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Quantitative analysis of domain testing effectiveness /
51 Narendra, Koneru. THESIS
A dendrochemical analysis of lead, aluminum, and calcium in southern Appalachian American beech [electronic resource] /
52 Southerland, Laura Suzanne.; State University., East Tennessee THESIS
Marine interstitial tardigrades and other meiofauna of Huntington Beach, South Carolina
53 Gaugler, Michael Scott. THESIS
The signaling pathway of oxysterol induced apoptosis in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)-K1 cells
54 Yang, Lin. THESIS
Integrated software system for the collection and evaluation of wellness information
55 Sweeney, Rebecca Elizabeth. THESIS
Coverage properties of the inverse sinh transformation and the adjusted wald confidence intervals for the odds ratio and the relative risk
56 Bowman, Troy Allen. THESIS
Relationship between text display method and college student short term knowledge retention during self-study
57 Church, Jeff W. THESIS
Dead bones dancing the Taki Onqoy, archaism, and crisis in sixteenth century Peru /
58 Henson, Sa?ndra Lee THESIS
White knowledge and the cauldron of story the use of allusion in Terry Pratchett's Discworld /
59 Abbott, William Thomas. THESIS
Laurel, Mississippi a historical perspective /
60 Key, David Stanton. THESIS
Examining the effects of deer antler velvet supplementation on muscular strength, performance, and markers of delayed onset muscle soreness
61 Percival, Robyn Suzanne. THESIS
Characterization of 50S ribosomal subunit assembly inhibition in erythromycin treated Escherichia coli cells
62 Usary, Jerry Edward. THESIS
A comparison of WAP development in C# and Java
63 Javed, Omar Saleem. THESIS
An analysis of PISCES (Platform Independent Socket ClassES) as a teaching tool
64 Koritala, Sridhar Chandra. THESIS
Behavioral changes in adult C57BL/6J mice following prenatal exposure to ethanol
65 Nunley, Kevin Wade. THESIS
Scalable and reliable file transfer for clusters using multicast
66 Shukla, Hardik D. THESIS
Study of a parent implemented language treatment for young children with cleft lip and/or palate
67 Brothers, Melissa W. THESIS
An investigation into the current status of the paradigm shift in technical writing textbook pedagogy
68 Byrd, Terre D. THESIS
Creating a new genre Mary Rowlandson and her narrative of Indian captivity /
69 De Luise, Rachel Bailey. THESIS
Birth order and reasons for living
70 Howell, Larry D. THESIS
Mystery in a common place a supporting paper for a graduate exhibition /
71 Selser, Jayne Marie. THESIS
An exploration of the perceptions of at-risk young people related to their experiences of exiting traditional school enrollment and entering the GED Plus Two program
72 Cline, Debra Ann. THESIS
Characteristics of recidivism among intensive and regular probationers
73 Joseph, Jennifer. THESIS
A comparison of the origins, goals and techniques of storytelling and literary journalism
74 Duncan, S. Heather. THESIS
An analysis of risk factors associated with high rates of cesarean births in three selected northeast Tennessee hospitals
75 Stewart-Hall, Karen. THESIS
A study of service learning at Virginia Highlands Community College and Mountain Empire Community College
76 Hughes, Alice Sikes. THESIS
Successful integration of internet technology in the K-12 classroom trends, perceptions, and successful practices /
77 Edwards, Catherine A. THESIS
Mannose and lipopolysaccharide receptors on the surface of granular hemocytes from the crayfish Procambarus clarkii
78 Dobrescu, Gelu. THESIS
Molecular studies involving the Rev protein of caprine arthritis encephalitis virus and visna virus
79 Graves, Bridget Michele. THESIS
The accidental experts a demonstration of the existence, utility, and emergence of implicitly learned tacit knowledge in assistive-augmentative technology users /
80 Masini, Douglas Eugene. THESIS
An examination of the fulfillment of the goals for increasing minority enrollment and Black faculty/administrators employment in the University of North Carolina 1980-1999
81 Williams, Harry Lee. THESIS
Construction of piecewise linear wavelets
82 Cao, Jiansheng. THESIS
To group or not to group a qualitative study of middle school principals' decision making processes concerning ability level grouping /
83 Stroud, Linda B. THESIS
American immigration policies and public opinion on European Jews from 1933 to 1945
84 Greear, Wesley P. THESIS
Maternal misogyny absent mothers in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century literature /
85 Horn, Jessica. THESIS
Model calculations of radiation induced damage in 1-methylthymine:9-methyladenine and in 1-methyluracil:9-ethyladenine
86 Chen, Yuhua. THESIS
Characterization of a novel water stress related protein from geranium (Pelargonium hortorum)
87 Ashley, David W. THESIS
Complex time-keeping in honey bees a study of the subset of foragers maintaining multiple time-memories /
88 Thompson, Kimberly Marie THESIS
Black folk medicine in southern Appalachia
89 Crowder, Steve. THESIS
The administrative preparation of music department chairs in NASM-accredited programs
90 Brown, Kellie Dubel. THESIS
Design and development of a lubrication pump for a horizontally mounted air-conditioning compressor
91 Gilbert, Kenneth T. THESIS
Retention and motivation of veteran teachers implications for schools /
92 Edwards, Edith Anderson. THESIS
On the construction of linear prewavelets over a regular triangulation
93 Xue, Qingbo. THESIS
Dose-response effects of lithium on spatial memory in the black molly fish
94 Creson, Thomas Kyle. THESIS
God in the darkness mysticism and paradox in the poetry of George Herbert and Henry Vaughan /
95 Acker, Elizabeth Anne. THESIS
Iron acquisition in Rhodococcus erythrolpolis the isolation of mutant(s) that do not produce a siderophore /
96 Vellore, Jaishree M. THESIS
Molecular study of diapause via generation of two CDNA libraries and partial cloning of the ecdysone receptor in Sarcophaga crassipalpis
97 Ball, Elizabeth Nicole. THESIS
A modified procedure for the synthesis of Bis(phenylenedioxy)tetrathiafulvalene (BPDO-TTF) an electron donor for charge transfer organic complexes /
98 Biswas, Debanjan. THESIS
A case study of an interim alternative educational setting
99 Enloe, John Taylor. THESIS
Gender differences in coping with chronic illness
100 Karnad, Madhu. THESIS

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