THESIS
The school's role as a support system for children of parental divorce
108 Cottongim, Constance Myers. THESIS
The impact of dismissal of non-tenured teachers on principals in Tennessee
109 Messer, David W. THESIS
Isaac Bashevis Singer speak English, think Yiddish-- adaptation versus assimilation /
110 Gardberg, Susan L. THESIS
Bounds on total domination subdivision numbers
111 Hopkins, Lora Shuler. THESIS
Activation of Ca²?-activated K? channels and cell migration by hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells
112 Jin, Min. THESIS
Perceptions of the educational experiences of students educated exclusively in K-12 rural unit schools in East Tennessee
113 Best, Ramona Goddard. THESIS
Models and graphics in the analysis of categorical variables the case of the youth tobacco survey /
114 Hosler, Deborah Susan. THESIS
The Iroquois Influence Thesis and the "Great Debate"
115 Edens, Barton M. THESIS
Pseudo-democracy in America, 1945-1960 anticommunism versus the social issues of African Americans and women /
116 Bowers, Fashion S. THESIS
Isolation and characterization of active ingredients from Nigella sativa for antibacterial screening
117 Kahsai, Alem Welderufael. THESIS
Artificial tanning salon behaviors, intentions, and attitudes in terms of sensuousness and sensation seeking
118 Armes, Christopher Jonathan. THESIS
Recommendations for administering a smoking cessation program at a state university
119 Mackalo, Muhammad L. THESIS
If only I knew the stranger in the twentieth-century short story /
120 Otto, Ryan S. THESIS
Hazardous materials transportation flow survey an evaluation of hazardous materials transported in Washington County /
121 O'Brien, Daniel John. THESIS
Perceptions of seventh- and eighth-grade girls toward coeducational physical education classes in five middle schools in East Tennessee
122 Sullivan, Shannon Clabo. THESIS
"Love is lak de sea" figurative language in Zora Neale Hurston's Their eyes were watching God /
123 Lima, Kalina Saraiva THESIS
The effects of looping on the academic achievement of elementary school students
124 Bogart, Vada S. THESIS
Relationship between implementing Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and fifth graders' attitudes toward school
125 Arnold, Emory Dwain. THESIS
Image compression by wavelet transform
126 Xiao, Panrong. THESIS
Habitat analysis and survey of the yellow-bellied sapsucker, Sphyrapicus varius, in the southern Appalachians
127 Osborne, Christopher Jason. THESIS
Prevailing winds : radical activism and the American Indian Movement /
128 Calfee, David Kent. THESIS
Role of police, prosecutors and defense attorneys in traffic accident investigation and adjudication in Chattanooga, Tennessee
129 Beisel, Karen L. THESIS
Ishmael the dissolution of a romantic and the emergence of a poet /
130 Pepper, Allison M. THESIS
Life history and distribution of the Tennessee dace (Phoxinus tennesseensis) in northeast Tennessee
131 Hamed, Michael Kevin. THESIS
How is a child's perception of self affected by retention?
132 Tweed, Brenda S. THESIS
Characterization of sympathetic ganglion sensitivity to substance P in a genetic and a non-genetic rat model of hypertension
133 Tompkins, John Daniel. THESIS
The relationship between teacher certification and the use of developmentally appropriate practices in kindergarten classrooms in Northeast Tennessee
134 Cook, Tracey M. THESIS
The "Jaded Traveller" John Jasper's failed psychic quest in Charles Dickens's The mystery of Edwin Drood /
135 Pridgen, Linda Poland. THESIS
Historical linguistic analysis of traditional English Christmas carols
136 Baker, Tami Lynn. THESIS
Waiting for Mary Jane a collection of modern Appalachian short stories in the Joycean tradition /
137 Wright, Lorie Ann. THESIS
The relationship of selected variables with health behavior in fifth- and eighth-grade students in Lee County, Virginia and Monroe County, Tennessee school districts
138 Edds, Judy Ann. THESIS
Leveraging test measurements into proposing additional domain tests
139 Turlapati, Radhika. THESIS
The roles of patrician and plebeian women in their religion in the Republic of Rome
140 Young, Lesa A. THESIS
Remembering the forgotten genocide Armenia in the First World War /
141 Smythe, Dana Renee. THESIS
Life annuities under random rates of interest
142 Baker, Lesley J. THESIS
The relationship between stress levels and job satisfaction among community college faculty in East Tennessee
143 McCracken, Carolyn G. THESIS
A historical overview of the Bumpass Cove Landfill controversy, 1972-2002
144 Marsh, Robert Clinton. THESIS
An evaluation of the Using Information Technology program at East Tennessee State University
145 Chenoweth, John Dalton. THESIS
Data mining with Newton's method
146 Cloyd, James Dale. THESIS
Paired-domination in grid graphs
147 Proffitt, Kenneth Eugene. THESIS
Views from daily life a supporting paper for a graduate exhibition /
148 Kato, Miwako. THESIS
A survey of applications of spline functions to statistics
149 Mawk, Russell Lynn. THESIS
Examining at-risk students based on their attitudes toward educational factors is there a gender difference in identification of at-risk students? /
150 Tilson, Cynthia Mae. THESIS

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