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A vulnerability assessment of the East Tennessee State University administrative computer network
501 Ashe, James Patrick. THESIS
A historical review and financial analysis of higher education funding in Tennessee
502 Stinson, Claire Sauls. THESIS
Towards a connection between linear embedding and the Poincare? functional equation
503 Michels, Tara Marie. THESIS
Expected happiness, love, and longevity of marriage effects of wedding type preference, gender, and location of the wedding ceremony /
504 Rudd, Karen Sue. THESIS
"And gladly wolde he teche" Chaucer's use of source materials in the "Clerk's tale" /
505 Brandon, Robert R. THESIS
A blending of purpose the juxtaposition of functional and aesthetic qualities in pots of use /
506 Decker-Smith, Jessica Lindsay. THESIS
Where do they fit in? the perceptions of high school students, parents, and teachers regarding appropriate educational placements for children with high incidence disabilities /
507 Tudor, Annette Marie. THESIS
Gender and site-name recall of geographic sites varying in distance
508 Godsey, Joshua Sean. THESIS
Russell Kirk's column "To the point" traditional aspects of conservatism /
509 Young, Thomas Chesnutt. THESIS
Alternative creatures for an alternative space a process of evolution /
510 Tucker, Celia. THESIS
The effect of closed versus more liberal visitation policies on work satisfaction, beliefs, and nurse retention
511 Boswell, Suzanne M. THESIS
John Fox Jr.'s commentary on the roles of women in the Progressive Era
512 Sykes, Heather Mac. THESIS
A sociological analysis of premenstrual syndrome
513 Kreyenbuhl-Gardner, Kathryn M. THESIS
Improving student achievement through the TSIPP case studies of four Tennessee schools removed from the state's "Heads-up" list /
514 Hackett, Bridgette Yvonne. THESIS
An investigation of the impact of integrated learning system use on mathematics achievement of elementary students
515 Kirk, Vicki Carpenter. THESIS
The role of celebration in building classroom-learning communities
516 Farr, Virginia THESIS
Degradation of 23S rRNA in azithromycin-treated ribonuclease mutants of Escherichia coli
517 Silvers, Jessica A. THESIS
Freedom now! four hard bop and avant-garde jazz musicians' musical commentary on the civil rights movement, 1958-1964 /
518 Henry, Lucas Aaron. THESIS
Academic dishonesty in traditional and online courses as self-reported by students in online courses
519 Shaw, Donna Carole. THESIS
A discussion Rembrandt's influence on the evolution of the printmaking process through his experimental attitude towards the medium /
520 Carter-Kneff, Bethany Ann. THESIS
The osteogenic effects of 12 weeks of oral supplementation of androstenedione in middle-aged men
521 Wills, Troy Matthew. THESIS
Interworking methodologies for DCOM and CORBA
522 Kraus, Edwin. THESIS
Phonological awareness training in a preschool classroom of typically developing children
523 Phelps, Sara. THESIS
Images of gender and ethnicity on Fortune Global 500 company websites
524 Dishner, Adriane Nicole. THESIS

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